9 Best Zoos In The World: Have An Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

Author: Megha Agarwal on Aug 16,2023

Over the years, peoples love for animals has increased immensely and zoos have become the favorite spot of many visitors. Zoos are not just the source of great entertainment, but they are also prominent for teaching us the animals habitat and their living. Visiting the zoos is a rare experience one can ever get as they are the ideal destination to see the wildlife and nature from proximity. Zoos in the world bring numerous visitors to enjoy the wildlife and have a great time enhancing their learnings. If you are excited about a thrilling and exciting adventure, then you must read the whole article. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best zoos in the world that provides diverse species and great memories. Visit these zoos and witness the grandeur of nature and admire it. Plan a trip and satisfy the animal lover in you!


San Diego Zoo



San Diego Zoo is a home for almost 800 distinct species with nearly 4,000 animals. This 100 hectares of land is the biggest zoo in the world. It is amongst the rarest zoos which accommodate the giant panda. This zoo not only aims to conserve and protect the wildlife but also ensures that the species will get open-air and good habitat. San Diego Zoo sets an example of cageless zoos and lures wildlife lovers the most. The best of this zoo that captivates the attention of most of the tourists is the elephant exhibit- Elephant Odyssey. Together with plenty of animals, this zoo provides the visitors with various other opportunities such as a surprise panda visit, access to the backstage, witnessing the beautiful sunrise, several shops, and play areas. Plan a visit and have the best time of your life in the USA.  


Location: California, USA

Entry Fees: $60 per adult and $50 per child


St. Louis Zoo



One of the highlights of America and one of the best zoos in the world is undoubtedly the St. Louis Zoo. It has over 1600 animals that lure more than three million visitors each year. People love to pay a visit to this zoo for witnessing some of the rarest and endangered species that they wont get to see anywhere else. This zoo aims to create an unbreakable bond between animals and human beings. In its over 90 hectares of area, it has six different zones that are divided as per the categories of species. From penguins to gorillas to orangutans, you can see ample different animals that offer ultimate wildlife adventure. Apart from animal visits, this zoo is perfect for exhibits, shopping, as well as dining. 


Location: St Louis, Missouri, U.S.

Entry Fees: Free (You might be asked to pay for some of the attractions)


Henry Doorly Zoo



Known for its largest indoor desert, this zoo must be on the bucket list of all the wildlife buffs. It is popular for its pioneering role in the conservation of animals and scientific research. Along with this, it also offers a remarkable exhibit. This zoo holds about 17,000 animals and believes to be the finest zoo in the world. Henry Doorly Zoo has an impressive glaze geodesic dome which is the highest in the whole world. From the largest cat complex to the indoor desert to the biggest nocturnal display to the indoor rainforest, this zoo has everything that will make your visit worth every minute. Adding to the list, here you can even walk across the second biggest flight aviary in the world. Its unique and outstanding features make this zoo the number one on the globe.


Location: Nebraska, USA

Entry Fees: $12.95 for adults and $9.45 for children


Toronto Zoo



It is Canadas largest zoo that accommodates over 5,000 distinct animals from 460 species. This magnificent zoo is scattered in an area of 710 acres and is popular amongst all ages. Animals here are from different regions of the world and separated through different levels. This zoo is devoted to the expansion and continuous construction of the natural habitat for animals. Although the walking in the zoo is a little more than other zoos, it offers endless fun with various animals, dining areas, picnic spots, and playgrounds. It also offers incredible experiences with camel rides and stingray tanks. Some of the amazing animals that you can witness here are spider monkeys, grizzly bears, moose, greater kudu, wood bison, and many more. Call up your friends and plan a perfect wildlife adventure at Toronto Zoo.


Location: Toronto, Canada

Entry Fees: $27.99 for adults and $18.30 for children


Australia Zoo



If you ever fly to Australia, then paying a visit to one of the best zoos in the world- Australia Zoo is a must. Situated in Queensland, it provides a realistic experience of various distinct animals. It is famous as the birthplace of the late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. He and his family contributed to the rescue of more than 90,000 animals. This zoo presents thousands of acres of spectacular exhibits and lets the visitors learn the way of feeding the kangaroos and wallabies. Besides witnessing the animals, visitors can stroll in the zoo with a guide and enjoy various wildlife shows. On the visit to this zoo, you can encounter tigers, wombats, elephants, and many more animals. This zoo attracts more than 700,000 visitors each year and is perfect for unforgettable experiences. 


Location: Queensland, Australia

Entry Fees: $59 for adults, $45 for students, and $35 for children


National Zoological Gardens of South Africa



South Africa is a well-known destination for its rich-wildlife and famous zoos. National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is one of the renowned zoos and is scattered in an area of 210 acres. For the people who worry about strolling in such a large land, this zoo offers golf carts. The structure of the zoo is its unique aspect that captivates the attention of most of the visitors. This zoo is quite popular for its research facilities and successful breeding programs. With their programs, they are able to give birth to several animals. This zoo is the home to an astonishing number of animals. One of the parts of this zoo is a flat area, the other is slightly mountainous, and both of these regions are separated by the Apies River. For uplifting your experience in the zoo, you must plan to book a night tour for yourself or a sleepover in the zoo. 


Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Entry Fees:  Starts from $7.26 per visitor


Columbus Zoo And Aquarium



Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a Non-profit zoo that is allotted the number 1 rank in the United States. It spreads over an area of 530 acres and holds more than 7,000 animals. This zoo is one of the praiseworthy zoos that has shown immensely great efforts in conserving the animals. Being a non-profit, the main aim of the zoo is not to earn money but to protect wildlife for the better. Here, you can witness various animals both on the land and the sea. For enhancing the visitors experience, this zoo offers several other opportunities like Giraffe feeding, Stingray Bay, 4-D theater, and much more. Make sure you visit this zoo on your vacation to Columbus and have a great interaction with wonderful animals.


Location: Powell Columbus Ohio, USA

Entry Fees: $16.99 for adults and $11.99 for children


Bronx Zoo



It is the largest and oldest metropolitan zoo in the USA and has received various awards for its exhibitions. It boasts 265 acres of land and provides habitat to more than 6,000 animals. Right from the very beginning, Bronx zoo is working on preserving the wildlife and breeding species that are endangered. It also focuses on making itself an eco-friendly zoo and is setting up various compostable toilets that help in saving a lot of water. In this zoo, visitors can find various species of animals like lions, bears, tigers, monkeys, and more. Being one of the finest zoos, it is always crowded as it receives more than 2 million visitors every year. Beyond witnessing the numerous animals, people here can indulge themselves in camel rides, animal feeding, live shows, monorail tours, and 4-D cinema. 


Location: New York, USA

Entry Fees: $34.94 for adults and $24.95 for children


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Beijing Zoo



The largest zoo in China- Beijing Zoo, is amongst the best zoos in the world that has species of more than 450 land animals. It also has an aquarium that has approximately 500 water animals including dolphins. This zoo is famous for its great animals holding like pandas, gorillas, sharks, elephants, and more. Beijing Zoo is of great importance for the Chinese people as it demonstrates one of their famous giant pandas. This zoo welcomes six million visitors each year and offers them to enjoy rare wildlife like the South China Tiger, Great Salamander, and the famous Giant Pandas. Together with unique animals, visitors enjoy the scenic beauty of the zoo. Vast grasslands, pavilions, lotus pools, etc., this beautiful forest has a lot to offer. If you are a wildlife lover, then this zoo ought to be on the bucket list of every Beijing visitor. 


Location: Beijing, China

Entry Fees: Starting from $3.09 (Varies with the activities and visits)


By looking at this list of the best zoos in the world and the lovely animals they offer, you must have figured out what you have to do on your next vacation. Are you ready for a wildlife adventure? Get your camera and click some everlasting memories with your loved ones. 

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