7 Solo Traveler Holidays for the Explorer in You

Solo traveler holidays are among the most life-changing encounters you may have! It introduces you to many thrilling experiences and stunning places that make an important influence on you! Every person has a special appetite for adventures. Many travelers find adventurous sports such as skydiving or kite surfing, while others choose to taste local tropical food or learn about a country's community. South America is the perfect destination for every kind of solo traveler holiday. It has varied landscapes, rich biodiversity, and a mix of different cultures to enrich your solo adventure. Below is a rundown of the top 7 places to visit for thrilling solo traveler holidays that are full of adventure.


There are many advantages of traveling solo. It both surprises and rewards you. Being on solo traveler holidays transforms your whole personality. People who take the risk of going on their first solo trip usually have a life-changing experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It creates a great impact on your life, evaluates your strengths, and learns new dimensions of yourself. When traveling in a crowd, whether it's family or friends, you have to think of many others. This serves as a distraction from the real essence of adventure and exploration, which is an essential component of solo traveler holidays.


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Let us now look at the top 7 destinations in South America where you can have the best solo traveler holidays:


1. Guatemala



Discover the Mayan sites has to be at the forefront of your Guatemala solo adventure. While you travel through the wilderness you'll find many remnants of the Mayan society. In addition to this the breathtaking ponds at Semuc Champey, which are one of Guatemala's many Instagrammable sites, are another wonderful tourist destination. Plunge into the turquoise waters and relax while admiring the lush greenery. For more thrilling and adventure-filled solo traveler holidays, you can also hike on top of the 37 volcanic mountains in Guatemala and get some amazing views of the nearby scenery. Guatemala even has three of the world's most active volcanic mountains where visitors and thrill-seekers can climb to witness Earth's magnificence. Guatemala is a nation with many adventurous experiences to attempt, such as exploring ancient monuments or discovering native communities' traditions, as well as stunning colonial settlements and magnificent rock formations. It's no piece of cake to implement an itinerary to uncover Guatemala's mysteries on a single solo traveler holiday, as the place is full of hidden mysteries to explore.


2. Patagonia



Only when you schedule your Latin American solo traveler holidays just right, will you be able to see the massive cluster of nesting Penguins at Punta Tombo during mid to end of September. Taking a kayak across beautiful ice fields or peaceful streams is one of the most amazing adrenaline-filled activities in Patagonia. Patagonia is located between Chile and Argentina and is ruled by both countries, it is among the most beautiful parts of the Southern hemisphere, with a mountain range, forests, including some stunning beaches. The W Trek that is situated mostly in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia is among the world's most incredible hiking trails. The journey would lead you through an extremely clear stream that is overlooked by mountain peaks. The W Trek should require and 5 to 7 days to discover the route's mysteries. A trip to Laguna Torre is yet another interesting walk that you can use for your Patagonia solo traveler holidays. The trek will take you through thick woods and a magnificent lake, which is surrounded by incredible snow-capped peaks, chilly winds, and icebergs drifting in the lake.


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3. Venezuela



Venezuela is also a popular solo vacation spot for tourists from all over the world. The region is home to green grasslands, entrancing rock formations, thick tropical forests, and breathtaking coastline, making it a vibrant and refreshing escape. The natural illumination at Lake Maracaibo is among the hidden discoveries that you should definitely incorporate on your solo traveler holidays in Venezuela. This is a one-of-a-kind natural occurrence that causes the skies to emit light and shimmer with varying colors of hypnotic patterns. At the Mochima National Park, go for a swim in the seas or just chill while observing the magnificent birds flying close to you. Bring your skis and slide down the Andes, which are coated in unaltered A-grade powdery snow, for a more exciting ride.  The glorious Angel Falls, a waterfall with an elevation of 3212 ft and a plunge of 2646 ft, with the title of the world's tallest waterfalls, is amongst the most famous sights for every solo traveler holidays in Venezuela that you cannot miss, even if you tried. Ride down the river in a kayak whilst being absolutely engulfed by thick forest and wild animals, with mesmerizing views all around you.


4. Ecuador



Walking through several spectacular lakes, including the Arrayanes, Mojanda, Cuicocha, or the secret utopia of Quilotoa, is a perfect accompaniment to solo traveler holidays in Ecuador. Ecuador has several other spectacular snow-capped peaks and volcanoes. Climbers from all over the world come to Ecuador to scale their mountain ranges. You may also discover the Galapagos Islands' incredible natural ecosystems by diving into the water with marine animals or surfing the seas, on a paddleboard. Ecuador is rich in wildlife and also has incredible scenery, including great landscapes, snowy Andean mountains, thick Amazon rainforest, and the Galapagos Islands. This is why solo traveler holidays in Ecuador have so many fun events like sailing, camping, hang gliding, mountain climbing, ziplining, wakeboarding, jet skiing, bungee jumping, and so on. Ecuador is a tiny nation in the Southern hemisphere, but it has by far the most spectacular experiences and wonders for you to experience, whether you're on brief solo traveler holidays or a couple of weeks of backpacking journey.


5. Peru



Peru's various hikes give solo traveler holidays the opportunity to come across a forgotten ancient civilization, but perhaps a journey along the Inca Trail is also one of Peru's most famous attractions. The path has an alternate route which could be finished in one day to reach Machu Pichu, or it can be finished in four days if you follow the more challenging course. Prior to actually approaching the magnificent shrine, the path provides breathtaking panoramic views, which are shrouded in thick clouds. Peru has a beautiful coastline with fantastic beaches where surfers from all around the world come to swim against the current. From Peru's plains, coasts, peaks, and dense rainforests, you can see some of the most breathtaking scenery you will be seeing. Along with its breathtaking scenery, Peru is one of the best destinations for enjoying exhilarating solo traveler holidays. Peru is a fascinating place, home to a diverse variety of indigenous plants and animals as well as a strong record of diverse cultures. Peru is becoming a hub for tourists from all over the globe, who flock to the country for incredible experiences in its stunning scenery and mix of cultures.


6. Brazil



Solo traveler holidays in Brazil give the opportunity to experience life to its fullest and witness some unforgettable outdoor experiences, including sailing through the rainforest, where you'll see several of the most amazing animals on the planet and catch a glimpse of wildlife like never before, scuba diving at Fernando de Noronha, which has some stunning pristine beaches for taking high-resolution pictures and many more. There is yet another dimension of Brazil that only nature lovers and adventure seekers are aware of, one that brings you to some stunning spots and invigorating experiences. Many people equate Brazil with great parties, concerts, and a mutual love of football. Its historical background and native culture enchant us every time we visit, and its stunning scenery will steal your breath away. Brazil has been one of Latin America's most multicultural nations.

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7. Bolivia



Exploring fossil tracks on a trek to the Maragua crater, ascending the snow-capped Huayna Potosi range, are only a couple of the adventures on solo traveler holidays in Bolivia. Gliding on skis at the Charquini Glacier, riding on the world's deadliest route, sandboarding at Lomas de Arena, and taking in the sights of Uyuni's vast salt flats. Bolivia has a strong heritage that you will discover when strolling through the cities of La Paz, Sucre, or Santa Cruz de la Sierra, as well as several other off-beaten-path sites. Bolivia's city, La Paz, is the world's highest capital, and getting there requires traversing through some challenging paths. Bolivia, unexpectedly, is among the poorest Latin American Countries, encouraging travelers and students to experience its beauty on a shoestring budget. Bolivia is hosts some of the world's most incredible experiences. Bolivia solo traveler holidays carry you through the world's deadliest route, the popular Bolivia salt flats, and a slew of other exciting destinations that draw explorers from all around the globe.


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