13 Awesome Tips to Plan a Road Trip - Coz There are No Boundaries!

Are you ready to hit the open road? Ah, what an exciting adventure it is to be riding in your car with windows open, the air blowing through your hairs & Taylor Swift playing in the background — there’s nothing like a road trip. But you need to buckle yourself up and be prepared to be able to handle any sort of unfavorable situations. This whole daydream might look intriguing to you, but planning a road trip might not be as easy as you might think it to be — this could be an exhaustive ordeal. But of course, that’s not impossible! In other parts of our trip inspiration sections, we’ve talked a lot about beach vacations & national parks— but here you’ll be served with the most relevant information on planning road trips. A well-planned road trip will always be successful & will stay forever in your life. So, get up & read these awesome tips to plan road trips — know in advance— where you are going to sleep? What are you going to eat? How you’re going to follow your stops throughout the adventurous road trip! In this article, we’ll help you with some extremely useful tips for planning road trips.

Here are some tips you must consider before you pull out of the driveway:



Music must Go on…evoking emotions!


Your favorite music playing in the background can evoke the right emotions — you need it, right? There is a certain wavelength at which your mind takes things down — when on a road trip, and only the RIGHT MUSIC knows how to do that. Music is not just about connecting you with your memories, when on a road trip, it is about connecting & creating memories. Music will bring you into the wavelength of the atmosphere, location & mood — and ensure that the right music is playing in the background. So, prioritize making playlists in accordance with the destinations, you’ve chosen. Pick someone who is a music lover from the group to keep the “road trip playlist” ready.


Know the time to Leave for the Trip..stick with your plan!


This is the time when you’ve to show your commitment to your plan. Some friends and family might call you crazy for even thinking about spending time on the road & in the spur of the time, it might demotivate you. So, if you have a plan & time fixed for leaving for your much-awaited road trip — nothing will keep you in the back seat. When you’ve already marked that date on your calendar there’s nothing that can hold you back. Be delighted to announce about your road trip — and you cannot do anything but venture out when your friends make you crazy asking about your plans & praising your wanderer soul.



Leave room for Spontaneity in your Plan...FUN begins!


Ah, it’s time to show most of your spontaneity!! You wanted to plan a road trip for a long — do you know why? Coz you have missed being spontaneous in all those planned and prepared vacations. So, this is the time, you can kill that darn desire NOW. While you must have a plan for traveling from point A to point B — don’t get too obsessed with it. Wherever you are heading on your road trip, a part of the FUN is about keeping it spontaneous. Stop at an intriguing roadside turn, go to an unknown place, stay all night on an open terrain — do some crazy stuff, that’s how you’ll be making memories!


Snacks...Snacks...Snacks...and more Snacks


You cannot plan a road trip without snacks — it’s a must! And, you should keep your snacks in that safe corner of your car which is easily accessible. Before heading for your destination, you must ask your road trip buddies to accompany you to the Walmart and stock up some spicy snacks. Make sure you are picking up the healthier ones more — you want to keep in good health during the trip, right?



Google Maps...Drive Your Way!


When you’re starting off with your road trip, make sure you’re ready with Google maps — enter the correct locations of where you’re beginning & where you want to reach. Google maps can also help you discover some remote destinations where you might not have thought to go initially but would love to discover. After all, you wanted to plan a road trip because you wanted to spontaneously discover new things, new people, new destinations — make a plan but don’t write in stone about every single step.


Pick the right 4-wheeler for the road trip...Be Smart!


What kind of car you’ve picked up can make or break your road trip plan! Depending on certain factors like — how many people are traveling, where you’re heading, and what kind of trip it is going to be — making an apt choice of your car/4-wheeler is pretty essential. If you’re driving your own car make sure it’ll fit into your road trip plan or if you’re booking a 4-wheeler, make sure that you have booked it in advance & have chosen unlimited mileage. You might consider buying a used car — if you’re planning for a month-long road trip, you can sell it out after the trip. But, you’ll run a risk, if you’re not checking over before getting into this deal — you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of a remote location without resources. Right?



Take the Detour...turn around the less-traveled Roads!


The best thing about road trips is that you can take a detour & not worry about taking the same boring path...road trips are exciting & adventurous. Being “spontaneous” is undoubtedly an important element of any road trip. Take a turn around a road you’ve never seen before — stop there, meet the locals, learn new things. Follow a road that warns of some ghostly presence & get off your car at a weird tourist attraction. Don’t stop the “voice of your heart” — this is why you’ve come for this road trip.


Make more space in your car...optimize space!


Can you imagine how perturbing it could be banging on the window every time there is a push from the other person? You’ll have to hire a minivan at the minimum — and if you cannot make sure that you have mindfully optimized the space. If you don’t really need a roof box, make sure it is not taking up extra space in your car. Check, recheck, and make sure nothing is kept there just lying down and occupying space for the entire trip.



Be Ready with some Entertainment Stuff...Coz life is a highway!


Keep some games, playing cards, DVDs, music, and podcasts handy with you — and particularly when you’re traveling with children. This entertainment stuff could be of great help...keeping you awake when driving through the dark nights. Children will be happy and will not complain about anything if they can play their favorite games & watch their favorite series on their iPod without getting reprimanded.


Get Your car checked in advance...Stay Safe!


You don’t want to run into any car trouble during the trip, right? So, get your car checked in advance before you head off for your road trip. If you have checked everything in advance a lot of inevitable troubles that your car might run into can be avoided. Keep a spare jack, tire & other car essentials with you! This could be a savior — and you might save a lot of your time & money on the way.



SIM card...Be Wise!


You are on the road — what you should be doing about your SIM card? Be wise! Get a local SIM card to save money and ensure that there is smoother communication with your family, friends & acquaintances back at home. Even if you’re thinking about skype or a video call communication on WhatsApp — you’ll again need a network connection. You can’t rule out the chances of being lost on an untouched road without a network & without any communication!


Rules of the road...get acquainted!


Make sure that you are well-acquainted with the rules of the roads — every country has a different way of how they manage their roads. You can find all this information on the official tourism website of the state. Also, check out the driving advice for tourists— whether you’re traveling to Asia, Europe, or Australia.



Carry a spare key...Clever Planning!


Carrying along a spare key is a must! You never know where you’ll get lost on a road — and in any circumstance have lost any key, it might bring you into trouble. So, it is important that you have kept a spare key in your backpack, purse, or wallet — and carry it along safely at all times.


Life is a Highway: Hit the Road well Prepared!


Make room for spontaneity while you plan a road trip! Do some crazy stuff, indulge in all the FUN, snack on, play some soothing Aretha Franklin’s classic numbers, play games — but make sure that you are doing it wisely & tactically. Don’t write anything in stone, be ready & checkout certain things in advance!

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