How to Pick the Best Shoes for Travel? Here's Your Handy Guide

Are you planning to head off on your dream vacation? Whether you’re thinking about adventure on some off-the-bitten locations or have your heart set on a serene vacation — you’ll need to accompany the best travel shoes for a real invigorating trip. Unequivocally, you’re going to see a multitude of sites and must have a couple of action-packed activities on the list of things to do on the trip — and you’ll need to accompany comfortable shoes. Aching & blistering feet will not let you be in the pace of tracking along the high hills. Comfortable shoes will only help you walk in the temperature you are not used to, minimize the risk of blisters or injury — and also selecting cleverly the quality travel shoes will only create room for other essentials in your precious luggage space. Let’s learn how to choose the best shoes for your dream vacation:



There are principally five factors you’ll need to figure out when picking the best shoes for travel. Let’s check out what are those five factors:




1. Comfort


2. Functionality


3. Weight


4. Versatility


5. Durability




Let’s dive deeper to understand how these factors will assist you in figuring out what is the right pair of shoes you must be picking:








“Comfort is the key” — always keep that in mind when you’re looking out to PICK & PACK the right pair of shoes for your vacation. Have you been eyeing those elegantly and stylishly fashionable pairs of shoes for a long time? Are you serious? For sure they are not going to be comfortable for your — sightseeing trips & hikes. When you are on a vacation, the only thing that is fashionable is — COMFORT! While those chic pairs of shoes might make you look a little more dapper & debonair — and would turn heads whenever you’re walking, but the aches & blisters they could bring along can make you hate the vacation. It might instigate you to cut your vacation short. So, investing in getting something that is casual, comfortable, decent & that serves the purpose is the right thing to do. Know that if you’re putting on —  the right pair of shoes that serves the purpose, even walking more than you’re not used to would not make you feel dog-tired. Whether you are up for an intrepidly adventurous vacation or a quieter beach vacation or a road trip — picking the best travel shoes is vital. 










Considering the functionality & purpose of your vacation is another thing you need to be wary of. Packed your outfits, ready with the air tickets, picked the right packing bags — now is the time to figure out which are the best shoes for travel. That should start with considering — what destinations you are heading to — would it be an adventurous vacation or a family trip to an Island? When you’re buying your shoes all these questions and much more must be on top of your mind. This will be of great help in picking the right pair of shoes for your vacation.  For instance, if you’re going for a camping trip that will have you hike around for a longer period of time — so you must pack sturdy tactical boots or hiking boots that would offer the most perfect support to your ankles & feet. If you’re wearing your favorite sneakers walking along rocky and rigid trails, it might hurt your feet discouraging you from travel. On the other hand, if you’re wearing your Rocky tactical boots would keep you at the right momentum. In addition to this, you must also consider the climatic condition — like if it’s going to be humid or chilly in the area you are traveling to. Pack the best shoes for your trip, make the right choice!







The weight of your shoes is another important factor, you need to consider when making a choice for your travel shoes. Packing a pair of shoes will only add weight to your luggage that is the scariest thing for any traveler. And, they are also not as comfortable for traveling as any other light-weight shoes. So, you’ve got your answer — picking a lightweight shoe is the right decision. But, of course, you’re left with no option other than to pack your boots when heading to a snowy land — they can only keep your feet cozy & warm. Choose lightweight boots by comparing. The best thing you can do here is, choose the ones that could be durable for different weather conditions!







Not to say, it is essential to know in advance whether the pair of shoes you’re carrying are durable or not. Don’t get trapped by going for any kind of deals, rather invest wisely in buying the right pair of shoes. And, never forget looking for durability. You can check for durability by considering the sewing & material of the shoes — those are the biggest indicators for the best travel shoes. Besides, you must also look for flexibility around the toes, grip, whether the shoes can be worn in different weather conditions & soles of the shoes — for checking the durability of any shoes. All of these considerations together will help you make the selection for a durable pair of travel shoes. 








Versatility is another prerequisite for selecting the best shoes for travel. Would you like to carry a separate backpack of shoes? Not actually — no one wants that. Well, in that case, you’ve to be smart in your decision — invest in buying a versatile pair of shoes. That means, choose something that can go with all your outfits & can accentuate your looks whenever and whatever you’re wearing them with. No one says you can’t look good when traveling - just be smart! Pack your capsule wardrobe that includes only the basics. They will work perfectly for the day time, and you can pack something more stylish & chic for the night time - don’t overpack. For a week-long vacation, three pairs of shoes are enough. 




Pick & Pack Best Travel Shoes!




You’re all ready to choose the best shoes if you’ve ticked off the list of these essential factors. Start this by taking a look at what kind of vacation you’re venturing on then check on the factors - comfort, Functionality, weight, versatility, and durability. These considerations will help you in answering the questions — whether you need to pack — a pair of Flip-Flops, Sandals, Hiking Boots, Running Shoes, Flats, or Vibram Five Fingers. Be smart as much as you can! Happy trails!

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