Planning a Golf Vacation? Here's a List of Top Packing Tips

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 13,2021

With this golf vacation trip make sure that your trip goes as has been planned! A golf vacation is undoubtedly one of the best ways to unwind and catch up on some rejuvenation and relaxation, specifically for people who have been playing the sport for several years. Taking time off from work, going on vacations, playing golf often is an easy way to fill yourself with excitement. If you love the game but have never been on a golf vacation, it could be tough for you to figure out the best way to pack.


Packing can be trickier for a golf vacation and for air travelers, this could be way tougher. The heavier you pack the more you have to pay— so it’s important you have the right knowledge of what to pack and how to pack for your golf vacation. The trick is packing economically. Creating a golf vacation itinerary does not mean you have to be about adding more pounds to your luggage rather it is about being smart. In fact, these days most women's golf costumes are made extremely lightweight.  We’ve rounded up some relevant tips to help you plan a hassle-free vacation. Hit the golf course on your golf vacation with these essential packing tips:


List of top Packing Tips on your Golf Vacation


1. Be clear on whether you’ll be Driving or Flying



So whether you are going to be flying or driving for your golf vacation will depend on the location you are going to be traveling to. But even if you are taking a flight then you’ll have to drive from course to course and that would mean, you have to have a car. Obviously, you have to rent a car— make sure to rent a FUN car. Know where and what distance you are going to be driving and make sure you are not going nuts renting Bugatti. 


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2. Make Smart Use of the Web



So before you even think about book leisure tours and holiday packages for your golf tour, it is essential for you to make smart use of the internet. The Global digital population as of January 2021 was 4.66 billion, which is 59.5 percent of the global population. So, you see this data looks so massive because there is something out there over the internet. There is almost every piece of information available on the internet that you might need to plan your golf vacation. Make sure you are finding the right stuff — helping you through your search for the best golf courses in the location you are going to be visiting. Make sure you are picking up the ones that are suitable for your skills and you can easily fit them into your budget. 


3. Golf Clubs



You will need a hybrid or a hard case to help your club heads remain safe because then your golf bag is going to be thrown away somewhere in the transit. And, you should also stuff some paper and clothes in between the clubs so you can keep them safe throughout the journey protecting them from being damaged by hitting each other. You will need this solid travel bag to cover the clips— if you can choose one with inbuilt wheels so you can move them easily around. It is a smart idea to stuff some clothing between the clubs so as to prevent them from moving around inside the bag. 


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4. Use all the available space Smartly



I have been traveling for my ultimate golf vacations all through with a travel bag that has three shoe pockets and I must say that it is more than what I actually need— so I use some of this space to accommodate my shocks and other small useful clothes. And, even when I have inserted my golf bag, some space is left which I further use to accommodate one of my travel bags. 


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5. How to Pick a Golf Bag



While everyone’s preference might differ when it comes to choosing a golf bag, in most cases, you have to be smart enough. There is no right answer to— what is the best golf bag but you need to pick prudently. When you are planning a golf vacation, you cannot just rule out the significance of getting the right golf bag. Golf bags will not either help you line up a crucial putt or hit golf balls— but they carry your golf clubs, which makes sense to invest in getting the right one. 


6. How to Pick your Golf Shoes



A couple of aspects are really important when it comes to golf vacation— I have noticed most of the average players or the beginners would not take much notice of this aspect during a golf vacation. You should know that golf shoes can greatly help hinder or improve every shot through every round. Wearing the right golf shoes that fit properly and provide traction can make you feel more comfortable & confident. The right golf travel shoes can help with providing the necessary grip thereby helping withstand the tremendous pressure on your shoes at the time of golf swing. Remember you have packed at least two pairs of shoes for your golf vacation.


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7. Make sure you have your Data package Done



The last thing you would like to happen to you on your exciting golf vacation is going crazy looking at the cellphone bill. So you have your travel bag, shoes, golf cover, golf courses everything ready— but if you did not have the plan as to how you are going to save while traveling by having your data package done, it might go awry. So as to avoid that massive roaming bill, plan ahead of the time as to what add-on package you are going to be purchasing. While many travelers do not pay heed to this aspect of their golf vacation, which only makes them feel like hell after looking at the bills after returning from the trip. It’s a matter of a few calculations and planning— save wherever you can. 


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