Springs In Atlanta And Places For Traveling To Have Fun!

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Atlanta is America’s heart. From art to museums to beaches to sports, this place has something for everyone. It is the oldest city in Georgia and beautiful capital. From military conflicts to hosting the Olympics to vivid culture, this city is a hot spot for tourists. Just like the beautiful winters, the spring in Atlanta is equally exciting. Right from the weather to attractions, this is the crucial time to enjoy the city to the fullest.  


If you too are planning to leave for a spring vacation, then Atlanta is the best choice. To help you out in making the decision, we are here with some reasons why spring is the best time to visit the city. Along with this, we will introduce you to the 5 best places for traveling in Atlanta during the spring season. Review this article and make your journey an unforgettable experience!!!


Reasons Why Spring Is The Best Time To Visit Atlanta


Spring is an ultimate package of blooming trees, warmer days, and fun-filled events. Here are just a few reasons why you should visit this city in Spring. Read the reasons and get ready for a memorable excursion. 


1. Pleasant Weather


One thing that attracts the visitors the most to plan a vacation in Spring is the Pleasant Weather. This is the time when Atlanta has average weather of 65-80 Degrees Fahrenheit. The spring season in the city is ideal to plan picnics, road trips, adventurous activities, explore places for traveling, and whatnot. You must take the advantage of the mild weather and have the best time in the city. 


2. Fun-filled Outdoor Games


With the arrival of April, the city gets ready for some outstanding outdoor games like baseball, soccer, and more. Baseball matches remain the highlight of the season. During this time, you will find people walking on the streets wearing jerseys of their favorite teams. Some of the fans go beyond the jersey and come out on the roads with a painted face. If you too want to enjoy the games and cheer your favorite team, then you must plan a vacation in Spring. 


3. Season For Festivals 


Atlanta is not just known for its scenery and greenery, but also for its spring festivals. You can undeniably admit the fact that this city is crazy about festivals. As soon as the springs arrive, this city turns into a land of festivals and people have their best time. Some of the prominent festivals to enjoy during this beautiful season are Beer, Bourbon & Bbq Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Inman Park Festival, Shaky Knees Music Festival, Sweet Auburn Springfest, and more. 


4. Picturesque Views Everywhere


The Spring season is known for Blooming Flowers. And springs in Atlanta are no exception. No list of springs can be completed without mentioning the beautiful flowers like magnolias, azaleas, peach blossoms, etc. You can choose any of the places for traveling in the city during this season and you find mesmerizing flower displays in every hook and corner of the city. If you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of the spring, then you must explore some of the magnificent gardens in the city.


5. Great Lake Scenes


Perhaps best of all, Atlanta is a place which is known for its scenic lakes. The beauty of the lakes enhances with the arrival of the spring season. After the harsh winters, when the temperature goes up, the lakes get filled with water that lures the visitors to flock to the lakes. You can either sit by the lakes and enjoy the breathtaking beauty. Else, you can indulge yourself in fun activities like skiing, boating, tubing, or camping on the shores. Well, nothing can be better than enjoying the lakes. Try yourself!


6. Time For Patio Dining


Isn’t it true that the taste of food enhances when eaten on a patio? Well, yes. That’s true. When it comes to patio dining, no season can welcome it better than spring. With the pleasant weather, blooming flowers, and scenic beauty everywhere, spring makes the perfect time to enjoy patio dining. You can choose any of the places for traveling and you will find an amazing sunset setting to relish patio dining. This is what people love about springtime in the city. 


Cool Places For Traveling In Atlanta During Spring


What’s a better time than spring to plan a vacation? This season is no less than an opportunity to explore the best of the city. Pick any of the given places for traveling and you will surely find the spring season-best to enjoy. Let’s have a look at the best places for traveling in Atlanta during the spring season. 


1. Atlanta Botanical Garden



Which season can be better than spring to enjoy the gardens? With the blooming of flowers, the gardens become a magical land with an outstanding collection of flowers and colors everywhere. This garden is spread in an area of over 30 acres and is specialized in rose gardens and hydrangeas. This is one of the prominent places for traveling that runs with a motto of preserving nature and building a collection of some of the rarest species of plants. Some of the highlights of this garden remain the Conservation Garden, the Winter Garden, the Fuqua Orchid Center, etc. During the season of spring, the beauty of the park gets enhanced with blooming flowers and vibrant colors. If you want to refresh your mind and lure your eyes with natural beauty, then this is the place for you. 


2. Atlanta Beltline



Among all the places for traveling in Atlanta, the one that you ought to visit during the spring season is ATLANTA BELTLINE. It is a renowned path around the city which is over 33 miles long area full of greenery. This place was originally a thesis idea of a tech graduate, but today it has become a highly loved trip attraction in the city. Here you can stroll or opt for biking amidst nature. Adding to the list, here you can also take part in races, marathons, join fitness classes, play in the park, enjoy art exhibits. There is a never-ending list of things to do in the Atlanta Beltline. If you have got a little time in the city, then you must pick this attraction and enjoy the real beauty. 


3. Georgia Aquarium



Next on the list, we have one of the renowned places for traveling in the city- the Georgia Aquarium. If you don’t know what to do, go to the aquarium. The one in Atlanta is a living museum that pumps over 10 million gallons of water and holds an extensive array of marine life. Not just in Atlanta, this is the biggest aquarium in Western Hemisphere too. Here you will find more than 1,00,000 creatures and 100 different habitats of wildlife. It is not just a home of general species, but also provides living to some rare and unique water species like sharks, sea lions, belugas, dolphins, manta rays, and more. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in the city. Even if marine life won’t lure you, visiting this aquarium will awake your interest in it.


4. Centennial Olympic Park



If you are on a sightseeing tour to Atlanta during spring, then Centennial Olympic Park is one of the places for traveling. It is a 22-acre large space in the city which was built back in 1996 for hosting Olympic Games. This is the place for ultimate entertainment and great hospitality with iconic Fountain of Rings, commemorative brick, playgrounds, Quilt Plazas, luxurious laws and gardens, and mesmerizing architectural designs. In the pleasant weather of Spring, strolling in this park and enjoying its attractions becomes more fun. From March to June, this park hosts several festivals, concerts, sports games, and more. No matter what is your purpose of traveling, this is the place that is a must-visit. This is the stop that everyone should take.


5. National Center for Civil and Human Rights



When we talk about the places for traveling in the city that you can't miss on your spring vacation, then mentioning the National Center For Civil and Human Rights is a must. The experience you’ll get visiting this place is something that you won’t get anywhere else in the whole world. Unlike other museums in the world, this one in Atlanta is full of history that you will get to feel in every step. The highlight of this museum is the paper and artifacts that belong to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On your visit to this museum, you can enjoy enticing exhibitions, dynamic events, educational programs, and several engagement tours. If you are interested in the history of the US civil rights movement and want to know the struggle for human rights, then you can’t refrain from visiting this one of the best places for traveling. 

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