Budget-Friendly Vacation To LA: 9 Must-To-Know Tips!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Feb 22,2021

The home of Hollywood, breathtaking beaches, pleasant weather, and endless travel opportunities, Los Angeles is a perfect destination to visit. This destination isn’t the cheapest to enjoy but with smart travel planning and little knowledge, it is possible to have the best time in the city without breaking the bank. If you are interested in knowing the budget-friendly vacation tips you must review the given article. This article will take you to the tips that will help you in making your vacation affordable. Must read to enjoy your trip to LA on a budget. 


9 Tips For A Budget-Friendly Vacation To LA:


1. Opt for public transport System

2. Get yourself a city pass 

3. Indulge yourself in the live studio taping

4. Avoid the Summer Travel To LA

5. Dig Deep Into The Culture

6. Go On A Hike

7. Taste The Inexpensive Local Food

8. Explore The Free Attractions In The City

9. Learn About The Happy Hours


If you too find LA a pricey destination, then read the full article and plan a budget-friendly vacation to the city. This article has everything that you know for planning an affordable vacation that is equally enjoyable. 


1. Opt For Public Transport System



Yes, you read it right. If you really want to cut down your cost and enjoy a budget-friendly vacation, then you must choose public transport. And locals say that it is quite great! Getting around the city by metro or bus will help you skip the car rental fee which usually costs a lot. Here, the transportation network is spread all around the city. This helps the tourists to see every attraction by roaming in the metro or the bus. These transportation options run with a proper timetable and are fairly inexpensive. For saving more on your transportation, you can choose to buy a travel pass. Buying a pass will cost lesser than the daily tickets. In case you choose to book a car for you in the city, then prefer to travel in sharing. It will reduce the cost and will make your car ride cheaper. 


2. Get Yourself A City Pass 



Buying a pass is a great way to save money while on a vacation. Especially when you are going to immerse yourself in a lot of sightseeing, the card will come in great help. The city pass in LA includes a lot of museums, multi-parks, various attractions, and small tours in and around the city. Buying the pass will let you get great discounts on your travel. If you stroll around the city and visit different attractions, then buying separate tickets will be a lot costlier. To better enjoy the benefits of the pass, you can customize your own as per your preferences. Along with helping in saving the cost, it also saves a lot of time of standing in the queue and taking the ticket. So, want to save money? Use this smart travel advice and enjoy your vacation on a budget.


3. Indulge Yourself In The Live Studio Taping



When it comes to entertainment, this city has a lot to offer. Although the casinos and high-end pubs and bars are pretty expensive, there are several affordable options too. One such option that deserves a try in the city is live studio taping. It is a great choice for a budget-friendly vacation as it is free and fun. This show takes place mostly near Burbank’s studio and is on different stations. Some of the popular live show stations are CBS, FOX, and NBC. There are several different shows and of different niches like chit-chat, games, comedy, etc. For enjoying these shows, you need a spend a few precious hours and might require to wait for long. Although it is a commitment of several hours, it is worth seeing. Indulge yourself in it and relish the best time in the city. 


4. Avoid the Summer Travel To LA



One of the best tips you can get for a budget-friendly vacation to Los Angeles is to select the time of your travel wisely and avoid traveling in the month of summer. In the hotter season, the city is usually filled with visitors which makes it costlier. Being a coastal region, people love to drive to the city when the winters approach. Due to the high demand, the prices of everything go high, right from the hotels to food. With this, the attractions get crowded which makes it difficult for the travelers to enjoy the vacation. In case you don’t have any other time to visit the city than in summer, then you have to be very smart with your travel. Try to visit on the weekdays and make the reservations beforehand to make even the summer travel less costly. 


5. Dig Deep Into The Culture



LA is a city of a vibrant culture that is worth appreciating. But one thing that most people are not aware of is that exploring the true culture of the city is quite inexpensive. From the movie theaters to museums, everything in Los Angeles that showcases its culture is great to enjoy in the city. For example, here you can relish high-quality movies and shows in the small theaters that are not so costly but worth experiencing. Other than this, visiting museums in the city is also a great option to stroll. Some of the top picks of the museums are Wende Museum, J. Paul Getty Museum, Grammy Museum, and more. So, dig deep into the culture and learn about the city on a budget. With this tip, get ready for a budget-friendly vacation.


6. Go On A Hike



You might have heard the name of Los Angeles for its movie celebrities and traffic. However, the natural scenery of the city is with appreciating. LA is filled with numerous hiking trails that are great for all adventurous souls. This makes hiking the best activity together with a great option to save money. When you are on a budget-friendly vacation, then choosing to go for a hike will help in cutting down the unnecessary cost of expensive hot spots and let you spend your time amidst nature. Among various trails, the classic, most iconic, and one of the best trails are to Hollywood sign. Reaching the top will offer you a splendid view of the entire city which will pay off all the struggle. Remember, hikes come for free. Make the most of the opportunity and have the best time in the city. 


7. Taste The Inexpensive Local Food



Other than accommodation, the thing that includes most of the travel budget is the “Food”. People love to try top restaurants while on the travel but it usually ends up costing too much. However, if you want to keep the prices down, then you must choose to sit and enjoy at the local restaurants and try delicious food there. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and street food options in LA that are great to visit on an affordable vacation. Howlin’s Rays is one such example. It is an affordable yet amazing place that serves mouth watering fried chickens. Other than the restaurants, to buy the fresh veggies and fruits in the city you must visit the farmers market. Find out more about such hidden gems in the city and make the most of your budget-friendly vacation. 


8. Explore The Free Attractions In The City



Unsurprisingly, most of the famous attractions in the city are free. Right from the Griffith Observatory to Santa Monica Pier to Rodeo Drive, there are a number of options that you can explore without spending even a single penny. Beyond these, the beaches of LA are another great attraction that you must visit. What can be better than strolling on the beachside and enjoying the picturesque views? Choose among the different beaches in the city and spend your time without spending a lot of money. Other than the low cost, these places are perfect to learn about the history of the city. Visiting these free attractions will add to your experience and let you create a lot of unforgettable memories. This is one of the ways to enjoy the vacation without spending a lot. Time to reduce the stress of booking for you an expensive vacation. You can get the best of the city even on a budget. 


9. Learn About The Happy Hours



One of the budget-friendly vacation tips that not many people will tell you is to learn about happy hours. For those who don’t know, happy hours is a marketing strategy that the hospitality industry uses for attracting customers and enhancing their sales. Apart from being beneficial for the provider, this strategy is great for enjoying the best of service on a budget. With these happy hours, you can learn about the new addition in the market and taste the service at many affordable prices. To make the best use of the opportunity, you must try to learn about the happy hours at different restaurants. For this, you can scroll through the various delivery service offering apps and even check on the official website. Go a little work and reap the benefits.


Here we come to an end. These are the most important and helpful tips for a budget-friendly vacation to LA. Make the best use of your money and enjoy the most on your vacation. Save More! Enjoy More!


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