7 Free Stay Places Worldwide - Work & Earn Free Accommodation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 07,2022

Many people have a curiosity or desire to travel to new places and uncover the hidden treasures of the world. However, the problem arises when willingness collides with a limited budget and rising ticket prices, hotel, and food expenses. Among all the expenses, accommodation is something that not everyone can afford. Even though traveling around the world may be expensive, that doesn’t mean that you stop exploring. In such scenarios, it is always a great idea to look for free stay places. Whether you are planning adventure travel or a visit to a national park, there are several ways to enjoy a holiday without spending any money. This is possible by offering a service to the lodging provider.


This article will provide you with some options of the free stay places that are worth checking out. Getting in touch with these places and accepting their offer will help you plan a budget-friendly trip. Have a look!


1. Shakespeare and Company



Shakespeare and Company is a renowned book shop and one of Paris’s best free stay places. It was founded back in 1951 by George Whitman. The motive behind the opening of this book shop was to "be not inhospitable to strangers lest they be angels in disguise." Also, during his lifespan, George traveled to different places where he was sheltered by the grace of strangers. This is why Shakespeare and Company opened its doors for writers, artists, and intellectuals to stay for free. They need to spend a few hours of their day around the bookshop and are required to write down at least one page of their autobiography. In exchange for this service, they will get a space to sleep and spend their nights. 


Location: Paris, France

Website: https://shakespeareandcompany.com/ 


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2. Ace Hotel


The Ace Hotel in New York is one of the best free stay places that will help you make your vacation budget-friendly. They have an ‘artists in residence program’ that invites creative minds from all over the world to stay at the hotel for free in return for creating a piece of artwork. This hotel partners with notable institutions such as The Museum of Art and Design, Flux Factory, Printed Matter, and Tomorrow Lab for creating a diverse setting and environment in which artists can participate. They also have a residency for writers known as Dear Reader. The writers are provided with an overnight stay in return for writing an open letter displayed beside each room in the hotel. So, if you are interested in such a job, check out this outstanding hotel and enjoy a fun stay without spending even a single penny. 


Location: New York City, New York 

Website: https://acehotel.com/new-york/ 


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3. Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park



Not just the hotels but national parks are also on the list of free stay places. The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park has been encouraging artists to produce work, and in return, they are offering free accommodation. Today, this national park offers over 50 different residence programs all around the country and allows participants to stay in the wilderness. Several positions are available that include photographers, composers, cinematographers, writers, and more. For example, a person might be required to hike through the entire length of the Chilkoot Trail and spend one to three days at the campsite. Indeed, being a part of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park is an excellent opportunity to enjoy staying for free and have the best time of your life with tons of adventures.


Location: Skagway, Alaska 

Website: https://www.nps.gov/klgo/index.htm 


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4. The Vagabond Club


This is yet another heaven for all the artists out there. It is one of the best free stay places for all the art enthusiasts in Singapore. The Vagabond Club is the first hotel in Singapore that has come up with an idea of an artist-in-residence program. This program allows creative people, including writers, poets, and musicians, to apply for residencies where they can stay without making a payment for a period of a week to two weeks. The participants can mingle with other creative minds and conduct different performances at the restaurant of the hotel. Also, artists can leave behind something from their work for the success of this barter. 


Location: Singapore

Website: https://www.hotelvagabondsingapore.com/ 


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5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park



Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park is an incredible place to play, refresh, dream, and create. This national park offers an artist-in-residence program that is a great opportunity for American writers, composers, visual artists, and photographers to relish a free three days stay at the national park. This is one of the best free stay places where applicants are required to draw artistic inspiration from the lakefront to create beautiful art pieces. The artists are requested to provide original pieces of art to the national park along with sharing their experience with the public; they can host webinars, workshops, demonstrations, or reading. For this deal, they get to choose between staying at a free park house or in any one of the developed mainland campgrounds. 


Location: Leelanau & Benzie counties, Michigan

Website: https://www.nps.gov/slbe/index.htm 


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6. Sunrock Backpackers Hostel


Perched on Pelekas Beach in Corfu, Greece, Sunrock Backpackers Hostel features a volunteer program that facilitates visitors to spend one month at their hotel with free food and lodging and, in exchange, they have to perform certain everyday tasks. In this hotel, duties that are asked to be performed include greeting guests, working at a bar, cleaning rooms, feeding animals, contributing to organic farming, picking fruits and vegetables, or assisting chefs with meal preparation. This is a perfect opportunity for everyone who wants to spend time in the Greek sun but doesn’t have enough money to spend on food and accommodation. Being a part of this best free stay place will also offer easy access to crystal blue seas and everything Greece provides.


Location: Corfu, Greece

Website: https://sunrockcorfu.com/ 


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7. Glacier National Park



We have another national park named Glacier National Park for all our budget-friendly travelers. This national park calls artists from across the globe to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program. This program gives the participants a time of four weeks to explore the natural and cultural riches of the amazing area of Glacier along with pursuing their artistic objectives. The artists are required to work according to the park's interpretive themes and hence promote the National Park Service's goal. They are also needed to contribute to the conservation of the public areas. For this participation and services, the park gives them free accommodation in a historic cabin on the banks of Lake McDonald. The cabins have a full kitchen, a bath, a bedroom, and a studio with a lake view, making it one of the best free stay places. 


Location: Montana, United States

Website: https://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm 


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Final Thoughts:

Is budget your main constraint for not planning a vacation? If yes, what are your thoughts about getting a free stay? Well, it might sound like a no-brainer, but several hotels and organizations ask people to provide them some service, and in exchange, they are ready to offer them a free stay. The aforementioned free stay places are some of the best in the world. Check out all these places and get in touch with them whenever you plan your next excursion.



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