Best Solo Travel Gadgets 2021- Check Out Our Guide

We would not have been able to look at solo travel or an unplanned family vacation if technology had not advanced to where it is today. You click a button, and in the next moment, you can book the best leisure vacation packages. There isn’t any area in our lives; technology hasn’t made that tremendous difference— and in the last two decades, the enormous advancement in technology has redefined travel. Be it solo travel, family vacation, holiday travel, or a backpacking trip— there are travel gadgets that make you feel safe, excited, and most importantly, relaxed. 


We thought of helping solo travelers with our list of top travel tech gadgets in 2012. We scoured the internet to find out the latest travel tech gadgets that might help solo travelers feel way more excited about their trip. We know what it is like traveling without a suitable travel gadget— and we decided that we would not let you feel that uneasiness. We always suggest travelers; you should always make travel tech gadgets & the best travel accessories your trip’s priority. We call it “Smart Travel.” 



Top Travel Gadgets for Solo Travelers

No-Touch Door Opener

Power Bank Charger

Travel Router

Smartphone Gimbal

Vacuum Travel Bags

Refillable Sanitizer Wristband

Digital Pouch

Waterproof camera

Water Bottle with Time Marker


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Choosing the right gear makes it so much easier for you— it saves your time, money and, most importantly, keeps you so much lighter, especially on your solo travel vacation. We know it’s never easy for you to make your Leisure travel packages ready; we thought of helping you with our list of top travel tech gadgets in 2021. Experts at have rated these solo travel tech gadgets at the top. Let’s see what’s there in the store for you. 


1. No-Touch Door Opener



If you have a no-touch door opener, you’re just worry-free about a lot of aspects! It bothers many people to touch multiple surfaces and pressing buttons at several places while traveling. It’s going to be true for everyone out there whenever we’re going to be traveling post-pandemic. 


No-Touch Door Opener is an intelligent travel tech gadget that keeps you safe and healthy on a solo travel trip. This innovative multi-tool has a hook & prong that can touch all surfaces for you. You can use it while picking trash or opening doors— imagine you can get it all done without making any physical contact.


We found one of the best No-Touch Door Opener for your next solo travel trip in 2021. It could be one of the safest and the most hygienic solo travel tech gadgets in 2021. Let’s make it a fantastic experience!


2. Power Bank Charger



I always ask solo travelers to carry along the best power bank charger on their vacation. It’s one of the best things that would make your journey more straightforward than ever before. Because you can’t afford your phone battery to die away, stranded in the middle of some strange gloomy place. It is one of those travel accessories you should not step out without on any trip. It can save you from getting lost on foreign land — when you have nothing else to your rescue. To help you with this, we scoured through the internet to bring you some of the best Power Bank chargers for your next solo travel trip


3. Travel Router



Today, you can’t take even a turn without the internet, your phone, and most importantly, Wi-Fi. They help boost the Wi-Fi signals and work as a media streamer, SD card reader, and can also be used to copy files between all of the other gadgets. They are not too big & can easily fit into your carry-on without adding on too much weight. I have been traveling for more than 15 years worldwide, and you can’t believe I have never traveled without them ever— they keep me connected to people no matter where I am traveling. It is primarily an essential accessory for solo travelers! Travel routers can be your savior in several ways— check out some of the top travel routers here. 


4. Smartphone Gimbal



If we can look a little deeper, we would understand how technology has transformed our lives. When you are traveling, your smartphone alone can solve a lot of your problems— it can help you communicate, navigate unknown roads, and click pictures. Even you do not need professional video cameras to shoot some fantastic videos on your solo travel trip; your smartphone will do that for you. 


If you have ever used DSLR cameras, you would know what gimbal stabilizers— so they are today available for your smartphones too. A gimbal stabilizer will help you create stable videos eliminating the shaky elements from it. We found some of the best Smartphone Gimbal for solo travelers. Click the link the buy one!


5. Vacuum Travel Bags



I would tell you why I wanted to place this on my list because they helped me during my last solo travel trip. I am someone who prioritizes my packing items more than even booking Leisure travel packages. The best, in my opinion, is Space Saver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags, which is suitable for fitting in anything & everything. You can even snuggly accommodate your giant beach towels, blanket, and most enormous duvet. Its unique triple-seal turbo valve and the double-zip seal provide sealing power and air-tight suction. I can assure you this can be better than any other travel bag. You can accommodate your clothes inside, zip them in, and roll the bag— it will remove the access air from the bottom of the bag. I enjoy packing my things inside, and I am sure. 


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6. Refillable Sanitizer Wristband



When we are still in the process of recovering from the mayhem of the pandemic, it is essential to take care of a few things— cleanliness, social distancing, and putting on masks. While I always suggest solo travelers, family vacationers, or holiday travelers— they should make sure they never get short of sanitizer. Many people struggle to lose their bottles of sanitizers almost constantly, and I am one of them. A Refillable Sanitizer Wristband is a perfect solution for these people— it could be one of your best travel accessories. It is available in the shape of a wearable watch which makes it even easier to carry along. All you need is to attach the strap to your wrist, and you can easily dispense sanitizer whenever you need it. 


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7. Digital Pouch



The innovatively designed Digital pouch makes your solo traveling experience way more exhilarating. You can easily fit them into your backpack with the innovatively warp-style design that makes it capable of storing electronic cords, your daily essentials, and other items. From my personal experience, I can say that I have been carrying this around on all my trips, and it has always made my trips — way more adventurous and fun-filled. It’s like a sense of freedom for me with the durability, versatility & functionality that it offers. So, whether I am moving around a monument, or making my way through for concerts, or going for a cooking class, my go-to Digital Pouch always helps me. 


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8. Waterproof Camera



If you often get wooed by those lovely snorkeling pictures on Instagram— you must often have wondered how I can get a camera that can survive underwater. So let me tell you, there are waterproof cameras of superb quality that might make your dream come true. You can go to an exotic locale on a solo travel trip and click a couple of amazing pictures of your snorkeling adventure— your camera might get wet outside but will remain dry inside. I have been using these cameras for quite some time through my leisure travel packages, and it has been my perfect companion for my ski resort or beach vacations. There are plenty of brands selling sleek, waterproof cameras that capture the ideal high-quality images on your vacation. A lot of them are also shock-resistant and can stand freezing temperatures. You don’t need to worry, whether you want to go on a relaxing beach vacation, or go for a scuba expedition, or a kayaking trip— buy a waterproof camera to capture those fantastic underwater lifetime moments. 


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9. Water Bottle with Time Marker



Keeping yourself hydrated is not just crucial for your body, but it also lets your brain function well and especially on a solo travel vacation. For most people, it is challenging just to get the daily dose of water they must be drinking, especially on vacation. And, keeping your water bottle filled at all times is even more difficult than drinking it regularly. And, keeping that problem that most people face, these time-labeled water bottles were designed— so they help you remind you every time you need to fill your water bottle and how much water you are drinking throughout the day. Get a Water Bottle with a Time Marker to carry it along all the time when you are gearing up for your next vacation— it will help you remain hydrated, active & full of energy. 

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