World's Best Wine Bars That Are Worth Traveling For

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 16,2021

With people starting to manufacture the wine, everyone started holding meetings to drink the wines on different occasions. Some prefer to go on a date and enjoy the drink, while others prefer to have it just for relaxing. No matter when you want to taste the wine or which type of wine, there are plenty of wine bars that offer the finest bottles. To enjoy the best of the taste, ambiance plays an important role. Nothing can break the mood and taste as bad as the poor ambiance. With that in mind, we have handpicked the 10 world’s best wine bars that are a must-to-visit to enjoy the drink. Scroll through the article and discover the best wine bars. 


1. Septime La Cave 



Paris is unsurprisingly the home of the world’s best wine. The shelves of some of the best bars and restaurants in the region are decorated with delectable wine bottles. Among all the great bars in the city, Septime La Cave is one of the best wine bars. No wine discussion is complete without the mention of this beautiful spot in Paris. It is quite popular amongst the tourists and serves them outstanding orange wine. Septime La Cave is known for having the largest collection of orange wine in the city. Apart from delicious orange wine, this spot is a delightful hideout which is a tiny and intimate space for savoring great wines. For enjoying the wines, this bar has an amazing menu of small plate snacks that includes crusty bread, recette de anchois, salted anchovies, creamy cheese, and more. Although the menu of this bar is pretty small, it complements best with the glass of wine. 

Where: Paris, France 


2. Bottlehouse 



Bottlehouse is ranked as one of the world’s best wine bars for years. This space is ideal to enjoy a bottle of wine for every occasion. Nested near the borough of Madrona, this wine bar provides the customers with a special and vibrant experience. The Bottlehouse bar can be looked after by people who are interested in Pacific Northwest wines. The owners of the wine bar have formed strong contacts with numerous small-scale wine producers who help them to get access to the bottles of wine. This helps the customers to indulge themselves in more than 50 different varieties of wine at Bottlehouse. The collection of wine embraces both old and new world wines with a variety of delectable food that pairs well with the bottle of wine. If you are in the country, you must take out the time and sample a bottle or more of mouth-watering wine at Bottlehouse.

Where: Seattle, WA


3. D'Vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik



On the Dalmatian coast, wine is a vitally important part and no tourist goes back without savoring a glass of local wine. On the list of the world’s best wine bars, D’Vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik is without a doubt one of the finest wine bars that serve an impressive array of local and international wines. Visiting here, you will be welcomed into a cozy atmosphere that goes well with the taste of wine. This beautiful place features numerous wine tasting experiences that emphasize showcasing the star wines of the region. It offers the best wine in Dubrovnik with a fantastic atmosphere. This place has a great collection of amazing wines with more than 60 varieties that are from different countries like France, Italy, Chile, Australia, Spain, etc. To get the best taste of wine, you must enjoy it with the dishes made of prosciutto and Croatian cheeses. This wine bar is no less than a vineyard that is a must to visit by the wine buffs.

Where: Dubrovnik, Croatia


4. Cork Wine Bar 



This is one of the finest hot spots in DC that is run by a couple who designed the menu full of classic, old-world, and sustainable wines. Together with the amazing wines, the menu also includes modern delicacies which are a new take on traditional food items. This amazing wine bar has more than 40 glasses and around 300 bottles of toothsome wine that is a lot for the customers to choose from. However, to enhance the experience of the customers and make it easy for them to choose, they have added a personal note on every flavor of the wine. On the downside of the wine bar is a market that offers a creative space that is all related to wine. Upstairs lies this classic wine bar where you can taste the wines from all around the world. To pair best with the wine, you must try their delicious bruschetta in various flavors. 

Where: Washington, DC


5. & 



Nested in the heart of the city, & is one of the world’s best wine bars and restaurants that serve the most innovative wines and wine programs that have received several awards for excellence. & is a perfect backdrop for the food-friendly wines. offers awesome wines alongside delicious light snacks. Here you can enjoy your glass of flavorful wine in a simple, sleek, and contemporary setting. The wine director of Mariel Wega has curated a splendid list of natural wines that display a unique personality and the venue. This wine bar has a range of 12 wines by the glass and about 400 flask bottles of wine. The choices of wine here are represented all by the style, producer, and region. With an incredible selection and innovation, this wine bar has recently won the title of “Best Squid” in Philadelphia by the city magazine. 

Where: Philadelphia


6. High Treason



This wine-centric bar is a charming place for every wine lover in San Francisco. It is no less than a paradise for all the wine drinkers. High Treason has a dynamic list of drinks, right from the Champagne to Vermouth to Sake. It has more than 80 choices in terms of glass while the number of bottles is almost double. Visiting this world’s best wine bar, you can expect to enjoy contemporary style but in a modern twist. The owners of High Treason- Michael Ireland and John Vuong owned this wine bar with an aim to focus on the amazing drinks, not the ceremonies. They kept plenty of options so that customers can try the best taste of the wine in the country. With an excellent range of wines, the menu also contains an amazing variety of food. The wines here start from light bottles and go up to mouthwatering Barbaresco or Pommard wines. Whenever you are in CA, you just visit High Treason and enjoy a glass of wine. 

Where: San Francisco, CA


7. Bacchanal



Another addition to the list of the world’s best wine bars is Bacchanal. This is a bizarre wine bar with a blend of garden parties. Here, you don’t have to order the wine. However, you can go and grab your favorite on your own from the rack or the fridge and ask the bartenders to uncork it. To better enjoy your wine, you can take your bottle and ice bucket to the garden area and enjoy your drink amidst the trees and lights with lively music. Here the racks are beautifully filled with delicate and earthy old wine brands that are of great taste. On party nights, this bar serves more than 10 different wines to the customers. The bar is more concentrated on old and classic wine styles from the local small producers. This reflects the real beauty of the region and its soil. To showcase their traditional winemaking and to empower it, the Bacchanal bar accepts no international wines. So, visiting here you will get only the local produce which will add to your experience in New Orleans. 

Where: New Orleans, LA


8. Ordinaire



Although you won’t be able to find the fancy glassware or lavish table service at Ordinaire, it is still a wonderful place for all the wine lovers. This wine bar is an open-air room with a marble bar and beautiful chandeliers back from the 18th century. It is a bistro-style restaurant that greatly focuses on the small winemakers that have high standards and produces the best of the wines. Most of the wines available here in Ordinaire are natural which are made from organic grapes with no chemical additions. Adding to the list, they also have the best of small and light snacks that pair great with organic wine. This world’s best wine bar has an extensive collection of wines that it can easily sell 15 glasses of wine and 250 bottles at any point in time.  The wines it offers are a great reflection of the natural-winemaking techniques of California and Europe.

Where: Oakland, CA


9. Aldo Sohm Wine Bar



Another magnificent bar on the list of the world’s best wine bars is Aldo Sohm Wine Bar. This charming place reflects the true vitality of New York City with its warm atmosphere. The interior of the Aldo Sohm is greatly inspired by different blocks of the city which makes it ideal to visit on a vacation to New York. This bar highly focuses on the approach of great food and wine and has curated an extensive selection of wines. The bar is ready to fill the polished glasses with over 200 varieties of wine. With brilliantly selected wines, Aldo Sohm has a list of more than 40 wines by the glass.  To complement the taste of wine, this bar has an amazing list of food. The food menu here is created keeping in mind the relation of wine and food. However, all the dishes here are unsurprisingly great that can be enjoyed both with the drink and individually.  

Where: New York, NY


10. Rootstock



Rootstock wine bar needs no introduction as it is one of the world’s best wine bars in Chicago. Visiting this bar you can sample through the various options for choosing the one that you really want to enjoy. The wine list of Rootstock contains various gems for all wine lovers that they can enjoy at a much reasonable price. Among its interesting collection of wines, the highly preferred wines are Passel wine from Greece, Australia, and other unknown spots. Unlike other bars in the city, the wine list of Rootstock is directed more towards conventional and organic producers who represent their own territory in the best possible manner. In this bar, 20 in terms of glasses and 100 wines in terms of bottles are positioned on the menu. The kitchen of this wine bar remains open till 1 a.m. for six days a week and serves the best cheeseburgers that never fall from the list of orders. 

Where: Chicago, IL


With so many great wine bars, it was hard to narrow down the list. However, with the best of research, we have curated the list of 10 world’s best wine bars. On your vacation, you must find some time in between your strolling and enjoy the best of wine at these bars. Raise the glass to the finest bars. Cheers!

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