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Whenever one hears the word ‘Iceland’, the images of splendid natural beauty, lost castles, hauntingly quiet lakes and deliciously prepared fish dishes evoke up in the thoughts. However, there is much more to discover in Iceland! From geothermal springs and active volcanoes to awe-inspiring glaciers, Iceland is one such place where nature takes center stage. Isolated from the rest of Europe for many centuries, this land of ice and fire has a unique cultural heritage of literature, cuisine, and music that you’ll find enthralling as well. Illuminated by the Northern Lights in the winter and the midnight sun in the summer, Iceland shines in any season, offering you a travel experience unlike anywhere else on the planet!


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Learning About The Green Energy

Thanks to its geography and forward thinking, Iceland has become one of the world’s leaders in green heating technology. Iceland is located over a rift in the North American and Eurasian continental plates and has a high concentration of volcanos. As a result, Icelanders heat their homes and water with geothermal energy from these sources. Geothermal energy is both affordable and renewable, making it an innovative solution to climate change. Learn more about the science behind geothermal heating with a tour of the Nesjavellir Power Station, which is just outside of Iceland.

Full-Day Canyon Hiking Tour Egilsstaoir

The Egilsstaoir canyon seems to come from another world and with this tour, you’ll feel like you are exploring a place nobody has ever seen before. Amazing rock formations, caves, and beautiful waterfalls, completely untouched and preserved nature is waiting for you. You’ll also see the Jökulsa river, the huge canyons of Hafrahvammagljufur and Dimmugljufur along the 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of this unreal natural wonder. The main canyon is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) long and the entire canyon from Desjara to Tröllagil spans 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). From hiking to enjoy hot springs waterfalls, one will not return the same from this incredible tour.


When it comes to the best of time of the year to visit Iceland, it is quite hard to tell due to the fact that it is located far north ocean which makes for fluctuating weather. May-Sep is the best time to visit Iceland if you want to go whale watching; you can combine orcas with Northern Lights in late Sep. Jun-Aug offers endless days, low 20s warmth plus summer festivals. Dry weather inland makes this prime hiking season. Snow comes as early as Sep (and go up to May) but Iceland can look good too in autumn. Winters can be brutal – but offer the aurora borealis for the long dark hours. Winter road closures make access to some areas difficult.

Iceland is a gorgeous country that has recently become famous for its breathtaking natural environment. While it can be fun to stay in the heart of downtown Reykjavik for short-time, the real Icelandic experience comes from getting out of the city and losing yourself in the natural world that has given Iceland its name. This private rental cabin near Iceland’s Golden Circle is the ideal accommodation for anyone looking to escape the city and experience the authentic Iceland lifestyle.

Once you get out of Reykjavik, Iceland can look a little rough around the edges. Every bundle of homes is separated by miles of open land and you are more likely to see ponies and sheep than other people. Even so, this private rental cabin near Selfoss has all the amenities you could ask for. Their kitchen is fully equipped, their bedrooms are incredibly comfortable, and they even have a toasty outdoor hot tub with a great view of the stars. While the cabin itself does not have Wi-Fi, you are only a 15 minute drive from Selfoss, where you can find Wi-Fi and a delicious meal at Kaffi Krús. Besides, there are many four and five star hotels that would be perfect for your stay in Iceland. This nice little wooden cabin is perfect for 2 guests. It is located just 10 minutes away from the KEF (Keflavik International Airport), 30 minutes away from the capital and 20 minutes away from the amazing Blue Lagoon. The cabin is a tiny space that fits 2 single beds and a small bathroom with a tub. It is surrounded by a large garden where you can enjoy soaking in a huge hot tub. The cabin, though small, has amenities like LCD TV, Wi-Fi internet, washer, dryer, heating, free essentials and free parking. There is a small patio with a seating area and a gas grill where you can cook and eat your meals. Be aware that dogs live on the property.


Despite being one of the two non-European Union members which are part of the Schengen area (other being Norway), Iceland also requires a Schengen visa for travelers. That’s why Iceland Visa requirements are no way different compared to any other Schengen Visa. Applying for a Schengen Visa is a bit stricter than many other visas, but you have the advantage of traveling to any other Schengen country from Iceland without any restrictions with a single visa in hand. The currency is much required when to comes to moving to the new place.

Visa and Passport Requirements  

The EU countries are on the visa waiver list and mean that visitors do not need a visa to travel to Iceland. Those from other countries should check the Iceland immigration website. You will be granted a stay of up to three months (six months for UK citizens) upon arrival. Immigration officials ask polite questions about the purpose of your trip and told that this visa-free entry must be for “lawful purposes.” To avoid any complications, carry a printout of your return air ticket and travel vouchers/itinerary.  The country is particularly keen to prevent the import of foreign materials. There are strict regulations restricting flora and fauna. Visitors rarely deliberately fall afoul of this, but it’s easy to accidentally break the law. Fruit and vegetables are banned, so a careless banana in your bag will leave you with a big fine. Tent pegs, walking boots, and anything that’s used outdoors are likely to be inspected. Don’t worry too much, there are clear instructions and signs as you arrive in customs, as well as honesty bins for freely declaring anything that you didn’t intend to bring.


Luckily, you do not need any immunisations to travel in Iceland (although it is advisable to be up to date with all UK recommended vaccines, including MMR and DTP). Even better, because of the climate, there are very few bacteria in the air. Also, the water in Iceland is some of the cleanest in the world. Drink as much as you like, but only out of clean sources. The higher up you are, the safer it is. Mountain waterfalls, glaciers, streams and cold springs are optimal. Otherwise, health concerns for travellers in Iceland are minimal. When hiking, avoid blisters by wearing boots that fit and bring plasters to cushion sore spots. Also use caution on rough paths and in dangerous places (like high cliffs). Bring lip balm for wind-burn and lotion for dry hands. Avoid mass-produced seafood at all-you-can-eat tourist buffets, and in misty mountainous areas, beware of large trolls.


Some Icelanders believe in the hidden people – called huldufolk – and a few claims to have seen them. They are analogous to elves but are often considered separate. There is even a museum in Reykjavík devoted to the hidden people. This is an ancient Icelandic belief and most Icelanders respect the tradition. Skepticism thus can appear rude. As a member of the European Union, Iceland uses the euro, and changing money is easy and hassle-free. You’ll generally get the best rates at independent exchange centers, and the worst rates at exchange centers at Dublin International Airport or in visitors’ centers. The best way to get money is from the ATM, however, you might be charged a small fee by your banking institution, but the rates are probably going to be notably better than you can get at local exchange houses. When dining in Ireland, a gratuity is usually added to the bill, so tipping is not required or common: if you find the service exceptional, your best option is to leave a cash tip on the table when you leave.

Some people find the Irish accent difficult to decipher, particularly in more rural regions and in the West, where Gaelic still has a strong cultural hold. Should you have difficulty understanding people, simply ask them to repeat themselves – it’s not likely to be something they haven’t heard before. You’ll also find yourself understanding the brogue more easily the longer you spend in the country – which is just another reason to book an extended trip!


Leisure provides a wide array of meticulously planned Iceland adventures. We make all the plans so that you can completely enjoy your dream vacation! The entire trips can be customized to specific class and requirements, or can be completely tailor-made around particular destinations and special interests. To start your amazing journey for Customized Iceland tours, let us know your interests by filling out a Trip Request. We would then match your requirements with two or three specialist travel agents who will work with you to provide you the best vacation.


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