10 Ways to Make Luxury Travel More Affordable in the US!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 21,2021

Traveling in luxury can be quite expensive! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to burn through all your savings and experience a luxury vacation. The travel experts at Leisure.com have to some of the most luxurious hotels and vacation destinations around the world, and through their own experience bring you the best tricks of the trade, using which you can have the best affordable luxury travel in the US.


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The tips presented in this list will allow you to plan your travels more efficiently and maximize the experience for the amount you spent. Refer to these tips for affordable luxury travel in US without having to spend an enormous amount out of your pocket!


1.    Save Up



Okay, we understand that saving up money just so you can spend it later on for your travels, isn’t exactly a groundbreaking tip. But it is one of the best ways to enjoy a lavish trip without having to worry about your finances. Besides, if you’re smart about planning your travels, and make arrangements wisely, you really don’t need to go out of your league to enjoy a luxury vacation.


By investing your money wisely for the long term, with the goal of using it on your trip, you can have amazingly affordable luxury travel in US. Invest small amounts each month in a financial program, or set aside a small portion of your paycheck each month, and based on the duration of your savings, you can easily go on a luxury trip to some of the most extravagant places in the United States. Filing, your tax returns wisely is another way of ensuring that you have enough money to splurge during your vacation.


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2.    Book well in Advance



One of the wisest ways of having affordable luxury travel in US, is planning your vacation dates early and making the booking well in advance. It is a well-known fact that making flight and hotel bookings just days before your actual stay or flight, will always cost you a lot more. Especially during peak hours or the festive season. When you try to make the booking just one or two days before your travel or try to get a hotel room after reaching the hotel, they instantly strike up the prices, because, in that moment you are at a disadvantage because you are in need of making the bookings urgently. As a result, due to a lack of time you end up paying a lot higher prices, sometimes even double the usual rates for your booking.


Instead, in order to have affordable luxury travel in US, you should make your bookings well in advance. If you check out the calendar while booking your flight, you will notice that the price of the same flights that you want right now are on sale for half the prices. Even on hotel bookings, if you call up the hotel and ask to make your bookings for next month you are bound to get a much lower price for your room than usual.


3.    Prioritize your Spending



Every individual has different goals that they want to do on their luxury vacation, some people want to experience royalty by spending a lavish weekend at some of the best hotels in the country, whereas some want to travel in style on luxurious cruises, have an adventurous vacation at a private beachside property, in the Caribbean.


It is important that you do not follow the trends you find on social media, and prioritize your spending on what you really like. This way you will not spend excessive amounts on things that you later find to be a waste of money and get to spend your luxury vacation your way. Prioritizing your spending on the things that matter to you, will allow you to enjoy your extravagant vacation comfortably.


4.    Customize your itinerary as per your needs



Most of us depend on travel agencies and other online firms for our luxury travel needs, by making it easier to make the necessary bookings. However, this may take away your hassle of going through multiple options, and making the bookings yourself, but the fact is, the itinerary posed by such agencies is often quite rushed and doesn’t allow you much time to relax and enjoy your vacation on your own pace. This is why, by planning your own itinerary according to your needs from your vacation, you can ensure that you have a personalized experience and make your luxury travel in US a lot more affordable.


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5.    Make the best of the System



Making the best of the various private and public systems is one of the best ways to have affordable luxury travel in the US. Be it, private organizations or public benefits systems, there are always opportunities to help the end consumer through some attractive benefits. For instance, you can earn loyalty points at various luxury hotels and airlines that can come in handy when planning your vacation by allowing you to upgrade your room or flight seats to more premium options. Another way of playing the system, and having affordable luxury travel in US, is by using the bonus- points and deals earned through your credit card spending. There are various associated benefits with cards and memberships, such as cashback, attractive discounts on premium flights, hotels, and access to airport lounges. 


6.    Go with a Group



An easy way to reduce the stress on your wallet while trying to have affordable luxury travel in US is by traveling with a group. This way you can share the burden of some less important amenities, and get the benefit of making bulk bookings. By traveling and making bookings with a group you can ensure that you receive discounted prices for your premium flights and luxury hotels along with other benefits such as exclusive access to hotel amenities such as spa, swimming pools, gyms, and other impressive restaurant coupons.  You can further lower the costs you bear at your hotel bookings, by sharing your room with a friend, and still, get to enjoy the best of your affordable luxury travel in US.


7.    Do thorough research before selecting your destination



A lot rides on the destination you select when trying to have affordable luxury travel in US, because different locations offer different prices that can make a huge difference in your budget. You can decrease the amount of money you spend on your travels, by conducting some basic research before you pick a destination for your luxury vacation. Going on a luxury vacation in major cities, like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas or NYC may cost a lot, as these are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. You can, however, pick slightly less touristy destinations and still manage to have affordable luxury travel in US. Another important reason for conducting research is that you can find the best time to visit your destination, avoid the peak prices and crowds, and save some more.


8.    Try to be flexible



One of the main reasons why luxury travel seems too expensive for most people is because of their inability to compromise where necessary. When planning affordable luxury travel in US, it is very important to be a little flexible with your choices. This will allow you to think clearly and make the best bang for your buck, by opting for a cheaper alternative to your travel needs, and splurging where necessary. When planning affordable luxury travel in US, flexibility is key, as you may have to travel during the off-season, optfor lesser-known luxury boutique hotels or dine at small eateries and shops, to save up for the things you want to experience the best of.


9.    Try to find a cheaper 5-star accommodation



Staying at some of the best hotels in the city is one of the major parts of a luxury vacation, as it makes up for a large portion of your travel budget. However, when trying to have affordable luxury travel in US, you may have to make small sacrifices and compromise when selecting a hotel. You can select a cheaper 3-star hotel, instead of 5-star accommodation, or opt for a boutique hotel instead of staying at a resort. This allows you to experience a taste of luxury while still enjoying an extravagant stay at some of the finest hotels in the city. To get the best deal for your affordable luxury travel in US you can also book your stay well in advance and make the best use of offers and coupons for your travel.


10.   Upgrade flights at Check-in



Flight tickets and hotel accommodations make up for a major portion of your luxury vacation. However, flight tickets can also cost a lot, throwing your travel budget out of whack. You can make your affordable luxury travel in US more exciting by upgrading your seats during check-in at minimum rates. While traveling during the off-season, or if your flight is flying with a lot of empty seats, airlines may offer to bump you up to give you better seats. Always ask if there is any room for upgrading your seats during check-in, and you may get to travel first class at some very low additional costs and enhance the experience of your affordable luxury travel in the US.


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