Wine Bars To Try On A Rome Vacation: Savor A Great Evening!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 11,2021

Wine is one of the greatest travel attractions of Italy and its capital- ROME. During a Rome vacation, there are plenty of things that a visitor must enjoy and one of them is definitely trying some exquisite wines that are a specialty of the region. There's nothing comparable to the experiences of relaxing with a glass of wine. Just imagine- “If a glass of wine is good for you... what a bottle can do!!” If you are in the leading wine producer country, then you must find time to sample some of the finest wines it has to offer. 


After strolling for hours and witnessing the beauty of the city, every traveler needs a relaxing break. The best way to relax in Italy’s capital is to pick a beautiful wine bar, drink Italian wines, and enjoy delicious specialties while sipping in some wine. But the main question that arises is- Where to go? Which is the best wine bar to try in the city? If you too are looking for the answers to these questions, then you must take a look at the given article. This article will introduce you to the 7 best wine bars in Rome that are great places to settle down with a glass of top-quality wine. For wine lovers, these are the best bars to visit on a Rome vacation. Regardless of your preferred taste in wine, this list has something for everyone.


So, don’t wait! If you are in the city, then pick any of the given bars and leave for savoring the best of the wine right away!! Cin Cin!!


1. Il Goccetto



Small, Simple, and Perfect!”- This is how Il Goccetto can be described perfectly. It is a 16th-century building that is serving the customers a wide range of wine and a menu of locally produced snacks. If you want to explore the homey way of drinking wine on your Rome vacation, then this is a perfect place to visit. For all the wine lovers, this place features more than 60 different varieties of wines originating from France and Italy. You have to buy the wines by the glass and not by the bottle. The best part about this bar is their wine menu that keeps on changing every month so as to offer the customers a vivid taste and variety of wines. To accompany the delectable wine, this place serves an amazing array of Italian snacks. It is a must-visit place for an incredible experience that you will never forget. 


Website: Il Goccetto

Address: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 14, 00186 Roma Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italy.


2. Litro



Next on the list, we have another outstanding wine bar that you ought to visit on your Rome vacation- LITRO. It is a must-to-checkout bar if you are hunting for something hipper in the city. This wine bar is nested around the Gianicolo hill and is a perfect spot for enjoying the nightlife in Rome. The Litro is well-known for its specialization in natural and biodynamic wine not just in the city, but in the entire country. To complement its delicious wine, this bar offers an eclectic interior that looks sleek and shiny. This place and its wines can be rightly described with the word- "Elegance". The Litro bar puts more attention on biodynamic wine producers, especially the smaller ones. Despite serving natural wines, the variety of wines here is ample. Well said- “Wine A Little & You Will Feel Better!” So, you must grab a glass of wine here after a long hectic day in the city. 


Website: Litro

Address: Via Fratelli Bonnet, 5, 00152 Roma RM, Italy.


3. Il Sorì



The bars are usually described as a place with loud music and not food-focused. But this one in Rome is quite different. Il Sorì is a beautiful wine space that is meant to appreciate the wine not to glum down. If you are in the city, then there is no better place to enjoy a glass of wine than Il Sorì. You can feel their creativity and the hard work behind their artfully prepared wine list that changes every night and mouth-watering food items. When it comes to food, this bar is majorly influenced by French and Spanish cuisine and offers a wide range of classic small plates. To learn about the wine you savor, this place organizes the theme night which lets the drinkers meet the small wine producers. With so much to offer, you should not miss checking out this place, if you are on a Rome vacation!


Website: Il Sorì

Address: Via dei Volsci, 51, 00185 Roma Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italy.


4. La Barrique



Someone said it right- “Stress can be alleviated by a good sleep, a bath, and A GLASS OF WINE!!!” If you are looking for such a bar to relax and enjoy sipping in some delectable wine, then La Barrique is an ideal place for you. It is a simple retro decor bar that offers a pleasant atmosphere for enjoying a toothsome glass of wine. During the daytime, this place is mostly visited by the bankers for a hearty meal. However, at night, you will get to see some serious drinkers enjoying some traditional wine at a reasonable price. For decades now, this place is serving the customers fine drops of wine with a wide selection of food and live music. For all the wine lovers who want to take a break from fancy streets on a Rome vacation, this is the best choice.  


Website: La Barrique

Address: Via del Boschetto, 41B, 00184 Roma RM, Italy.


5. Enoteca del Frate



Modernist + industrial = Serious Wine Bar.”- This is the perfect description of Enoteca del Frate wine bar. If you want to discover the true flavors of Italy on your Rome vacation, then this is the best place to visit. It is nested in the highly visited area of the city- Prati and is an ideal place for all the local as well as international wine lovers. After putting a great thought, this bar prepares its succinct and exclusive wine list which focuses on the luxury and the true taste of the city. Visiting this bar will provide you with a new perspective on Italy’s wine culture. Here you won’t find an extensive menu of wine as Enoteca del Frate focuses more on quality than quantity. Although the prices here are a bit on the higher side, the ambiance and wine make it worth paying. 


Website: Enoteca del Frate

Address: Via Degli Scipioni, 118, 00192 Roma RM, Italy.


6. Ai Tre Scalini



Offering the charm of the old-world, this place is an enchanting wine bar that pours mouthwatering wine to all wine lovers. When you enter this delightful bar, you will see the history in its ambiance which complements best with the glass of wine. They have a notable range of different wines that are both from the regional and national producers. Without a doubt, this is the best wine bar to visit on your Rome vacation, especially if you are a person who is lured by authenticity. The Ai Tre Scalini bar chooses all its wine very carefully to serve the customers with the finest bottles. To pair best with the glass of wine, they serve some appetizing and toothsome bites. When you visit this place, you will find it filled with an artsy crowd and hipsters. Remember- “There’s always time for a glass of WINE!!” So, find your time, visit this place, and enjoy a glass of wine!


Website: Ai Tre Scalini

Address: Via Panisperna, 251, 00184 Roma Città Metropolitana di Roma, Italy.


7. Il Piccolo



Liked for its funky little locale, this is the smallest and the oldest wine bar on Governo Vecchio. Being on the most visited streets of the city, this place is a go-to bar on the Rome vacation. This wine bar is an outstanding blend of styles and people. On your visit to Il Piccolo, you will find a rustic outdoor space with confident and passionate staff serving at the restaurant. The reason to visit this place is no other than the Italian Wines that it serves. Not just the wines but the interior are also from the Renaissance era with amazing wine bottles lined up in the racks. Being small in the size, this bar offers outdoor seating which helps in spending hours easily watching the running street. Although this place offers a great variety of wines, the food menu is not aplenty. If you want to taste the old-world, this is the place for you. Remember- “WINE improves with age...The older it gets, The better it tastes!!


Website: Il Piccolo

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 74-75, 00186 Roma RM, Italy.


The nightlife in Rome is quite simple: Good friends, delicious snacks, and a beautiful glass of vino in any of the fine wine bars. With this list of best bars, you must be ready to indulge in the taste of Italian Wine? These are the best picks of wine bars that you should visit on your Rome vacation. Visit these bars and savor your taste buds with the best of the wine!!!

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