Popular English Beers That Every Traveler Must Try Atleast Once

Made with the best ingredients in several fresh and thrilling flavors, English beers are a must-try. They are one of the finest beers in the world. However, with a wide range of different ales or British beers, it becomes a nasty task to walk in the pub and enjoy the finest quality British booze. With a lot of offerings, you must expand your list of drinks and explore the new varieties. To make it easy for you to select, we have put together a list of 7 popular English beers that are the highlights of the nation’s brewing. Check it out!


1. Guinness 



Guinness is an emblematic dark Irish beer that is loved by people all over the world. It is the highly exported and popular English beer that offers distinct colored, rich, and creamy beers. Due to its amazing taste, this beer remains the highly exported beer in the world. Back in 1759- Arthur Guinness experimented with dark beer that later gained immense popularity. Right from Draught to Blonde to Golden Ale, Guinness has an extensive range of beers that are a great choice for all the beer lovers. This outstanding brand comes up with different and innovative beers from time to time and serves the world with the best strong beer.


2. Stella Artois



Another most amazing beer on the list of popular English beers is Stella Artois. Whether you want to savor the best of Belgium or gluten-free or alcohol-free, this astounding brand has it all. Every bottle of Stella Artois is an opportunity to relish the most of the moment with your loved ones. For over 600 years now, this brand has been providing its customers with the best of Belgium heritage that perfectly taste the history of the country. The brand produces every bottle with an aim to offer the finest quality in every step of its production so that the customer can taste the best with every drop of the beer. 


3. Heineken



Brewed with great devotion and deeper knowledge of brewing, Heineken is one of the popular English beers to enjoy. This brand offers an iconic range of beers all over the world right from the flagship to draught to alcohol-free. No matter what your taste is or what you prefer, Heineken got you covered. The history of this marvelous brand goes back to 1873. The secret of the unique taste of Heineken beers is its simplicity, commitment to quality, and usage of natural ingredients. All the beers that this brand produces are a perfect blend of barley, malt, hops, and yeast. With so much to offer, you must grab a bottle of Heineken and offer your tastebuds the true refreshment. 


4. Magic Rock



Magic Rock beer brand that offers one of the finest beers in the world. Since its inception in 2011, this brand is serving the customers with unique and approachable flavors of beers. Together with the distinct and rich taste, Magic Rock has provided its beer bottles with a modern and artistry look that has drastically changed the traditional beer landscape. People from every corner of the world love to enjoy this popular English beer and savor their taste buds with the best. To increase the consumption and offer the best of the beers, this brand pays close attention to the minute details while brewing the beer. With the availability of the finest equipment and the knowledge of the innovative procedures, Magic Rock serves one of the best beers in the world.


5. Partizan



On the list of best English beers, Partizan holds a special place. It is one of the most appreciable brands that brews wonderful styles of beer with the innovation and creativity of new generation brewers. This brand allows the enthusiasts to add their own touch to the drink and come up with a new variety of beer. Since 2012, this brand is working hard on serving the customers with an interesting and modern range of beer. Every beer this brand offers has something unique and different but was a perfect blend of all the ingredients. Partizan uses wooden vessels and a mix of cultures in the beer fermentation which offers the drink a distinct character that is not similar to any other popular English beer brand.


6. Thornbridge



Thornbridge is a renowned beer brand that produces a splendid range of beers that are loved by people from every corner of the world. This brand was started back in 2005 and first brewed the classic better which has now become a core Thornbridge beer. The brand always tries to brew something unique and innovative in terms of style and flavors. From the date of inception, this brand has offered the finest quality of beer and remains consistent in coming up with amazingly balanced beers. Thornbridge started with exporting its beer in one country and now it has managed to send its products to 35 distinct countries. Being loved by the whole world, this brand has become one of the popular English beer brands. 


7. Becks



North German-based brewery- Becks produces great beers that are highly liked by the whole world. This brand is known for its high-quality beers with the usage of natural ingredients for over 140 years now. It has been using the same production technique for so many years and is truly committed to quality. Back in the time of its inception, this brand used to sell its beers in brown-colored bottles which were the distinct character from other beer producing brands. With the passing years, Becks is experimenting with different innovative flavors. It has an astounding list of beer all of which are great in taste and the most liked beers in the world. 


It doesn’t matter if you are a beer buff or love to have it occasionally at the bar, these 7 popular English beers are a must-try. So, settle down and drink a tasty glass of English beer. Trust us- it was hard to decide the finest from the plenty of options. But we did our best and picked these great British beer brands for you. Check these out and enjoy!

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