Golf-Crazed Celebrities: Find Out Who Is Planning A Golf Vacation!

Author: Megha Agarwal on May 20,2021

“They say GOLF is like LIFE, But I don’t believe them — it is much more complicated than that.” - by Gardner Dickinson.


Golf is a glamorous and highly addictive game. And it is of no surprise that it has attracted a slew of celebrities towards it. From actors/actresses to politicians to singers to influencers, a lot of celebs have been bitten by the golf bug. As per the World Golf Foundation, there are millions of golfers in the world, among which a higher percentage are A-list celebrities. However, not all celebrities have a penchant for the game; some just play for charity.  


If you want to bump into your favorite celebrity on your golf leisure vacation travel package, then this article is for you. Here is a list of some celebrities who are completely enamored with the game and are often seen enjoying golf vacations at top destinations. Either you can plan a vacation to famous golf destinations or attend the golf tournaments, and you will be amazed to see the number of celebrities with a golf stick in hand. These are the celebrities whom you must have seen on television or have read about them in newspapers.


So, all the celebrity lovers — sit back, review this article, and book your golf leisure vacation travel package. It’s time to run into your favorite celebrities on golf vacations. Let’s dig in…


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1. Michael Phelps



One of the renowned athletes (American swimmer) in history — Michael Phelps, is an olympian of all times. He has won a total of 22 medals, among which 18 are gold. Not just a swimmer, he is also a notable golfer.  His golf career was productive enough that he has managed to be on the list of top golfers. He is one such celeb who loves to plan golf vacations to improve his skills and go further with his passion.


2. Celine Dion



Next on the list, we have a Canadian Singer — Celine Dion. Not just for her impeccable voice, people also recognize her as a golfer. She is one of the celebrities who is a golf fanatic. Even though she has her own golf course, she loves to plan golf vacations. She owns a private golf course at her home, where she likes to practice the sport alone or with her pals. 


3. Heather Locklear



Well, who doesn't know Heather Deen Locklear? People acknowledge Heather as a fabulous American actress who has received Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress multiple times. But do you know — Heather is also a GOLFER? Yes, she is a famous golf player who loves to participate in celebrity golf tournaments. Although she is not a professional player, her love for the game is real.


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4. Catherine Zeta-Jones



Another female celebrity who loves to play golf is Welsh actress — Catherine Zeta-Jones. She and her husband are golf enthusiasts who have been seen several times enjoying their golf vacations all across the globe. At various shows and events, she has spoken of her love for the game. She has played in the various PRO AM tournaments in different parts of the world, which shows how good a player she is. 


5. Bill Murray



Famous for his roles in some of the prominent moves like Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation, Space Jam, Groundhog Day — Bill Murray is a renowned American actor, writer, and comedian. Together with this, he is also an avid golfer in his real life. He was also seen in a golf movie named Caddyshack. Mr. Murray loves to play golf in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am charity. And, to be brutally honest, he is not a pro player, but he loves to enjoy his game and plan golf vacations. 


6. Justin Timberlake



American singer and songwriter — Justin Timberlake is not just a pop sensation but also a keen golfer. He was introduced to the game by his father at a very young age, and since then, he is demonstrating his aptitude for the game. According to Timberlake, planning golf vacations and being on the golf course helps him spend some quality *me* time away from a celebrity’s lavish lifestyle. Timberlake also purchased the golf course where he took his first step in the game and learned it like a professional. 


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7. Jessica Alba



Jessica Alba — an American actress, businesswoman, and golfer. While people know Jessica for her fabulous work on television, she loves to play golf and plan golf vacations. She is such a big fan of this game that she participates in several tournaments all across the world. Her participation also includes the 2014 Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am tournament. If you want to get a chance to see Jessica Alba playing golf, then book a leisure vacation travel package to an upcoming celebrity tournament.


8. Mark Wahlberg



The world knows Mark Wahlberg as the hottest American actor and producer who was also nominated for an Oscar for his movie — "The Fighter." But all his fans will be shocked to know that Wahlberg is also a passionate golfer and loves to plan golf vacations. Despite spending hours in the gym to maintain his physique and on set for the shooting, he takes out some time to pursue his love for GOLF. He has a seven handicap in the game and is the only non-athlete who has earned medalist honors. 


9. Jack Wagner



Next on the list of celebrities who love to plan golf vacations, we have Jack Wagner. He is a highly-loved American actor and singer who is also quite interested in golf. You will be amazed to know that he is one of the leading golf-crazed celebrities who has won the title of American Century Celebrity Golf Classic. After winning this title in 2006, this celeb has won a golf championship in the year 2011. With his accomplishments in golf, his love for the game is quite evident. 


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10. Nicole Kidman



People know Nicole Kidman as an American-Australian actress, a singer, as well as a producer. But what people might now know is that she is also a passionate golfer. She took up this sport years ago just as a medium of relaxation, but with time she developed her interest in it, and now it has become her regular hobby. She has been spotted several times enjoying golf vacations or playing golf in Nashville — her home. Book your golf leisure vacation travel package to some of the famous golf destinations; you might get a chance to meet Nicole Kidman.


11. Dr. Condoleezza Rice



Former State Secretary — Dr. Condoleezza Rice stepped into the world of golf at the age of 50 while she was on her duty as secretary. She not just made history but also proved that — “it’s never too late to start anything.” To your surprise, Dr. Rice was one of the two women in the world who joined Augusta National Golf Club. She started this game with a handicap as low as 14, but with time she improved immensely and became one of the prominent celebrities who love golf and golf vacations. 


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12. Samuel L Jackson



Samuel L Jackson is an American-Gabonese actor and filmmaker who is a notable golfer too. Aside from filming, he enjoys playing golf and planning golf vacations. He is so dedicated to the game that he has included a special clause in his film contracts that allows him some time off from the shooting to play golf. Yes, this might sound unreal, but it is true. He has played several tournaments for raising funds for needy children in South Africa. 



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