Travel And A Healthy Lifestyle- Everything That You Need To Know

You must have heard of this famous adage- “Where there’s a will, there is a way.” If you look for excuses, you will find travel deviating from your health goals. But if you look closely, there are ample ways to relish travel and a healthy lifestyle.  


Yeah, we agree, it is not easy for people- especially food and drink enthusiasts- to stay healthy without impacting their travel experiences. We know that traveling and staying fit seems to be two different entities that are pole apart; but with a few simple tips and tricks and information, they both can go hand-in-hand. Indeed! You have read it correctly. We think travel grants us the ticket to laziness but in reality, it is a ticket to exploration, learning, and staying fit. Whether you are embarking on a fun-filled excursion or business travel or a family vacation, you should never let your travel be exhaustive and take a toll on your health. Remember- “There’s nothing worse than not feeling your best just because you are tired due to improper nutrition intake.”



Table Of Content:


1. Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling

2. Food To Eat For A Healthy Lifestyle

3. What To Avoid Eating For Travel and A Healthy Lifestyle?

4. Travel Destinations For Improving Health

5. Cuisines For A travel and a healthy lifestyle

6. Travel Accessories To Stay Healthy While Traveling


It doesn’t matter which destination we choose for our vacation, our bodies always need some time to adapt to the changes. That is why it is important to take it slow and let our minds adjust to the new environment. These are the few things that our team has learned from exploring the world. And we think it’s the right time to share our experiences with you and let you enjoy travel and a healthy lifestyle. 


Tips To Stay Healthy While Traveling


1. Cook Your Meal


coock meal


Of course, you won’t like to cook when you are out on a short vacation. BUT if you have planned a long trip, then eating junk is never a good idea. For travel and a healthy lifestyle, it is important to cook at least one meal a day and eat what is good for your health and body. Trust us, it is also a lot of fun to prepare your food on vacation. You must try it yourself!


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2. Stay Hydrated


“Water is life and staying hydrated is required for a healthy lifestyle.”- IT is the best companion when you are traveling and indulging in a lot of activities. You must drink at least 2-3 liters of water and keep yourself hydrated to enjoy the vacation in a healthy living style. Maintaining the water level helps in controlling the appetite and keeps you away from headaches and lethargic feelings.  


3. Get Proper Sleep


get sleep


A lot of studies have shown how critical sleep is for staying healthy. For travel and a healthy lifestyle, it is vital to take proper sleep and relax your body and mind. Whenever you land at your destination, you must take out time and rest in order to prepare your body for performing with full energy. Remember- “It is vital to listen to your body and take a nap whenever you feel like.”


4. Take Proper Meals


When you are on a vacation, you must keep a BALANCE. Although traveling is fun, we tend to forget about our diet while enjoying a vacation. To make the most of the travel, you need the fuel that will help you keep going for the whole day. And we get this fuel by taking proper meals. On a vacation, we usually skip breakfast or lunch and go straight to the next meal. This affects health negatively and is required to be stopped. 


5. Book Hotel With Gymnasium


book hotel with


“It is important to know your essentials.” If you are looking for travel and a healthy lifestyle, then booking a hotel with Gymnasium is the best option. Having the gym will help you do workouts even when you are traveling. It is a quintessential amenity and allows you to stick to your routine and stay fit. With a lot of people preferring the in-house gym on vacation, you can get such a hotel on a limited budget.


6. Prefer Walking Over Taking Public Transport


Just because you are on a break from the hectic lifestyle, doesn’t mean you can’t stay active. One of the best ways to stay fit and enjoy travel and a healthy lifestyle, you should prefer WALKING. It will not just help you stay healthy, but will also let you explore the destination like a local. Although it is easy to take the train, metro, cab, or other public transport, nothing can be as fun and great as walking.  


7. Plan Beforehand To Avoid Stress


plan beforhad


Sometimes- no matter how stress-free you are- making the end moment bookings, running for the airport, packing at the last minute might be stressful. Stressing affects the health negatively and ruins the whole vacation. This is why it is important to plan a perfect itinerary beforehand and pack all your stuff at least a day before leaving for the vacation. Try this one of the best leisure travel tips and enjoy your dream vacation with a calm and relaxed mind. 


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8. Sign Up For Adventurous Activities


Just like eating healthy on a vacation is a difficult task, it is also challenging to do proper workouts while traveling. In such scenarios, nothing can be better and enjoyable than combining sightseeing with physical activities. Indulging in adventurous activities is not just apt for an adrenaline rush, but also helps the travelers to burn a few calories and stay healthy. From river rafting to bungee jumping to surfing to hiking, the list of activities is endless. 


9. Carry Sunscreen To Protect Skin




Never let the sunburn put a damper on your trip. For travel and a healthy lifestyle, it is important to protect your skin when you are out in the sun. For this, you must always wear sunscreen and top it up with a hat and sunglasses. Always carry sunscreen in your handbag and enjoy a healthy escapade. 


10. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption


It just takes a few simple leisure travel tips to enjoy a healthy lifestyle on the vacation. One such travel tip is to cut down on alcohol. Always Remember- “ALCOHOL: Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences.”  If you are on a vacation, you can enjoy a couple of drinks; you can, that’s fine- but ensure that you drink in moderation. 


11. Follow Your Exercise Routine




The key to travel and a healthy lifestyle is EXERCISE. We all usually have an exercise routine which we tend to forget as soon as we leave for a vacation. But this is the best healthy travel tip you can ever get is to follow your exercise routine. You can work out even in your room- be creative! Of course, you can modify it with the situation but you have to follow it to stay fit. 


12. Carry Healthy Snacks With You


When we travel, we indulge in a lot of sightseeing and adventurous activities. This takes up a lot of energy and we end up compromising our healthy lifestyle. If you don’t want to do that, you must keep some healthy snacks with you. Healthy snacks are an instant source of energy and help in enjoying the vacation without spoiling your health. 


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13. Watch What You Eat


watch what eat


When you are on a vacation, it is important to try your hands on different food and taste the sizzling flavors of the destination you are visiting. You should never miss what the place has to offer but being conscious of your consumption is equally important. Always keep a close check on food and ensure that it is prepared properly. Also, you must avoid unhealthy food items if you want to enjoy travel and a healthy lifestyle.


14. Look For A Room With Mini-Fridge


Mini Fridge- Yes! It might sound a bit odd but having a room with a mini-fridge plays an important role in travel and a healthy lifestyle. With the availability of a fridge, you can store a few fruits, veggies, and other healthy food items that you can enjoy skipping the unhealthy junk food. It also helps in making the cooking easier and lets the travelers eat what is good for their health. 


15. Take Vitamins On Vacation




Traveling with vitamins is another great option for travel and a healthy lifestyle. As we all know, it is quite a challenging task to eat a balanced diet throughout your vacation. To consume all the essential vitamins while gallivanting from one destination to another, you must carry vitamin tablets with you. Along with this, if you are traveling to a destination that doesn’t have ample healthy food options, then you can use these tablets as supplements. 


Food To Eat For A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling 



1. Fresh Fruits

2. Sandwiches

3. Boiled Vegetables

4. Meat

5. Nuts

6. Jerky

7. Protein Bars

8. Tofu

9. Salads

10. Cookies

11. Hard-Boiled Eggs

12. Avocado

13. Cheese Sticks

14. Popcorn

15. Vegetable Soup

16. Vegetable Chips

17. Hummus

18. Whole Grain Pasta

19. Yogurt

20. Beans


What To Avoid Eating For Travel and A Healthy Lifestyle?



1. Raw Meat

2. Raw Shellfish

3. Tap Water

4. Unpasteurized Dairy

5. Spicy Food

6. Street Food

7. Fatty Food like Burger, Pizza

8. Salted Chips

9. Frozen Food

10. Fountain Drinks

11. Runny Eggs

12. Undercooked Food

13. Alcohol

14. Bushmeat

15. Ice (In drinks and else)

16. White-Flour Based Food

17. Refined Food

18. Berries 

19. Fried Food

20. Sweetened Desserts



Travel Destinations For Improving Health



St. George, Utah




If you have never heard of this city, then you should. It is a travel and a healthy lifestyle gateway that is spectacularly mesmerizing and is no less than a wellness hub. St. George has the best health resorts with epic vistas and adventures. From gardens to biking trails to spa treatments to meditation centers to life coachings, this place has everything that you are looking for. If you want to challenge your body and come back from the vacation happier and healthier, then you must choose to climb the red rock cliffs and have the best experience.


Ikaria, Greece




Someone said it right- “Your body hears everything that your mind says.” If you want to enjoy travel and a healthy lifestyle, then you must plan a relaxing vacation to Ikaria, Greece. Visiting this place is to cut down the pressure of everyday life and allow yourself to relax and have fun. For improving health, this place has everything. It has a rich offering of antioxidant wild greens, picturesque islands, a variety of local herbs, mesmerizing landscapes, and other countless opportunities for lowering blood pressure and enjoying a healthier vacation. 


Tulum, Mexico



Billed as a travel and a healthy lifestyle destination, Tulum in Mexico promises its visitors a soul-soothing experience. If you want an ultimate health and wellness vacation, then this is a destination that must be on your bucket list. With paradise beaches, white sand, quite atmospheric vibes, abundance of calmness, crystal clear water, and soothing waves, this is one of the best leisure travel destinations. Spending time amidst the natural beauty works magically on the body and soul. Visit this place and step up your health game in this jewel of Mexico. 


Brittany, France




Without a doubt, Brittany is an undisputed trip and healthy lifestyle destination in France that is ideal for a unique experience. To justify this, there are ample reasons. It is a gratifying town that offers outstanding coastlines, rocky seascapes, lush green landscapes, winding roads, sun-drenched beaches, and trending fashion. Visiting the coastlines- especially 'Pink Granite Coast' offers pink-hued rocks which are ideal for a healthy vacation. Apart from this, Brittany has a lot of amazing yoga retreats that will help you stress out and relish an ultimate relaxation experience. Visit it once and you will leave the place with a refreshed, rejuvenated, and calm soul. 


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Rishikesh, India




Rich in culture, wide diversity, remote location, and ultimate yoga retreats- Rishikesh is the perfect destination for finding inner peace. One of the best yoga retreats lies in Rishikesh which is known worldwide- Ananda In Himalayas. It is a little bit of a trek from the town, but the ample offerings are worth the effort. Rishikesh is the place where divinity resides, has a lot of historical tales, and is a land of yoga and wellness. This place is known for its positive energy which you can feel in all your five senses- touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound. Make a wise choice for travel and a healthy lifestyle by planning a vacation to Rishikesh, India. 


Cuisines For A travel and a healthy lifestyle


1. Greek: Greek cuisine is known for being healthy, lip-smacking, and hearty. It usually contains a lot of green leafy vegetables, grains, beans, and olive oil which makes it utterly healthy and mouthwatering. Consuming it helps in boosting the immune system and keeps us healthy while traveling. 


2. Japanese: Another cuisine that has a lot of dietary benefits and helps to maintain travel and a healthy lifestyle is- JAPANESE. Traditional food is rich in fresh vegetables and seafood which is super healthy. Each of the ingredients they add to their food has its nutritional value and is good to stay fit.


3. Vietnamese: The use of fresh herbs and spices, a lot of vegetables and seafood, and ultimate cooking techniques make Vietnamese cuisine one of the healthiest in the world. It has a distinct quality and possesses several medicinal properties and health benefits. You must try this food which is full of fragrant and flavors.  


4. Korean: With time Korean food is becoming more and more popular for its incredible taste and lot of goodness. Korean cuisine is a perfect blend of light and healthy meals which usually contains anti-obesity, anti-cancer, and cholesterol-lowering properties which makes it perfect for travel and a healthy lifestyle. 


5. Thai: If you are traveling for food and want to cherish delectable flavors and taste, then visiting Thailand and enjoying Thai cuisine is the best choice you can make. Thai food is filled with intense spices and flavors and has a lot of elements to boost the immune system and treats a lot of digestion and illnesses.



Travel Accessories To Stay Healthy While Traveling


1. Water Purifier Bottle




And most importantly, stay hydrated while traveling. For travel and a healthy lifestyle, it is vital to drink clean and purified water no matter where you go. Water purifier bottles are usually more conservative with space and help to have purified water on-the-go. Get your hands on a collapsible bottle that is not just handy but also weighs less than an ounce. 


2. Skipping Rope


When it comes to healthy traveling, carrying a skipping rope helps you calm your mind and body and improves concentration. Although it is rightly said- “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling is tough.” But carrying the right travel accessory might help you. Such an accessory is a Skipping Rope. It will improve your stamina and coordination and help you better enjoy your vacation. 


3. Hand Sanitizer




The most obvious accessory that you need while traveling is Hand Sanitizer. It helps you to eat with clean hands even when you don’t have access to running water and soap. Carry a sanitizer and use it every time- before eating, after washroom, after security check, and every time you feel an encounter with germs. 


4. Comfortable Sneakers


Maybe you don’t know the importance of it but a comfortable sneaker plays an important role in travel and a healthy lifestyle. Having a comfortable pair of sneakers, you will more likely to enjoy workouts, sightseeing, and adventurous activities. It is always a good idea to have stylish, lightweight, and comfortable sneakers.


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5. Eye Mask


eye mask


If you want a relaxing vacation, then investing in a sleep mask is much needed. Having an eye mask will help you have quality sleep which is important for a strong immune system and to enjoy the trip. Must have a silk eye mask that is gentle to your skin and avoids leaving the crease on the face.


6. Compression Socks


Does your coming vacation include a long flight or drive or train journey? Well, sitting for long hours might increase the risk of a blood clot and swell in the ankles. For travel and a healthy lifestyle, Compression Socks comes in great help. They improve blood circulation and reduce aches. You choose fashionable and comfortable socks that will help you stay trendy and relax the whole vacation.


7. Neck Pillow


neck pillow


It’s time to erase the signs of the jet lags and enjoy a relaxing vacation with Neck Pillows. They are the most important leisure travel accessory that assists in enjoying travel and a healthy lifestyle. Once you buy the pillow and enjoy a sound sleep while traveling, you will surely be hooked by it. Buy yourself the one that can be easily compressed and is washable. 


8. First Aid Kit


It is always good to be prepared for the worst while you are traveling to unknown destinations. Carrying a basic First Aid Kit is a precaution and preparation for a healthy lifestyle while traveling. Add all the necessary antibiotics, tablets for minor sickness, eye drops, and Sting relief solutions. Always remember- Be prepared for the sudden travel restrictions!


9. Pills Organizer



It is usually tricky to keep a track of all the medicines when you are traveling. With jet lags, different routines, a new lifestyle, and a new time zone, having a pills organizer will help you take all the medicines on time and as required. Carry a travel-friendly pill case that is compact and enjoyable to kit in the bag. 


10. Disinfecting Wipes


Another product on the list that is much required for travel and a healthy lifestyle is Disinfecting Wipes. It comes in great help to stay safe and clean. You can use it to clean the seats, table, buttons, and anything before you touch it. With so many great benefits, these wipes are easy-to-carry and quite budget-friendly. 



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