Amazing Winter Destinations With Snow In California

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 22,2021

When we talk about the Golden State, planning a winter vacation does not always come to our mind. But most travelers don’t know that California, the Golden State, is much more than a beautiful summer destination. In the winter season, this pristine land turns into a snowy wonderland. Due to the variety of diversity, the land of California has several winter destinations with snow everywhere. It is no less than a treat in the winter months. This vibrant state in the United States of America is a heavenly beautiful destination when it comes to the winter season. It gets all covered with magical snow and offers its visitors various exciting activities. Beyond this, California hosts various top festivals to cheer the visitors and enjoy a different style of cuisine, music, and culture.


To let you enjoy the picturesque destinations of California in the winter season, we have detailed a list of all the fascinating places that you ought to visit on your next vacation. These are some of the winter destinations with snow that are best to enjoy for a fun-filled excursion. Scroll down and get ready for an amazing adventure.


1. Death Valley



Visiting Death Valley in winters is the best thing one can ever do. Unlike its name, it is one of the greatest desert wonders in the world. Since death valley is as hot as a firecracker in the summers, people avoid visiting it. However, in winters the temperature eventually goes down and makes it one of the perfect winter destinations with snow. In the winter, this destination offers the visitors to enjoy a dramatic hiking trail which is of approx 3000 square miles. Along with hiking, the lights in Death Valley are beautifully stunning and lures a lot of visitors. If you are wondering whether you will get snow here or not, then you will be surprised that this hot desert also offers snow to visitors in the winter season. The highest peaks of the valley are covered with snow which is a perfect backdrop to delight you. 


2. Yosemite National Park



When the temperature goes down, Yosemite National Park turns into a snow wonderland. Visiting the national park in cooler months will allow you to witness the snowfall. Winters in here is something mystical that lures the crowd. Over and above this, Yosemite is one of the ultimate winter destinations with snow that offers an excellent skiing site. If you want to learn skiing in California, here you can find several instructors. Every year, Yosemite experiences 3 feet of snow that makes it an ideal destination for enjoying various adventurous activities. Although it is a year-round destination, it turns into a marvelous magical land with snow everywhere. Whenever the temperature goes down in California, this destination welcomes visitors with fresh and powdery snow. If you too want to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the country, then you must plan a visit to Yosemite. 


3. Mammoth Lake



Discovering this mountain city- Mammoth Lake in winters is perfect to make your ride to California an utterly spectacular experience.  The slopes of this lake are all surrounded by the breathtaking scenery that makes it one of the finest winter destinations with snow in California. The Mammoth Mountain is widely known as the highest skiing resort in the Golden State. Heavenly snow-covered mountains make this destination no less than a paradise for skiing enthusiasts. There are endless miles of skiing slopes in Mammoth that are good for both the experts and the beginners. For kids, this beautiful city has tubing and shedding activities that are an enjoyable experience. Along with this, Mammoth has fine alpine dining restaurants that will let you enjoy tasty mountainous food. Plan a visit to this magical land on your vacation to California and capture some unforgettable memories.


4. Lake Tahoe



No trip to California is complete without visiting Lake Tahoe in the winter season. It is a lovely place in every season but in winters it becomes more impressive. Skiing is the biggest adventure attraction in Tahoe. However, there are a lot more fun activities that you can enjoy here in Lake Tahoe. This land in California is all covered with beautiful snow which provides wonderful skiing opportunities. Together with this, it allows you to enjoy majestic views of the lake and plenty of hills. Not just the snow sports and mesmerizing scenery, Lake Tahoe also hosts an amazing musical fest that goes on for three long days. This fest welcomes various musicians from different corners of the world. Attending this festival is really a magical experience full of fun and adventure. Pay a visit to Lake Tahoe, one of the best winter destinations with snow, and leave California with plenty of lifetime memories. 


5. Mount Shasta



Mount Shasta is a rapidly growing holiday destination in California. When the winters arrive and it snows, this city becomes a snowy volcano with so many offerings to the visitors. Despite difficulties reaching Mount Shasta, trekking to this marvelous city is worth the trouble. One of the best things you can do here on your vacation is Snowshoeing. This city has a 2.8 miles long trail for enjoying adventurous sports. From ice-skating to mountaineering to skiing to snowshoeing, this city has numerous recreational opportunities for adventurous souls. Staying here in this city in the month of winters will let you enjoy dining in a charming atmosphere with pleasant settings. With so much to offer this is one of the great winter destinations with snow. Do add this city to your bucket and make sure you witness the real beauty in California. 


6. Big Bear



It’s time to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy some snow in the beautiful city of California- Big Bear. It is one of the best winter destinations with snow that is gorgeous and pleasant with various engaging activities like snowboarding, skiing, sighing, hiking, biking, and a lot more. In the winter season, this city receives approximately 67 inches of snowfall with scenic views all around. The most famous skiing properties in this town are Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Lots of hiking trails are there in Big Bear with numerous cozy restaurants on the way to the mountains. With the scenic views of the mountains of California, this destination will become your favorite spot after your visit. Not just the visitors, this destination lures numerous filmmakers to shoot for their movies. When it’s frozen, plan a trip to Big Bear and enjoy the beautiful time in the city.


7. Hot Creek



In the winter season, visiting Hot Creek in California is a must. It is an outstanding hot spring river that flows through the mountain valley. With the freezing and snowy weather, this becomes one of the ideal winter destinations with snow to check out in California. It is located near Mammoth Lake and is fed by hot water. This allows the water of the river to remain hot and not get frozen even in the winter months. Due to hot springs, this destination never gets covered with heavy snow and offers the visitors to enjoy fishing in the winter season. It is a winter paradise for all fishing lovers. You can access this beautiful land quite easily through the snowmobile or skiing trails that lie all across the country. After a long day of enjoying skiing in the country,  planning a visit to Hot Creek is the best decision one can ever make.


8. Idyllwild



If you are looking for an idyllic winter escape in California, then Idyllwild is the destination for you. No other winter destinations with snow can be as relaxing as Idyllwild. It is a soothing excursion amidst snow-capped trees and mountains. To better explore this mountain vicinity, you must stroll on various trails that are covered with mesmerizing snow. You can enjoy various hikes from here, some of which can be done in a single day while some require multiple days. In this short winter gateway, you can either rent a cabin for yourself or can also carry your own tent and enjoy camping in any of the scenic areas. Adding to this, you can also visit several craft stores in Idyllwild that are perfect for getting cute gifts. Seek a cozy winter vacation in Idyllwild and have the best time in California. 


9. Santa Barbara



In the winter season, the warm temperature of Santa Barbara makes it a nice spot to enjoy with families. Although it is not like the other winter destinations with snow, you must plan a visit to this destination if you want to take a break from chilling winter weather and relax on the beachside. To lure the visitors, this destination holds several events that make it no less than a perfect romantic getaway. Some of the prominent examples of things that you can do here are to enjoy classical folk music at the historic Granada theater, a hike to Castle of Knapp, and a helicopter ride to relish the unbelievable views of the city. This quintessentially laidback town of California is also famous for its wine. You must savor some of the marvelous grape wine on your vacation. Plan a visit to Santa Barbara and experience calming sun, cloudy mountain views, sparkling cost line, exotic architecture, and tropical farm-fresh produce.


Whether you are trying to embrace the winter season or want to indulge yourself in adventurous activities, California has a lot to offer. The aforementioned winter destinations with snow are some of the favorite places that you must add to your bucket list. So, without a second thought, book your tickets and leave for making some lifelong memories.  


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