Stunning Nature Parks To Uncover On Latvia Vacation Package 2021

Author: Megha Agarwal on May 21,2021

“I Found More Answers In The Woods Than I Ever Did In The City!” -by Mary Davis


It's no joke that Latvia enjoys untouched natural beauty. To justify that, Latvia has several nature parks, magical forests, walking trails, endless bogs, and awe-inspiring lakes. The forests in Latvia are luring that visiting them on your vacation will make you feel like a fairytale. With its offerings, this country never fails to impress visitors. To protect its natural areas and conserve its green spaces, the country takes good care by implementing several projects and programs.


Exploring the nature parks is an incredibly relaxing experience that we suggest every tourist experience on Latvia vacation package 2021. With enormous land, you can easily enjoy exploring the forests in tranquility. If you are unsure which nature park to uncover on your expedition to Latvia, we have curated this list for you. This list will provide you with an overview of the most famous nature parks. Review the article and book the best leisure vacation package to Latvia. Also, learn more about the country before booking the Latvia vacation package 2021, visit the official travel website. It will help you make the most of your time in the country.


Here are our top selections of nature parks for your Latvia vacation package 2021. Let’s Explore...


A Gentle Reminder - While discovering the wildlife, be respectful to the nature around you. Remember- “Respect nature, and it will provide you with abundance!”


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Nature Parks To Add To Latvia Vacation Package 2021


1. Pape Nature Park

2. Nature park Dviete floodplain

3. Daugavas Loki Nature Park

4. Lake Engure Nature Park

5. Ragakapa Nature Park


These are the 5 best nature parks that we have picked for you to enjoy on your Latvia vacation package 2021. Read further to dig deeper into it. 


Pape Nature Park



Perched on Liepāja District, Latvia — Pape Nature Park was established back in 2004. It is the first nature park that reintroduced wild horses, bison, and auroxen into the wilderness of Latvia. Together with the unique diversity of wildlife, this nature park is also a prominent site for breeding, migrating, and wintering ample birds. This makes this place a paradise for birdwatchers. Pape Nature Park is a massive land of approximately 10853 hectares which is divided into three zones — Nature Reserve Zone, Nature Park zone, and Neutral zone. On your visit to this park, you will get to see several villages that are great to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Latvia. With so much to offer, this nature park is worth visiting on your Latvia vacation package 2021. 


Points Of Interest Nearby Pape Nature Park:


Here are some of the points of interest that will help you better plan your Latvia vacation package 2021.


1. NATURE TRAILS- Trail Of The Ecological Processes, Lake Pape Trail, and Wild Orchid Path are the three trails that you must explore. 


2. BIRD WATCHING- Pape Nature Park is home to more than 278 bird species. For birdwatching, you have to move to Birdwatching Tower, The Mouth Of The Lake Pape Canal, Nida Bog Lookout Platform, Pape Ornithological Station, and Lake Pape N Polder.


3. WILD HORSES & AUROXEN- These are the animals that are restoring the natural landscapes of Europe. For an excursion, you must need a tour guide to take you to the grazing area keeping in mind all the precautionary measures. 


4. NATURE OBJECTS- River Līgupe, Pape lighthouse, Dunes & The Seacoast, Museum „Vītolnieki,” Ethnographic House Zvanītāji,” and The Shingly beach of Nida are the prominent nature objects to enjoy nearby Pape Nature Park.


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Nature Park Dviete Floodplain



On the left bank of the Daugava lies a must-to-visit nature park on Latvia vacation package 2021 — Nature Park Dviete Floodplain. It is a 4989 hectares wide nature park that was established with the purpose of conserving natural wetlands or meadows. Dviete floodplain is one of the largest nature parks and is best suited for all birdwatchers. The park has been given the position of ultimate birds-watching land as it is a nestling place for various international migratory birds. To keep up with the tag, it built a bird-watching tower in the park’s area. Here you will get to enjoy different species in different seasons. For instance, Spring and Autumn season offers the visitors to see Wild cattle and horses grazing and migratory birds resting and feeding. On the other hand, the summer season remains ideal for sightseeing dragonflies on Latvia vacation package 2021. 


Other Offerings For The Visitors:


Nature Park Dviete Floodplain and its nearby area serve its visitors with great offerings. Some of the unmissable offerings for Latvia vacation package 2021 includes:


1. EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS- The Dviete ancient valley information center organizes various seminars that help learn about the environment, culture, history, and nature of the Dviete Floodplain.


2. RAFTING- Spring remains the high-water season in Latvia. This helps the visitors to enjoy rafting in the Dviete River and spotting some unique wildlife. 


3. ARCHEOLOGICAL MONUMENTS- Dviete ancient valley and floodplain are the oldest settlements in the country with quite an exciting history and culture. To get familiar with the culture, you must visit some of the famous monuments on your Latvia vacation package 2021. For instance, Putnu Island (Atāli) settlement, flat tombs, Zamečka castle mound, Dviete manor building, and St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church.


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Daugavas Loki Nature Park



The picturesque Daugava Loki nature park is located in the Daugava river valley between Kraslava and Naujene. It was established with a view to preserving rare and iconic biodiversity, cultural and historical values, splendid attractions, and natural complexes. This nature park is one of the oldest geological developments in Latvia, with a huge territory of 129.9 km2. In this vast area, this nature park is surrounded by various educational nature trails, churches, an Old Believers’ village, and 10 massive Latvia river bends. This makes this nature park a picturesque site that offers an unforgettable impression on the memories of visitors. In the year 2011, Daugavas Loki Nature Park was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage of Latvia. If you are booking Latvia Vacation Package 2021, you must plan a few days at this nature park. 


What To Do In Daugavas Loki Nature Park?


If you are booking the best leisure vacation package to Latvia and visiting this nature park, then you must indulge in the following adventurous activities. 


1. BIKE RIDE- You can enjoy a bike ride on a 35 km long cycling route in the nature park. You can also take Daugava circles from Naujene to Krāslava. And the best part of cycling in the nature park is that there are signs all over the place that makes tracking the route more accessible.


2. BOATING- To enjoy the nature park in its full glory, boating is the best option to choose. Taking a boat, you can relish castle mounds, an ancient valley of the Daugava, and the flow of the river. Trust us; boating helps you get a clear idea of what the Latvian river was back in history. 


3. EXPLORE NATURE TRAILS- Daugavas Loki Nature Park has ample nature trails that you must explore to enjoy the scenic wildlife beauty on Latvia vacation package 2021. Some of the eminent trails are the Adamova nature trail, the “Klajumi” mosquito trail, the Dinaburg castle trail, Honey park and trail, and the Egļukalns forest trail.


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Lake Engure Nature Park



The largest seaside nature park in Latvia — Lake Engure Nature Park, is an excellent consideration while choosing the best leisure vacation package. On your visit to this nature park, you will be surprised to see the rare bird species that count to over 180 in numbers. With this, here you will also get to see shaggy wild cows, calcareous fens, and Konik horses. This nature park covers approximately 197.62 km2 of land with an impressive variety of flora and fauna. Although all the seasons are great to enjoy the beauty of the Engure nature park, it is suggested that you book your Latvia vacation package 2021 in spring or autumn for outstanding offerings. The nature park comes under Natura 2000 network, which offers a great historical value to the natural or semi-natural sites. 


Things To Do In Lake Engure Nature Park:


If you are planning to visit Lake Engure nature park, then here are the things that you must do to make the most of your vacation.


1. BIRD-WATCHING- Lake Engure Nature Park is one of the best places in Latvia for watching birds. Every year, in the months of April and October, the Latvian Ornithological Society hosts a bird watching event, which is the perfect time to book Latvia vacation package 2021. To relish the magnificent landscapes of the nature park and its bird species, they have set up several bird-watching towers in the park.


2. WILDLIFE SIGHTSEEING- The most enjoyable offering of the nature park is none other than its wildlife. The tourist looks out for the wildlife with curiosity in the nature park. Some of the unique wildlife to travel for includes Latvian brown, Cow highland, Hereford cows, and Koniki horse. 


3. WALK ON THE TRAILS- There are ample walkable paths in Lake Engure Nature Park that you must take on your Latvia vacation package 2021. Some of the trails that are set up here are Plieņciems, Engure paths, the Orchid Path, Vecupe, and Lāčupītes path.


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Ragakapa Nature Park



If you are looking forward to enjoying some old pine trees on your Latvia vacation package 2021, Ragakapa is the nature park to go to. It is 150 hectares of vast land, which is approximately 300 years old. Behind the establishment of this nature park, the main motive was to conserve the dunes that lie on the seashores. These dunes are all surrounded by ancient pine trees and unique biodiversity. Ragakapa Nature Park offers impressive and walking trails that are great for relaxing and enjoying nature and wildlife. As the trails are adjacent to the river, walking through the forest lets the travelers enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water. Without a doubt, the whole atmosphere of this nature park is an unparalleled feeling of calmness and natural proximity. We highly recommend you pick the best leisure vacation package to Latvia and offer yourself the opportunity to diversify your day.


General Information About Ragakapa Nature Park:

ADDRESS- Tiklu iela 1a, Jurmala 2010, Latvia


ENTRY FEE- Free of cost

TRAILS- There are two nature trails: (1) Runs through the pine forest (2) Lies near Open-Air Museum.

PROTECTED SPECIES- This park has 21 specially protected species of Latvia (8 plants species, 1 mushroom species, 8 insects species, and 4 birds species)


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