9 Best Tropical Islands For Your Next Vacation

Crowded cities, fashion hubs, luxury restaurants will excite travelers and burn holes in their pockets. But don’t you want to lie under a palm tree, sunbathe with your favorite drink in hand, and enjoy the breeze of blue waters? 


It is true -- heaven is real. Tropical islands are the best escape from our routine life. Travelers are finding new islands to explore the serenity of nature. Hence, we have picked the nine best tropical islands that deliver the best leisure holiday packages for avid beach lovers.  


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1. Bali 



Bali is an Indonesian city and an ideal getaway for tourists. The cultural heritage they passed on for generations is a unique feature of Bali. The island offers tourists a great surfing experience, fantastic food, and parties on the best leisure holiday packages.


The cultural roots along the endless white sandy beaches and the famous Lovina Beach are just part of the many tourist adventures. Other incredible places and activities include the active volcano Gunung Batur, Tanah Lot, a sacred temple, and the beauty of the Tegalalang rice terrace. The list for adventure is countless, making Bali one of the best tropical islands in the world.


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2. Maldives


The Maldives is a cluster of thousands of islands (majorly inhabited) in the middle of the Indian Ocean. One of the best tropical islands in the world, the Maldives is famous for its ‘One Island, One Resort’ policy, with friendly locals. 


The country offers an excellent spot for diving, snorkeling, and swinging in a hammock under the palm trees. With private resorts floating over the water, enjoy the scenic beauty of this luxury getaway. The weather will be cool and dry from November to May, the best time for honeymooners. 


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3. Seychelles



Seychelles is located on the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, northeast of the island of Madagascar. Comprising three mainlands, namely Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, the tourists can explore every part of the gorgeous island with inter-island ferry services. 


The average temperature fluctuates around 75 - 90 degrees, making Seychelles one of the best tropical islands. This expensive country holds 115 islands together with a population of 100,000 people.


You can stay in a beach hut and watch the gorgeous waterfall from lush green hills. Seychelles is ideal for exploring with the best leisure holiday packages, so plan your vacation from May to September.


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4. Fiji


Fiji, with 322 islands (one-third are inhabited), lies in the South Pacific. It is one of the best islands for honeymoon and solo travel vacations. Most of the tourists head to Yasawa Island. You can take boat trips from Viti Levu and explore the gorgeous island in all its glory. 


Fiji gives life to various sea creatures, and fun adventures like diving, sailing, snorkeling, whale watching, and swimming in peeling waves will entertain you during the stay. Experience all these under the best leisure holiday packages. The beach view luxury resorts will make your days and nights cozier. 


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5. Bora Bora



Bora Bora is one of the most romantic islands in the world, with tiny bungalows floating over the water. The green island is housed in the South Pacific with posh resorts, providing spectacular views and hikes. 


For trekking, there are dormant volcanoes at two peaks Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Experienced hikers could climb Mt. Pahia in 4 hours. Bora Bora is a diver’s paradise with healthy coral reefs and sea creatures of all kinds that put this cute island on the list of best tropical islands. 


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6. Hawaii


Hawaii is one of the best tropical islands for tourism. Big Island is 6 hours from the west coast of the US, which is also home to Volcanoes National Park. Spend a day there with old lava tubes to explore and witness the lava oozing into the ocean. 


The big island waterfall is worth mentioning for travelers, the paradise for nightlife lovers and thrill-seekers. October to March is the wet season and the best time to visit.


On the other hand, Maui in Hawaii invites travelers to witness the seven sacred pools on the way to the scenic Hana highway. You can relax on the red sand beach. Travelers can surf, paddleboard, and even learn to make poke.


7. Aruba



Aruba is a small island located on the Netherlands Antilles, outside of the hurricane belt. The ideal temperature is around 82 degrees the whole year. The blessing for Aruba is the constant trade winds which makes it a year-round destination. The stunning island receives the least amount of rainfall in the Caribbean. For its spectacular climate and beauty, Aruba is often named one of the best tropical islands in the world.


The best time to visit this European-influenced architectural island is between June to November.


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8. Turks and Caicos


The archipelago constitutes Turks, the smaller island, and Caicos, the larger island in the West Indies. The island is best known for its breathtaking views, water sports, fishing, and diving. Most of the tourists accommodate the island of Providenciales on the northwest of Caicos. 


On your journey along the fantastic coral reefs, you can also take a tour of Salt Cay and Grand Turk islands, home to the city of Cockburn Town. These archipelagos are worth mentioning in the lists of the best tropical islands in the world.


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9. Barbados



Barbados, the land of flying fish, is famous for plenty of reasons. Take a tour to Mount Gay Rum distillery to learn how the world’s oldest rum started in 1703 and is still going strong. Apart from the stunning beaches, it is one of the main reasons for Barbados to be among the best tropical islands in the world. 


Barbados is vibrant with beaches, caves, and world-class surfing. This is one of the affordable islands in the Caribbean with the best leisure holiday packages. Barbados is the self-proclaimed culinary capital of the Caribbean, a perfect island for food lovers. Don't miss the annual Barbados Food and Rum festival. 



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