New York's Nightlife: 7 Best Bars To Enjoy A Variety Of Beers!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 09,2021

Beer is not just a party lubricant, it is an experience.” Today, beer has become a fairly popular beverage. There are a variety of beers and beer bars in the market.  This made highlighting the best- A difficult task. There are a lot, so don’t get confused!!! Among different places in the world, New York is famous for its world-class beer bars. In this city, the beer range is seemingly endless, and so are the bars. If you are a beer connoisseur and love to explore more about this amazing drink, then you must check-out the beer bars in New York. The beer bars here pour cities most beautiful and unique beers. To help you make the right selection, we have compiled a list of the 7 best beer bars in New York City that serves a variety of beers. These bars will help you know how wonderful New York’s nightlife is. Check-out our best picks and learn the elegance of very beautiful pints. Get the idea and visit these bars on your next vacation. 


Scroll down and pick your favorite!


1. Tørst



Tørst is a prime example of an idea for beer bars in North Brooklyn. Beer geeks love to visit this bar to enjoy the rare bottles of a variety of beers and its ultimate draft range. Although beers here are expensive, if you are a lover of quality beers, then you will find them worth the price tag. In this beer bar, the rotatable 21 draft beer menu remains in the spotlight. This menu also features Evil Twin Brewing, which is GREAT. Apart from the dreamy beer menu, the minimalist space of the bar also captivates the attention. You can describe this bar as marble-chich which looks like modern-aesthetic for which people are always ready to pay a few extra bucks. Must visit this place, it is totally worth your while!!


Address: 615 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Timings: 2 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekdays) and 12 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekends)


2. Threes Brewing



From the time it opened, this beer bar has shaped the way people drink beer in New York. The number of chick eateries and drinkers this place welcomes is rising rapidly. The main reason why people love to visit this place is their emphasis on lagers and mixed culture beer. Threes Brewing offers the customers a variety of beers, some of which brewed in-house, and others are from famous breweries worldwide. If you love to pair your boozing with some delectable food, then this place scores full not just in beer but also in food. When you visit this place, you will be shocked to see how an incredibly 5,000 square foot warehouse has turned into a brewery and amazing space to enjoy the drink. Once you visit this bar, it will surely become your favorite hunt!!!


Address: 333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Timings: 1 P.M.- 9 P.M. (Mon-Sat) and 1 P.M.- 8 P.M. (Sundays)


3. BierWax



BierWax has a premier record when it comes to beer. Not just for a variety of beers, this place is quite famous for its playlist too. It has over 5,000 vinyl records for spinning fine soundtracks that complement best with the ambiance and a glass of frosty delicious beer. The best part of this beer bar is that it supports LOCAL. Yes! Visiting this place will let you enjoy the local produce, the majority of which are from independent breweries of New York. This is one of the bars that are great for all, whether you are a party freak or loves to drink in calmness. If you prefer loud tapping music, then you can choose to sit indoors in a dark narrow room with a DJ booth. However, for quietness and silence, you can move to the backyard. With so much to offer, this place is great for all beer enthusiasts! 


Address: 556 Vanderbilt Ave. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Timings: 4 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekdays) and 12 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekends)


4. Craft Culture



Someone said- “Life is too short to drink bad beer.” and it is totally true. If you too want to enjoy a good beer on your vacation to New York, then this is the bar that you must visit. It is a small and minimalistic Ridgewood bar that works with an aim to provide every drinker with knowledge about Craft Beer Culture. This place is perfect for beer lovers as it has a variety of beers with more than 200 cans and bottles, 16 taps, and a fully-loaded fridge. Here, you will get a handpicked selection of beers that are mostly from local brews that might not be familiar to you. Apart from featuring the finest beers, this place also has an outstanding food selection that will make your palates dance when you savor them with beer. Make sure you try your hands at this bar when you are in NY and discover your love for new blends of flavor.    


Address: 59-04 Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Timings: 4 P.M.- 9 P.M. (Weekdays) and 12/2 P.M.- 9 P.M. (Weekends)


5. Proletariat



Rare, New, and Unique: these are the words that describe this place the best. If you ask anyone about a snobby beer bar in New York, they will deliberately describe Proletariat every single time. Together with the toothsome variety of beers, this place has a decor that lures the visitors the most. This place is all dark and decorated with framed cartoon drawings. The highly appreciated part of the decor is the slim ten-seat suds parlor that provides it an expensive ambiance. The Proletariat has set a new stage for all the craft beers and brewings. At this bar, you will also get to drink international beers whose taste goes far beyond the name of the brand. Apart from this, Proletariat has employed some highly knowledgeable bartenders. If you are looking for a fun place to drink, you must add this to your list.  


Address: 102 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10009

Timings: 4 P.M.- 10:30 P.M. (Weekdays) and 2 P.M.- 10:30 P.M. (Weekends)


6. Covenhoven



Whenever a drinker visits Covenhoven, they elicit a great response like “Ohh! I love this place.”, “This is my new favorite”, or “Wow! What a great bar.” If you won’t believe us, you can pay a visit yourself and see how extremely likable this place is for all beer enthusiasts. When you visit this place, you can pick any of your favorite beer from the fridge or choose from the draft. Later, you can take a seat in the minimalistic space of Covenhoven and enjoy sipping in your beer with decorative plates of lip-smacking snacks. Here you can also play some board games and make your drinking more fun. Talking about the variety of beers, then this place houses over 16 different craft beers and 250 can and bottle options. If you are the kind of drinker who loves to try something obscure, then this is the place for you!!! Go and Grab a Drink!


Address: 730 Classon Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY-11238

Timings: 2 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekdays) and 12 P.M.- 11 P.M. (Weekends)


7. Harlem Hops



It is one such beer bar that every visitor should know about. There are not just one but many reasons that make this bar take a place on the list of best beer bars in New York. It is the first Manhattan's craft beer bar that is all black. Another reason is its exemplary offering or the variety of beers on the menu. And the last is its support to the student community. It raises scholarship funds to help the students of Harlem to get into a college and study for a better career. This place offers a rare selection of beers, right from the local drafts to the chill international beer bottles. If you are in search of interesting and creative taste, this is the place to explore. “BEER. BOOZE. BITES. BEATS.”- This is how this bar describes itself. Visit this bar and enjoy the wildest array of beers!!!


Address: 2268 Adam Clayton Powell Junior Boulevard, Harlem, NY 10030

Timings: 3 P.M.- 9 P.M. (Weekdays) and 3 P.M.- 10 P.M. (Weekends)


Sip the city's finest beers at these beer bars. We have covered you with the best beer bars in New York. Whether you are a lover of craft beers or just looking for some unique variety of beers, these are the best places to drink. Fortunately, for all the beer lovers, the times are changing and the city is opening doors for more and more beer bars. Pick the one and enjoy an amazing night in New York. 


Enjoy Drinking! Disfrutar bebiendo!!


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