Top 17 things to include in Denmark Vacations Packages in 2021!

Denmark is the center of Vikings, Norse Gods, and Scandinavian culture in Northern Europe.  The country is rich with a diverse culture, beautiful architecture, and history. Going on Denmark vacations is one of the most unique experiences that one can have on their European holidays. There is so much that the country has to offer, from majestic landscapes, beautiful architecture, warm locals, and delectable dishes to die for.

However, due to a huge gap between the Nordic culture and the culture of the rest of the world, tourists can find themselves with a bit of a cultural shock when they first visit Denmark. The Nordic culture is among the most peculiar cultures in the world due to its unique history. Today the Danes have incorporated their cultural values in their lifestyle as traditions, customs, and common practices that can be quite new for a tourist. The experts at leisure bring you the most amazing things and information that you should know before booking your Denmark Vacation Packages in 2021.


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1.       Denmark is the Happiest Country in the World

2.       Denmark is the largest consumer of Antidepressants

3.       Danes extremely good at home décor

4.       Denmark is very eco-friendly

5.       Tips are very low

6.       Check the signboards are Pusher Street

7.       Jaywalking can land you in Trouble

8.       Don't Drink and Ride

9.       Denmark is Cold

10.   Denmark is home to the biggest Music Festival in Europe

11.   Denmark is full of world-class Restaurants

12.   Beer is their Drink of Choice!

13.   Most Danes speak good English

14.   Denmark is Expensive

15.   Don't just stay in Copenhagen

16.   Danes love pork

17.   There are more bikes than Cars on Streets


Let's have a deeper look!


1.       Denmark is the Happiest Country in the World



Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world and has held the crown numerous times. Therefore, you will find a lot of happy faces during your trip. In fact, 'hyyge' is the Nordic culture of cozy, comfortable, and happiness, which is a part of Danish culture.


2.       Denmark is the largest consumer of Anti-depressants


For a country that ranks highest on the list of happiest countries in the world, it is a surprising fact that Denmark also has the highest number of consumers of anti-depressants.


3.       Danes are extremely good at designing


Danish design and architecture are revered all around the globe. The country has given birth to many great designers and architects who have left their mark in history. This is probably because of their habit of decorating their homes. Danes are quite efficient at interior designing and home décor, and you'll find that almost all households are almost spectacular.


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4.       Denmark is very eco-friendly



Denmark is currently the world's most environmentally- friendly country. Danes have inculcated a culture of putting the environment first and adopting eco-friendly policies. Denmark has the best policies and guidelines when it comes to preventive measures against the greenhouse effect and climate change.


5.       Tips are very low


Denmark does have a tipping culture, but the tips are usually quite less and sometimes negligible. Waiters and cab drivers often don't ask for change, but rounding off the amount


6.       Check the signboards are Pusher Street


While exploring Copenhagen, you should pay attention to the signboards when you enter Pusher Street. Pusher Street is a neighborhood near Christiania, where locals have put up signs that says no running and no photography to avoid noise and crowds outside their homes.


7.       Jaywalking can land you in Trouble


Almost everyone in Denmark follows the traffic rules. You will hardly find anyone running a red light or jaywalking. Jaywalking is an offense that can land you in deep Trouble and fines up to $100 if caught.


8.       There are more bikes than Cars on Streets


Danes have adopted a culture of cycling. You will find massive flocks of people cycling to work and school during your visit. There actually twice the number of the cycle than cars on the streets of Denmark.


9.       Don't Drink and Ride


Since Danes love to cycle to work and ride it through the city, it is important to keep the rule of no drink and drive in mind. Well, in this case, drink and Ride. When caught drunk riding your bicycle, you can be fined up to $250 and will be asked to walk the rest of the way.


10.   Denmark is home to the biggest Music Festival in Europe


The city of Roskilde hosts one of the biggest music festivals in the world and the biggest in Europe. The festival goes on for eight days and brings international artists from around the world. Locals and visitors from across the globe come to attend this festival.

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11.   Denmark is full of world-class Restaurants


The artistic creativity of the Danes is visible in their food as well. Denmark is home to a total of 25 Michelin start restaurants that offer delectable dishes made by some world-class chef. During your visit to Copenhagen, try to get reservations at Noma, which is considered the best restaurant in the world.


12.   Beer is their Drink of Choice!


Danes love their beer, pilsners, to be specific, and have an amazing collection of beers. One of the most popular beer producers, Carlsberg, belongs to Denmark. So you'll find plenty of opportunities to taste different types of beers during your visit.


13.   Most Danes speak good English


Though you will find most locals conversing in Danish, however Danes are quite fluent in English. Almost everyone you will find the country, will understand everything you say and will even be able to reply to you in English, with a Danish accent of course.


14.   Don't just stay in Copenhagen


There are so many cities and places on your Denmark Vacation packages in 2021. Most people just visit Copenhagen and then move onto the next stop on their European expedition. However, there is a lot more to Denmark than just Copenhagen. If you want to explore the real culture of Denmark, then you should visit other amazing cities, such as Aarhus, Skagen, and Roskilde.


15.   Denmark is Expensive



Even by European standards, Denmark is quite expensive. Prices for accommodations, traveling, and food are quite high in the country, mainly because of the higher tax system. However, there are still many budget options available throughout the country for backpackers and students to explore Denmark on a shoestring budget.


16.   Danes love pork


Danes consume more pork than any other country in the world. For a country that is surrounded by the sea, it comes as quite a surprise that Danes are the highest consumers of pork in the world. An average person in Denmark consumes 146 pounds of pork in a year. Although, there are plenty of other delicacies from the realm of the fish for you to explore.


17.   Denmark is Cold



While making the decision to buy your Denmark vacation packages in 2021, make sure to plan your trip keeping the weather in mind. Denmark experience cold weather throughout the year, with temperatures staying in the ranges of 30 to 70 degree Fahrenheit. So it would be best if your pack a few extra layers for your trip as the temperature can get quite cold during the night.


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