Top 10 Islands for Your Next US Vacation that Won't Break Your Bank

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 06,2021

Note: However, we have been able to crack coronavirus pandemic, yet the pandemic is still there. Different countries and states have their own “COVID-19 regulations” in place. So before venturing out for a vacation, always make sure you have read & understood the government policies. 


Plan US vacations any time of the year, and it serves overwhelmingly on your platter. From epic mountains to some of the world’s best cities to a few magical islands. Thanks to this old place that gets your creativity at its best. You can pretty conveniently find some of the best leisure holiday vacation packages in the US, whether you are a beach bump, a history buff, or an adventurer. We have been flooded with a lot of requests from our readers to create a comprehensive travel guide on the best Islands to visit in the US for a short getaway. To help travelers and all our regular readers, we’ve rounded up some of the best Island destinations so they can plan their next US vacations in the best way possible. 


America boasts some of the most spectacularly amazing Islands that make travelers return over and over again. From Lanai in Hawaii to Santa Catalina in California to Fire Island in New York— each of them has got something pleasantly surprising. Most of them have exciting activities for travelers, like hiking, boating, surfing, and more. With wilderness that fascinates at every turn to the beaches that bring you serenity in every imaginable inch of your being to the rich culture that educates your existence— we’ve some of the best Islands to look for on your US vacation. 


Let’s be thankful and choose the Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US that get us closer to the array of exotic locales, the volcanic islands & the glittering golden islands. Here we go:


Top 10 Islands for Your Next US Vacation that Won’t Break Your Bank


1. Lanai, Hawaii



As is fittingly called Pineapple Island, this undiscovered part of the country once used to be the home to the largest pineapple plantations in the world. Today, it is counted as one of the most popular tropical escapes incorporated in any Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US. Lanai is popularly known for US vacations among its travelers for the kind of seclusive peace it offers and is one of the most sought-after islands among the six publicly accessible islands in Hawaii. The untouched, unspoiled beauty is inclusive of just 3,000 people with almost 140 square miles of the land uninhabited. Now, you know why we call it the peaceful escape. Now you know why some of the top celebrities love vacationing in Lanai. 


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2. Santa Catalina, California



Located just about 22 miles off the Southern California coast, amidst the white sand beaches, swaying palms, the warm water that touches you over & the panorama of the sun setting stealthily would surely make you plan another Leisure holiday vacation package in the US. If you’ll get an opportunity to interact with the locals in Catalina, you’ll get to know why they say it has everything you might expect from any Island US vacation. With too many luxurious & affordable accommodations, plenty of opportunities for water sports and other exciting activities, and some great seafood. It used to be home to the great American actress, model, and singer, Marilyn Monroe— so you have also got to discover some interesting star-studded history. 


3. Fire Island, New York



Located just about 60 miles from New York City, the Fire Island has served as a summer safe paradise for the LGBTQ community for a long time. It takes just a quick ferry ride across the Great South Bay to reach the island from the main Long island. The car-free island will make you feel like ‘heart in the heave’. The Fire Island is known for its rejuvenating laid-back ambiance and its heavenly beaches and that has made it one of the most favorite additions to almost all Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US. It makes your US vacation way exciting with an opportunity for plenty of activities including hiking the 40-acre rare maritime Sunken Forest, climbing 182 steps to the top of the Fire Island Lighthouse, boating, camping at the Watch Hill, and more. 


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4. Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts



While getting might be a little more strenuous, Martha's Vineyard has been one of the most popular destinations in most popular Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US. The New England island destination has made its name a summer staple for affluent celebrities, locals, and the upper-class bigwigs. From Clinton to Obama— some of the top leaders have often been found vacationing in the seclusion of this beautiful island. From the stately Greek revival houses that date back to the 19th century, the boutique shopping center, and the pleasantly catching harbor views— all that allures tourists from all across the world. If you are looking for the top island for your next US vacation, this one is definitely for you. 


5. Amelia Island



Amelia Island is the perfect destination if you are looking for a peaceful & serene getaway on your next US vacation. Located just about 30 miles from Jacksonville along Florida's northeast coast, Amelia is just about a world away from the world. It’s an opportunity to see some endangered whales, ospreys, and dolphins. Most Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US include a day visit to Amelia Island for all the luxury, wonder, some great accommodations, and an opportunity to venture on a perennial exploration. With the world-class championship golf, resort pools, a full-service spa, and the wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will never have to sit back and think about what next. And, of the most loved things about this place is the tranquility of the uncrowded beaches and the magic of its open outdoor space. 


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6. Catalina Island



Located just about an hour away on a boat ride from Catalina Island with almost 30 departures every day. Most boats depart from the ports in Dana Point, San Pedro, and Long Beach— the Catalina Island is located conveniently at a distance of just about 22 miles from Southern California. And, you get an opportunity to delve into the picturesque town of Avalon, which is all laden with sea & land activities and with some amazing campgrounds and beautiful beaches. In fact, Catalina Island has it all that anyone on a US vacation would expect— be it about rest, relaxation, adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, or anything a traveler can wish for. Set away from the hustling and bustling of the city life of California, Catalina Island is the picture-perfect paradise that would have it all for you. 


7. San Juan Island — Washington



It is the splendid vista, the quiet woodlands, and much more that makes it one of the most loved spots on any US vacation. Here it is you discover something all fresh & beautiful at every bend of the road. Be it meeting the largest herd of alpacas or spending your day in the lavender field, or visiting the iconic lighthouses (where you get to learn a lot about San Juans’s maritime history)-- it has got everything on your platter from beauty to variety to tranquility. At the National Historical Park to learn about the 1859-1872 Pig War ”Crisis,” which was the consequence of Great Britain and the United States ownership settlement of the island with the help of peaceful arbitration. At the American camp, you would get to see South Beach, the network of forested trails, and the Jakle’s Lagoon and Mt. Finlayson.


8. Dry Tortugas, Florida



Dry Tortugas National Park is located about 70 miles west of Key West. It’s a 100-square mile stretch of land consisting of seven islands that make for a rejuvenating US vacation. This place is mostly accessible through boat or seaplane and particularly known for its picturesque blue waters, magnificent Fort Jefferson, and unique coral reefs. And, many Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US will also get you to see the vast variety of birdlife including the huge variety of marine life. While for the nature lover, it’s the turquoise fish, the seabirds, and waving palms is like the perfect thing— for others, it might be the place where travelers who want to dive into history can discover about the soldiers who worked in the Thomas Jefferson fort. 


9. Longboat Key, Fla.



Snuggled across the beautiful west coast of Florida, the Longboat Key with its white-sand beaches, idyllic Gulf of Mexico waters, and artistic villages will make your heart fall in love with this place every day. This island all spread across a 10-mile beautiful stretch of land with the colonies of oak trees that look perfectly heavenly with all that mangroves & sabal palms. Divided between the Manatee and the Sarasota counties, the charm of the Longboat Key will take you through the journey of luxury, rejuvenation, beauty & that help you meet the divine place of your dreams on your next US vacation. With plenty of amazing dining options, waterfront golf, and luxury resorts — Longboat Key is one of the best places if you are looking for luxury away from the hustle & bustle of the city.


10. Sea Island, Georgia



The Sea Island will surely impress you if you are someone who savors exceptional hospitality and welcoming services. Families and adventurers are often attracted to the Cloister at Sea Island, the Georgian Room restaurant, and The Lodge at Sea Island. It is the only world’s top resort that has received four Forbes Five-Star awards for 13 consecutive years. And, it is the only resort in the USA that has hosted the G-8 Summit of world leaders. The Sea island located on the southeastern coast of Georgia has around five miles long private beach, Shooting School, children’s programs, Yacht Club, tennis center, and Beach Club. You get some really amazing opportunities for fishing and seasonal hunting here in Sea Island on your next US vacation. 


11. Marco Island, Florida



Located just about south of Naples, a short ride from the Florida Everglades,  Marco Island is one of the most amazing places to visit on your US vacation. Among all the ten thousand islands of Florida, this is the only developed & the largest island. From the beautiful beaches to the unspoiled parks to the plenty of luxury resorts— it has it all you will like in Leisure holiday vacation packages in the US. Besides that, the Collier Seminole State Park is located just about a few miles from Marco Island and it offers wonderful opportunities for camping, mile-long nature walk, boating, canoeing, and fishing. The guided boat tours are running every day and you are going to enjoy it all. 


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