Walk Along the Fiji Beaches to Improve your Mental Health

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 07,2021

Apart from being a wonderful place to enjoy scenic beauty, beaches are also incredible for mental health. A beach is a peaceful place where you can rejuvenate yourself by forgetting about all the stress and indulging in the soothing effects of sand, water, and sun. After various researches and studies, it is proved that strolling on the beach and getting into nature is an excellent way of uplifting your mood and improving mental health. Recently, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health performed week-long research. In the research, they studied the heart rate and blood pressure of various adults while on the beach, in an urban environment, and indoors. Later that, they are asked a few questions to understand their experience and mental health.


The results of the research proved that a person feels happy and relaxed along with better mental health after spending some time on the beachside. This concludes that even a short walk on the beach boosts energy and benefits mental health. Various other studies also stated beaches as a key for better standards of living and a source of happiness. For maintaining a balanced lifestyle, you must add a walk along the beach to your daily schedule. 


Be it physical or mental health, a walk along the beach is vital for improving mental health. The beaches of Fiji amongst the renowned beaches. They are famous for being the breathtaking and tranquil beaches in the world. The stretches of white sand and the beautiful ocean give a long-lasting experience and pleasure to the mind. If you are a resident of Fiji or you are on a Fiji vacation, you must carve out some time for its pristine beaches and spend quality time improving your mental health. Lookout at the list of Fiji beaches that you must stroll along for refreshing your body, mind, and soul. 


Natadola Beach



On the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, Natadola Beach is located with a calming vibe and splendid views. It is a gem on the riverbank of Fiji’s rich coral coastal and has crystal clear water. The waves and the sound of water are not less than therapy. This beach has waves for inexperienced surfers and is also perfect for walking. The soothing environment of the Natadola beach makes it the calmest beach in Fiji. The cool breeze on the beach will help to relax your whole body and provide peace to your mind. Make sure you visit this beach and spend some time in leisure. 


Liku Beach



Popular as the most luxurious beach in Fiji, Liku Beach is ideal for enjoying the sunset. In reality, Liku means sunset. As the meaning of the name, this beach offers the best sunset view because of its west-facing. Together with enjoying the mesmerizing sunset, this beach has lots of water activities to enjoy. Performing physical activities or walking on the Liku beach will get you awestruck with its beauty. The less crowd and calmness of the beach will boost your mental health and provide various neurological benefits. For getting rid of all the stress, you must head to this beach and enjoy the best of your vacation. 


Vomo Island Beach



Vomo Island beach is one of the kinds of beaches that you see on wallpapers. The chalk-white sand and clean water of the beach offer a perfect view. To improve your mental health, you must visit this beach on your vacation. Staring at the flowing water offers a relaxing feeling and is important for mental health. The blue color of the sea symbolizes peace. Hence, staring at the water and walking alongside will help you relax and take you away from all the stress. As per the studies, sitting on the beach and staring at the water helps our mind to get into a meditative state.


Seagrass Bay



The coastline of Seagrass Bay is going to amaze you with its beauty. The long stretch of white sand and remoteness make this beach a perfect place for listening to your mind. You must walk barefoot on the beach with sand between your toes. This will help your body retain ions from the surface which will result in healthier and peaceful mental health. The tingling sensations of the sand and stone will provide feelings of tranquility after a hectic day. Enjoy your Fiji vacation alongside the beach and create a lifetime of memories. 


Horseshoe Bay



Beaches are a perfect attraction for improving mental health and enjoying the picturesque views. One such beach is Horseshoe Bay beaches in Fiji. It is a beautiful beach that looks not less than heaven. On this horseshoe-shaped beach, you can witness a picturesque glory that is perfect for your wellbeing. It is aesthetically pleasing to spend your leisure time on the beach. Walking around the beach and smelling its pleasant mist will calm your brain and stop it from ongoing thinking. The negative ions of the beach help in curing depression and makes the individual feel happy and relaxed. Hence, you must step out of your place and head to the beach every time you feel sad.


Long Beach



If your trip ideas revolve around beaches, then you must visit Fiji. It has a lot of beautiful beaches that will mesmerize you with their scenic views. Long beach is one of the beaches that you must visit in the country. It has fine sand and a long landscape that will offer you an endless walk. There’s nothing as good as a walk on the beach to enjoy the utmost calmness. The blue color of the water, quietness in the atmosphere, and the soothing sound of the waves will boost your mind and fill you with energy and happiness.  


Blue Lagoon Beach



This beach is well-known for its beauty with a marvelous contrast of sea and forest. Visiting this beach on your Fiji vacation will redefine your travel ideas. The experience of burying your toes in the pearl white sand of Blue Lagoon beach will take away all your stress and de-stimulate your brain. Strolling along the beach with sparkling water and a variety of marine life will calm you. 



This is a list of all the beaches that you must visit on your Fiji vacation to revitalize yourself. Walk along the beach, stare through the sea, and smell the breeze to heal yourself and improve your mental health. To execute all your trip ideas, having good mental health is a must. So, ensure that you walk on the beachside whenever you are stressed or want to take a break from a hectic lifestyle. Even a short walk will work wonders and offer you a better life. 

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