Experience the best of fall at these top fall vacation destinations in Europe!

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 17,2021

If you want to explore the beautiful European cities, then the fall season is the most perfect time of the year for you. Explore the majestic mountains, secluded beaches, forests, or simply wander around the cities soaking in different cultures. The travel experts at Leisure bring you the top fall vacation destinations in Europe where you can enjoy the stunning fall foliage without having to worry about huge crowds and high prices.


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1.    Dubrovnik, Croatia



Dubrovnik has become a tourist hot spot since it was featured in Game of Thrones. The city has been jam-packed with tourists and visitors for the past few years and has definitely become one of the top fall vacation destinations in Europe. However, you can still explore the capital of the Seven Kingdoms without the huge crowds or expensive prices, if you visit during the months of September and October.


Croatia offers pleasant weather all year round, with mid to high temperatures in summers hovering around, 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and freezing temperatures in winter around 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes Dubrovnik, a crowd favorite during the summer and winter, resulting in high prices and huge crowds. You can, however, skip the rush and avoid the expensive rates, if you visit during the months of September and early- October.


Go on a Game of Thrones-inspired tour of the city, while exploring various locations in King’s Landing where the filming took place. If you’re a fan of the series like us, then you are in for a great adventure, as you will find endless references and familiar locations while strolling through the city.


Even if you are not a fan of the show, or don’t want to rekindle the bittersweet memories of the final season, you can still, however, have an of the best fall vacations in Dubrovnik, with a variety of things to do, like soaking in the rich culture and heritage of the city, or taking a dip in the ocean, or getting a bird’s eye view through the cable cart and much more.


2.    Prague, Czech Republic



Prague in fall is nothing short of a dream, the colors of fall complement the beautiful architecture of the city, and everything is much cheaper than other seasons of the year, making it one of the top fall vacation destinations in Europe. Prague gives you the perfect weather in the months of September to mid-October, with average temperatures ranging between 65 Degree Fahrenheit to 40 Degree Fahrenheit.


Fall in Prague can be quite chilly and therefore is a perfect time to visit for a lovely fall vacation. Just like Dubrovnik, Prague is rich in cultural heritage, which is reflected through its amazing festivals, magnificent castles, medieval square, cathedrals, and lively artwork. This city basically makes you feel like you’re in a movie. 

Prague is one of the top fall vacation destinations where you can enjoy a lovely honeymoon with your wife, a family vacation with kids, or just pick up a backpack and go solo. Everywhere you look, will find an Instagram-worthy frame and amazing shops selling authentic Czech cuisine, which is to die for.


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3.    Budapest, Hungary



Fall is the best season to visit Budapest, because of its amazing foliage which can be enjoyed in the numerous parks spread throughout the city. Fall offers the best prices for budget travels to make the best bang for your buck, which makes Budapest one of our top fall vacation destinations, because of reduced prices on flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and a lesser number of tourists.


One of the most popular attractions in Budapest, since the days of the Roman Empire, is its natural hot springs. The city has multiple spas and bath complexes where you can take a nice hot bath and relax while dipping into the waters. Budapest has many hikes of varying difficulties that are easy to do and offers the best views of the whole city.


Plan your stay at the cheapest offer and indulge in the simplicity of autumn in one of the top fall vacation destinations in Europe. Find exciting activities to do in Budapest, such as guided tours, speed boating or appreciate the beauty of the city with its day pass. The Central Market Hall, the Budapest Opera House, the Castle Hill, everything is quieter in Budapest in the autumn.  Ascend the historic towers and get a bird's eye view of the colors of falls offered by the red, golden, amber, and yellow trees in Budapest which look straight out of a romantic novel.


4.    Oslo, Norway



Fall comes with fresh, sunny mornings when you truly experience the beauty of nature in all its glory. It is for this reason, Oslo is one of the top fall vacation destinations that offer the best fall foliage with a lot of fun and exciting activities for you to do. Fall in Oslo comes with spurts of rain with plenty of gaps to enjoy the outdoor weather full of warm colors and lovely afternoon sun. Oslo has a great many Instagram-worthy spots to bless your feed.


Fall is the perfect season to explore Oslo, because of extensive deciduous trees and pleasant temperatures. Enjoy the street art, or explore the Nordic landscapes, without having to battle huge crowds of tourists and peak prices without the freezing winds of winter.


The fall weather in Oslo brings in excitement and calm at the same time. The region is still vibrant so you can soak in the sun as the city prepares to embrace the season. Vibrantly colored fall trees and blazing red foliage set the perfect backdrop for stunning pictures. The rains allow for a great selection of delectable mushrooms to grow, which you can find at local shops.

The education system of Norway is one of the best in the world, which attracts a lot of students from abroad. In addition, it is one of the most peaceful and crime-free countries in the world, so you can explore the city without any worries, which is why it deserves a spot on our list of top fall vacation destinations.


5.    Edinburgh, Scotland



Edinburgh is without a doubt one of the most picturesque destinations on this list that take you back in time with its beautiful fall colors and stunning castles. The city is exceptionally stunning during the months of September and October when the clouds and the sun bring you the best of nature to blow your mind. Make the best of fall winds with a bottle of authentic Scotch whiskey or better yet explore the distinct distilleries or bars in the city.


The Royal Botanical Garden is one of the best spots in Edinburgh to witness the majestic fall colors, or if your itinerary doesn't allow you to do that you can still get a glimpse of its vibrancy at the various parks that are spread throughout the city.  Edinburgh is one of the top fall vacation destinations that you must visit with your family, friends, or even on a solo adventure. Make sure you have plenty of space in your phone or the camera because everywhere you look during your trip, you will find a picture-perfect frame that you'll want to save for the rest of your life.


One of the things Edinburgh is most famous for is being the inspiration to possibly one of the most popular fantasy novels in history, The Harry Potter series. It is a well-known fact that JK Rowling got the inspiration and wrote most of the novels here. This is why Edinburgh attracts thousands of Potter-heads from around the world. You can explore the city through a guided tour that’ll take you through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and find various spots from the movies such as Diagon Alley and Gringotts Bank.


6.    Amsterdam, Netherlands



When talking about top fall vacation destinations in Europe, you can’t help but think of Amsterdam. The city has gained quite a reputation within the past decade, which makes it one of the more controversial destinations on our list. But no matter what your perspectives are, you can love it, or hate but you can never ignore Amsterdam and all it has to offer.


The fall season brings the city to life, which is already full of beautiful canals, unique architecture, and vibrant shades of fall foliage. Amsterdam is a great destination for planning a romantic getaway with your partner. In addition to the lovely fall weather and shades of yellow, orange, gold, and amber, the city also offers cheaper flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and lesser crowds.

Amsterdam is particularly famous among backpackers and student travelers, who prefer to explore the secrets of the city on foot. This is why the months of September and October are the best to enjoy cheaper prices, fewer crowds, and the perfect weather to enjoy the city.


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