Best Travel Guide Books: Plan Your Dream Vacation With Ease!

Travel is a lot deeper than merely visiting the destination. It is more about learning and enhancing knowledge. If you are a true traveler and want to know about the Destination and travel tips to make your experience more enjoyable, you must get your hands on the travel guide books. Guides take the tourists on a visual journey before they actually head out to the destinations. They provide all the information that is required to make the journey more fun, better, and cheaper. Due to so many guidebook options available in the market, we have handpicked the 10 best guides that are great to enjoy the updated information. Are you ready to prepare yourself for a great adventure? Must-read the given guidebooks and transform your whole journey. 


1. Lonely Planet



Lonely Planet is the world’s renowned travel guide publisher that provides readers with the most relevant guides in the world. They are great for up-to-date information and to discover the hidden gems of the destination. This guidebook brand was started in the early 70s by a married couple- Maureen and Tony Wheeler. They penned down the interesting guidebooks with their own travel perspective. Till now, Lonely Planet has printed more than 100 million guides that are packed with great information and travel ideas. These guidebooks outlay the countries with their highlights, feedbacks, suggested itineraries, true experiences, and more. This makes the understanding of the country quite simpler. LP guides have a great knowledge of the distance, journey, and surprises that visitors will get on their vacation. Purchase this amazing guidebook and get ready for an amazing experience. 


2. Bradt



If you are looking for a deep insight into the country, then you must purchase the Bradt guidebooks. These books set a high benchmark for other guidebooks and are favorite of many independent travelers. Bradt guide books are filled with premium content that is great for promoting travel in the world. The best part of these books is the off-beaten tracks that it shows. To prepare the travelers for the cultural shock, these guidebooks provide a deep insight into the rich heritage of the destination. Reading these books will make you feel the cultural differences that you can never feel otherwise. This guidebook publisher has provided the readers with more than 250 books on exceptional destinations that are usually not covered by other publishers.


3. Rough Guides



If you are looking for a simple way to learn about the destination, then Rough Guides are great for you. They are the best travel advisor for the ultimate experience. Reading these guidebooks helps travelers to have the best time on their vacation. This renowned publisher is well-known for its “tell it like it is” approach to displaying a destination. For 38 years now, this guidebook is sharing travel knowledge with the readers with practical and realistic advice on more than 120 countries in the world. Together with this, these books also are strong from a cultural perspective and are ideal to learn about the places to eat, sleep, drink, shop, and more. Rough Guides books are the hub for all the needs of travelers. If you want a ground-breaking guidebook, then you must get your hands on Rough Guide. 


4. DK Eyewitness



Regardless of whether you want to explore the vibrant marketplaces or the romantic cafeterias or breathtaking architectural pieces, DK Eyewitness guide books are the best. These guidebooks ensure that their readers will get all the information that they need to have the best experience. It is a great guide for visual learners. The best and the most interesting thing about these guides is the pull-out maps, layouts of great embellishments, and detailed visuals. Beyond this, DK Eyewitness guides also provide the background of the great attractions that helps the readers to better understand the culture and history of the destination. DK was first published back in 1993 and from then it has taken the readers to 200 different destinations. This photo-packed travel book is a must to read before leaving for the vacation. 


5. Fodor’s



Fodor’s is an extremely popular travel guide publisher that is ruling the market for over 80 years. These books are an interesting source that provides travelers with the best advice that helps them in every stage of their vacation. Being written by the locals, these books become a great companion on travel. There are more than 700 local Fodor writers who have provided the readers with over 8,000 destination guidebooks. Since they are the insiders of the destination, they are great to provide travel advice and tricks to get the best experience. Fodor’s guidebooks contain all the general information about the location with transportation and cuisine knowledge and to-do listings. To make reading easier, these books are available both in paperback and webpage format.


6. Insight Guides



This is yet another impressive destination guide is Insight Guides. This guide is amazing enough that it will motivate you to grab your passport and leave for a vacation. Insight Guides provides a deeper background and suggested highlights of any destination that assists in better trip planning. This guidebook publisher is in business for about 45 years and has managed to become the favorite choice of travelers. The interesting part of these books is the detailed and interactive maps and stunning photographs that speak more about the destination. The publisher tries to pick the travel experts from the locals who are ideal for providing impeccable information. Get yourself an Insight Guides book to enjoy a relaxed departure.


7. Frommer’s



Frommer’s are the essential guidebooks for planning an ultimate travel excursion. It is highly recommended to travelers who are looking for a comfortable vacation. They are great for all first-time travelers as they perfectly highlight every destination. Frommer’s thick volumes detail every information that a reader might need on their excursion. From basic facts to history sections, these guides are comprehensive. To make the guides more informative and reader-friendly, Frommer’s has changed their authors to local writers. Although these guidebooks are pretty expensive, buying them is totally worth it. If you don’t want to carry the heavy books, you can also opt for the website version of the guides. Reading these guides will not just prepare you for the vacation but also make you a confident traveler.


8. Blue Guides



With a lot of history, art, architecture, and culture, Blue Guides are great for cultural capers. These travel books are just like a whispering of the secrets in the ears. From art to archaeology to architecture, Blue Guides are perfect for planning a historical vacation. This publisher is working hard since 1918 and has come a long way with the best-researched guides in the world. With the improved access to all the information that Blue Guides provide with index mapping, cross-referencing, great layouts, and travel plans, this guide has become one of the best in the world. Due to ample information, this guide is not ideal for every traveler. It is great for all who love to read. Purchase the Blue Guides book and get the companion who will contribute to your enjoyment.


9. Footprint



If you are looking for a quality travel guide with curated information, then you must pick up the Footprint guides. These are great for all the adventurous souls and solo travelers who are looking for a great understanding of the destination. These guidebooks are one of the series that knows the journey through the city as well as between the cities. They give all the travel information that helps the travelers in the preparation. Beyond this, the destination highlights and cultural insights are very informative for the readers. It has been the greatest bet of travelers for nearly 100 years. To remain specialized, these guides do not cover the whole world. They just offer the books on a few destinations but with all the relevant information. 


10. Time Out



While planning a vacation to the world’s greatest destinations, picking up the Time Out travel magazines is the best thing you can do. These guides are trustworthy travel buddies that will let you discover every hidden gem in the country. To offer the readers the greatest information, Time Out publisher takes help from the local writers. They find experts from different parts of the cities who can provide deep insights into the country. The best part of these guides is the size. Being pocket-friendly, carrying these guides with you on the vacation is of great ease. Time Out guide will help you skip the boring stuff on your vacation and enjoy all the unexplored locations. 


After reviewing the above list, you must have selected the right guide for you. Since every guide has its own series, choose the one that fits your needs. These guides are best for your vacation, regardless of where you are traveling. Get the travel guide book and start dreaming of a new adventure!

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