Visit Anguilla - Travel Guide For One Of The Best Tropical Islands

Beyonce, Denzel Washington, and Paul McCartney will surely keep you in good company while you are here in Anguilla!


Anguilla, the British overseas territory located in the East Caribbean islands, is a pretty small main island with several offshore islets. Beaches here stretch from the long sandy ones overlooking the neighboring St Martin island. 


The island has become quite popular in recent times and is a hangout for the rich and famous. Though not the most accessible Caribbean islands, Anguilla still holds its appeal as a territory unraveled. Anguilla also boasts some of the most spectacular views and beaches, making it one of the best tropical islands in the world. 


Anguilla is also home to some highly luxurious hotels; needless to say; it is not the place for people looking forward to penny-pinching. That being said, however, some tourists simply prefer the island because of its favorable tax rates. It has earned this island a reputation as a place to hide away their few extra dollars. 


True riches of the island lie deep below the seas. Here you can find incredibly awe-inspiring coral reef formations with diverse marine life. There are as many things to see down below the waves as there are on the surface.  


Why Anguilla?




When compared to other Caribbean islands, you will probably be excited to find out Anguilla is the most authentic. Anguilla does not entice you with its “touristy” traps. You will find embargoes on the cruise ships there, along with high-rise hotels and casinos. The waters are coral-filled and clear, and roads are unpaved and unmarked with plenty of low-key beachfront villas. While here, you will receive a lot of pampering from the resorts and the alfresco dining spaces. 


You will have nothing to do here but relax and have a fun time. You can take in a lot of sun since days here are longer. But once the sun goes down, you will find yourself in the midst of some of the best live music scenes in the entire world. From Jimmy Buffet to Bankie Banx and Quincy Jones, everyone stopped by these shores to perform. Truly, Anguilla is beautiful and one of the best tropical islands. 


Best Time To Visit


The best time to visit this beautiful island is between May and August. You will stand a chance of getting a great travel deal and offering you the opportunity to avoid the worst of the hurricane season from June through November. The hotels are cheap from September through October; however, the selections here are sparse. There are plenty of properties that close down at this time. The most expensive time to visit Anguilla is during early winters through the spring season when the weather on one of the best tropical islands is perfectly splendid! 




As stated above, December to April is the perfect time to vacation in Anguilla. This is the time when the peak season kicks off on one of the best tropical islands. This is also when hotel deals can be pretty sparse to find, and hotel rates can skyrocket. The weather, however, makes up for everything. The influx of tourists, the infrequent rain showers, and the average high temperatures not going over the 80s make Anguilla incredible during this season. 


The key events are the Festival Del Mar (during March/April and the Moonsplash Festival in March. 


Best Hotels in Anguilla 


There are plenty of hotels in Anguilla, ranging from small boutique hotels to beachside cabins and other luxury 5-star resorts that are architecturally designed and extraordinarily brilliant. Tourists usually can be seen restricted to the western end of this island, though there are plenty of great accommodation options on the Shoal Bay East as well. There are some cheap guest houses in Sandy Ground and the Valley. Top hotels here feature spa and wellness facilities and other similar services to help you unwind. 


Here are a few of the best hotels in Anguilla you can consider for your next vacation:


1. Quintessence Hotel

2. Belmond Cap Juluca

3. Zemi Beach House

4. Four Seasons Resort & Residences Anguilla


Best Things To Do In Anguilla 


Crystal clear blue waters, soft sands, and happy vibes are what lure people to Anguilla every single year. You can spend your days sunbathing while sipping on vacation mimosas, try out water sports, and indulge in great food. While you are there, at least for one day, you should get away from the beautiful beaches there and opt for a taxi tour. 


There are plenty of things to do, including some of the best highlights, like visiting the small Heritage Museum collection on the Eastern End or spending time exploring the Wallblake House. 


Meads Bay 


Meads Bay, located on the west coast of Anguilla, is best known for its aquamarine waters, gorgeous, pristine beaches, and silky-smooth sand. The beach is never extremely crowded when compared to the Shoal Bay East. You will only find a few people here and there having fun. You will always find plenty of chairs to lounge here on rent, with some fantastic options to dine in. Travelers recommend eating at the Blanchards Beach Shack for an early lunch from Monday through Saturday. 


Rendezvous Bay 


This slice of paradise runs for 2 miles and is one of the best reasons you should vacation in Anguilla. Rendezvous Bay makes Anguilla one of the best tropical islands because of its calm waters, mellow sounds of the Dune Preserve, and its idyllic retreat spots for people looking to escape from their daily hustle and bustle. 


Dune Preserve 


Speaking of Dune Preserve, there are plenty of reasons to visit this place. Dune Preserve is actually Banki Banx’s beachside restaurant and lounge. So, while you are in Anguilla, do take some time to see this place in the evening right up at the Rendezvous Bay. It is a hotspot that you cannot afford to miss. The restaurant is ramshackle-themed, with plenty of people coming in to enjoy lunch here. However, visiting this place in the evening gives it an altogether different vibe. And if you are lucky, you might get to witness Banx’s wonders live throughout the evening. Sometimes, he is also joined by famous friends like Marcia Griffiths, Gregory Issacs, and Jimmy Buffet. 


Considered one of the best dining experiences at one of the best tropical islands in the world, it is definitely worth visiting this beachside restaurant. It is open Tuesday through Sunday. 


Prickly Pear Cays


Once you are free from all the fun and relaxation, hop on a boat to experience one of the most tranquil and beautiful beaches in the world. Your journey to Prickly Pear Cays will start from Sandy Ground to two uninhabited islands that are almost a 6-miles trip from the mainland. This area has recently become popular among tourists due to its shallow, calm swimming waters. This perfectly fits families looking to spend some fantastic time with their loved ones on one of the best tropical islands. The cute canaries and beautiful finches on this island make up for all the traveling you had to do to reach here. They will come to you to get fed from your hands. 


Here, you will also find plenty of beach chairs on rent with multiple on-site restaurants that serve great lunch and dinner. However, one drawback is that the boat trip can cost over $60 per person, which does not include any water sports or food. However, all things said and done, this trip is totally worth it! 


Getting Around 



The way to get around one of the best tropical islands is via a taxi. The island is too spread out to be explored just on foot, no matter how tiny it might seem at first. The taxi drivers here make for excellent tour guides, and driving yourself around the town you are visiting for the first time in a car rental service can be problematic. Opt for a taxi to travel through the unpaved roads and almost nonexistent street signs here. 


You can find a taxi at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA), although most flights fly into the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on St. Martin Street, after which you will be required to take a ferry. 


Please note that no direct flights are flying into Anguilla from the United States. So, if you are arriving at any of the abovementioned airports, you will most likely get a connecting flight from Puerto Rico. You can also fly into one of the best tropical islands from the US Virgin Islands and sometimes through Antigua. 


Unlike other Caribbean islands, taxis here in Anguilla are metered. They were also a bit expensive. But considering how difficult it can be to navigate through unpaved and unfamiliar roads, a taxi is your best bet here. 


Etiquette Tips 


On the proper British Anguilla islands, flaunting one’s body or a flagrant display is seriously frowned upon. Men should wear a formal shirt at the casual beach bars, and women should wear a wrap. Casual wear is recommended at most restaurants, especially during dinner time. 


Covid-19 Entry Rules


All of Anguilla’s ports, whether sea or air, are open. However, their regular ferry services from the French St. Martin to the blowing Point are suspended until further notice. 


Pre-arrival requirements 


Prior approval from the Government Health Team can be applied for at their official website. As a part of the approval process, you should also offer evidence supporting your negative RT-PCR, taken at least 3-5 days prior to your date of arrival here. Rapid Antigen and Rapid PCR tests shall not be accepted for entry here. You should arrange for a private test as a part of your pre-arrival requirements to Antigua. 


On Arrival 


Visitors and returning residents shall be tested on arrival, so you might be subject to some more testing after you arrive here. Upon your arrival at your hotel/accommodation options, you should remain inside the property until you are officially notified by the Ministry of Health that you have tested negative for Covid-19. 


All the fully vaccinated people will be provided with a yellow wristband. The unvaccinated people, including all the residents and minors, will get a red wristband. Wrist bands cannot be removed without the permission of the Ministry of Health. 


Once you have arrived in Anguilla, you should only use certified ground transportation to move from the arrival port to your accommodations. 


Other entry requirements 


All the adults visiting Anguilla should be fully vaccinated. They should have received their last vaccination at least 21 days prior to their arrival. The only exception to this testing is pregnant women. All the vaccinated visitors and their unvaccinated children staying in Anguillian accommodations must quarantine for at least four days after their arrival. They shall also be re-tested on the fourth day. 


Final Words:


There is a reason why Anguilla has been voted as the best islands in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and the Bermudas for four years in a row. The location is truly mesmerizing. Be ready for your breath to be taken away when you see the beauty of one of the best tropical islands in the world in person. 



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