What You Should Know Before Going on Latvia Vacations Packages

With 2020 behind us, the world has started to recover from the aftermath of the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak. Though there are countries that are still tackling the spread of the virus, many countries have started vaccination drives for their citizens.


After being locked up in our houses for more than a year, people have found hope with the coming of 2021. As international borders are opening up once again, the badly hit tourism industry is also limbering up to come back in full swing. With flight rates being cheaper than ever for international travel and hotels coming up with attractive discounts to pump their revenues back up, planning a vacation in Europe has become quite affordable.


Many parts of the continent are still as expensive as ever, such as Paris, London, and Rome. There are still countries in Europe where there is a better chance of getting reasonable deals. One such destination is Latvia!


Latvia is a country located in Northeastern Europe, which is full of amazing landscapes, medieval towns, beautiful art, and a mix of different cultures. The country is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. Budget travelers can make do even with a shoestring budget this year by booking Latvia Vacations packages in 2021.


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Leisure.com brings you compilations of all the necessary information that you should know while planning for your Latvia Vacations Packages in 2021! 



- Best Time to Visit Latvia

- How to Get around

- Top Places to See


Let’s dive right in!


Best Time to Visit Latvia



Latvia is a nation with amazing landscapes and plentiful picturesque locations that you can explore during your Latvia vacation packages. However, it is important that you come prepared for the unique weather experienced by the country.


Out of the four seasons in a year, summer is considered to be the best time of the year for a majority of tourists to experience the culture, architecture, landscapes, and festivals of Latvia. It is the perfect time to go out and explore the city with the warm rays of the sun outside that are not too harsh and provide a lovely sunny day. Latvia is one of the colder countries of Northern Europe. Therefore, summers are not too hot. The average temperature during summers in Latvia ranges from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, summer begins quite late in Latvia, during June, and lasts till mid-September.


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During the final weeks of September, the winds start to get chilly as fall arrives. Fall is a lovely time to book your Latvia Vacations packages in 2021 if you can bear the chill, as the country turns bright and colorful with the changing fall leaves. Fall in Latvia is a lively time of the year to go exploring the wilderness and going on hikes. The forests and trees become laden with changing leaves, and the crisp winds make it perfect to work up a sweat while climbing.


For adventure travelers, winters can be perfect for exploring the snow-covered terrain of the country, which is perfect for some cross-country skiing. Winter begins in Latvia from December and lasts till March. Average temperatures during the winter can get quite harsh, dropping as low as -30 degrees Celsius. So make sure you bring plenty of layers when packing for your Latvia Vacation Packages in 2021.


How to Get Around In Latvia



Surprisingly enough, Latvia doesn’t have any metros or subways for intra-city travel. There is, however, a system of suburban railways that will take you to the most popular cities around Riga quite comfortably. There are not many budget domestic airlines operating in Latvia. Therefore, traveling by Road is the best option.


Buses are the common mode of intra-city as well as intercity travel. Latvia has a more than an adequate network of a bus transportation systems that can take you anywhere in the city and to many remote places as well. One disadvantage of travel by bus is the duration of travel. Buses can take quite a lot of time on your Latvia vacation packages in 2021. However, on the other hand, it is also one of the safe modes of transport as well.


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Transportation by car and rented vehicles is also a great option that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. However, it is advised that you should plan your vacation in the summers if you’re using a rental car in Latvia. During the winters, driving conditions can get dangerous, and only someone familiar with the conditions of the roads and the weather should drive in such conditions.


Top Places to See in Latvia


Latvia is a country full of stunning architecture and natural beauty through its cities and natural parks. Have a look at these top destinations that you must see on your Latvia Vacations Packages in 2021.


1. Riga



Riga is the capital city of Latvia, also its largest and most populated city. Over the course of history, the city has been ruled by many rulers, from Soviets, Polish, and Swedish to Nazis. It is the reason why Latvia has an amalgamation of different cultures, which is reflected in its medieval architecture. Riga has amazing nightlife, beautiful restaurants, stunning churches, and castles for tourists to explore on their Latvia vacation packages in 2021. The art nouveau architecture is the city's pride with over 800 beautifully carved buildings all across the city. The town hall square, House of Blackheads, Albert street, freedom monument, Riga cathedral, central market, St. Peter’s Church, and Swedish gate are some of the most popular attractions in the city.


2. Jurmala



Jurmala is a resort town which is situated close to the capital city. Jurmala has one of the longest white sandy beaches in Northern Europe and attracts a lot of tourists and locals during the summer seasons who come here to take a dip in the ocean and enjoy the bright sun. A trip to Jurmala will offer you many amazing attractions which you can explore, starting from enjoying a stroll through Jomas street. The street is full of iconic eateries and beautiful terrace restaurants, hotels, and cafes. Other attractions in the city include Dzintari Concert Hall, Dzintari forest park, beautiful wooden houses and architecture, Jurmala Open-air museum, Kemari National Park, and spending the day soaking up the sun at the Jurmala beach.


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3. Gauja National Park



The Gauja National Park in Latvia is the biggest national park in the country and offers various sights to see and things to do for every type of traveler out there. Almost half of the park is covered in tall pine trees where you can go for a hike. Try mountain biking, or spend a day in the lap of Mother Nature. 


The rest of the park has amazing attractions such as castles, historical sights, windmills, manors, churches, museums, and forts. The park gets its name from the Gauja river flowing through it. There are several other rivers in the park as well, namely Amata, Ligatne, and a few crystal clear freshwater springs. During the months of spring, when the water levels are high enough, tourists can go boating on the river, or take a kayak, to explore the beauty of the park.


4. Kuldiga



Kuldiga is a town situated 150 kilometers away from the capital city Riga. The town is basically untouched by the war and is one of the oldest towns in Latvia. The town of Kuldiga was established in 1242 and has experienced steady economic growth over the years. The town offers old town charms through its cobbled streets, historical buildings, and beautiful architecture. Kuldiga is home to Europe’s widest waterfall, which may sound spectacular but is just a few meters high. Locals and tourists visit the waterfall to take a dip in the fresh cold waters. The city doesn’t receive a high number of tourists and is, therefore, the perfect place for visitors wanting to explore the culture and traditions of Latvia without any disturbances.


With all its amazing attractions, be it in the capital city of Riga or the wide-open wilderness, Latvia is still among the cheaper destinations in Europe. The country is easily accessible to tourists and can be explored as part of a bigger European tour package, as the country is a member of the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a pool of 26 European countries that have adopted a standard visa policy and have basically reduced the formalities and strictness at the borders when crossing from one country to the other. Another fact which makes Latvia vacation packages in 2021 the best destination to travel, is that it is safe. Compared to other destinations in Europe, Latvia is quite safe for tourists in terms of crime and scams. You should, however, make sure to take necessary precautions related to security and the spread of the coronavirus.



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