8 Best Cities for Beer Lovers- Enjoy a Frosty Glass Of Beer!

Nothing can satisfy the thirst of beer lovers other than a tall frosted glass of beer. If you too are a beer lover and looking for some pioneer breweries for your beer appetite, then you must review the list given-below. We have come up with the 8 best cities for beer buffs that they must visit for enjoying an unforgettable experience. The brewery scenes of these cities are blooming at a great pace and have managed to exceed the restaurant scenes in the city. With massive production, innovation, and skills, these cities have managed to develop themselves as a brewing landscape. Beyond the beer scenes, these cities are rich in culture and heritage which makes them worth seeing.  


1. Asheville, North Carolina



The picturesque towns of Asheville are the rising producer of beer in the world. The thirsty monk is one such spot in the city that serves more than 50 regional beers and is an absolute stop for enjoying the best beer. This dreamy city of North Carolina has ample charming and prestigious breweries. This city also hosts several key beer events that are perfect for tasting the best of the world. If you are in North Carolina, you must head over to Asheville to taste off the beaten beer. This city is really fond of its culture of independent brewing. The country of North Carolina ranked ninth in the world for more breweries per capita. For the study of this ranking, Asheville is at the forefront. 


2. Portland, Maine



At the coast of Maine lies Portland which is a stunning sea-side city. This city has an abundance of attractions to lure tourists. Along with the plethora of restaurants, idyllic beaches, art galleries, and museums, this city has a rich history of microbrewing. The breweries in the city are rated top in the country. Portland is known for taking their beers very seriously. This city symbolizes the American craft beer phenomenon which came in the city approximately two decades ago. Today, this city has nearly twenty breweries that are pouring a variety of beers. With so many breweries, this city makes it difficult to pick one favorite. All the beer lovers find this city a paradise for trying out aesthetic beers of innovative flavors. Regardless of how you want to enjoy your trip to Maine, you can never go wrong here if you are a true beer enthusiast. 


3. Bend, Oregon



Apart from a beautiful city, Bend is home to tempting breweries. For every 100,000 citizens of the city, it has approximately 25 breweries. In the world, this city is renowned as “Beer City, USA”. Although, this city is known as an outdoor sports destination. The major part of its identity is because of its beers. It is considered as beer heaven and attracts lots of crowds to try its beer. This makes this city take a position in the list of best cities for beer lovers. Bend has a long history of craft beer which is convincingly unbeaten by any other country. Every month, a new brewery comes up in the city and tries its best to differentiate itself from the existing. From new trends in brewing to innovative pubs to lavish ambiance, this is perfect to satisfy your inner child. Believe us, Bend has a lot to try. It has one of the best beers in the world that are worthy of honorable mention. 


4. Greenville, South Carolina



With the growth in the brewery industry, Greenville also came into the limelight. It is a city full of tastemakers and brewmasters. Taking its roots from southern heritage, this city has transformed the craft beer culture into modern practice. Greenville has evolved its own brewing style and philosophy that is full of creativity. All the local breweries in the city produce a variety ranging from pale ales to sours to stouts. Its long history of small brewing, innovative spirits, and friendly outlook towards connoisseurs has helped this city to develop its reputation among all the beer buffs. With continuous inventions, we will soon be seeing this city as a beer destination that will attract people from all over the world. 


5. Boston, Massachusetts



Boston, a famous city in Massachusetts, U.S. is well known for its per capita consumption of beer. It is an obdurate beer-drinking city that consumes more beer than any other city in the United States. Drinking beer is in the culture of the city. Back in the 17th century, this city was producing and consuming beer like crazy. To power the drinking habits of people in this city, there are several popular breweries and microbreweries. In this beautiful city, you can enjoy sipping some exotic beer at historical pubs. At American Craft Beer Fest, Boston hosted the largest microbreweries celebration that served the visitors more than 640 varieties of beer. Trying the beer in Boston is a whole new way of experiencing the rich history of the city. You must go on a brewery tour to Boston and offer your taste buds tasty brews. 


6. Denver, Colorado


Denver is one of the cities in the world that offers the best beer. With over 80 breweries which results in 11 breweries per 100,000 inhabitants, helps this state to be on the list of best cities for beer lovers. The streets of the magnificent city, Denver, are lined with breweries and have a different vibe altogether. To taste the best of the production, you must visit Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide Brewing. These are not to be missed breweries as they serve the best craft beer. Visiting this city at the time of fall welcomes the visitors to join the Great American Beer Festival. This is the biggest Brewfest in the entire country and lures all the beer buffs around the world. If you want to enchant your palate with more than 2,200 varieties of beer, then you must be a part of this festival.


7. Cincinnati, Ohio



Cincinnati is a beautiful city in Ohio that is literally built on beer. It is the second-largest city in America in terms of beer drinkers. This city has 31 breweries which are the 10th highest in number. Cincinnati serves its citizens and tourists with more than 112 different varieties of beer which makes this a must to visit the city for all the beer lovers. This city is home to rich craft breweries where gourmets can sip the experience of brewmasters. For enjoying a night with live music and delicious drink, then you must pay your visit to any of the beautiful craft breweries. Here you can enjoy a local beer there with splendid views. With so many breweries to choose from, it is quite normal to forget which one to visit on your vacation. No matter which one you choose, you can never go wrong with the breweries of Cincinnati.


8. Austin, Texas 



Austin is a city that is full of major breweries. You can find the breweries in every corner of the city. This splendid city is renowned for the development of a special brewery style. Breweries in the city take a different approach to draw the attention of intellectual audiences. Unlike other cities, Austin is highly eco-focused. To keep up with the environment, they sell their mouthwatering beer in eco-conscious bins which can be easily recycled. Along with this, they also ferment their beer with natural yeast which provides the beer sour and strong flavors. This city has an unbelievable range of beers that will enchant your taste buds. The breweries in the city manufacture various seasonal beers along with their four standard beers. This makes the visit of a beer lover to the brewery in Austin an entertainment in paradise.



If you want to recharge yourself with some fine beer, then you must review the above-given list. We have tapped out the 8 best cities for beer lovers out there. You must visit these cities and grab their exquisite beer to satisfy your appetite for luscious beer.

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