How to Choose the Best Travel Bags

With the vacation D-day coming closer, feeling highly strung & hysterical is pretty obvious — we’re not going to judge you for that. The travel expert team at Leisure travels consistently and we know everything about why it makes you feel nervous. We know how it can keep you awake all through the night. That is why we’re committed to serving the right thing & the right information on your platter under one roof. We’ve followed our readers & a bunch of vehemently passionate travelers to find — once the cheapest air tickets are successfully bought, the only thing that bothers you is how to pack and pick the best travel bag. If this thought has been hovering over your mind for pretty some time, you’ve found the way. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about — how you can pack smart & make it hassle-free & subdue your stress of packing. There are certain essential factors you’ll need to consider when choosing the right travel bags — read further to know. 


Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Travel Bags:



Let’s be honest here — traveling might be the greatest fun ever, but it can be equally stressful! But with the right travel accessories and the right way of doing everything will make this stress fade away. At Leisure, we’ve got your perfect magic wand — This article will cover one of the most pressing issues while planning a trip that is choosing the right travel bags. 


There are factors you need to consider to make your adventurous vacation, a calming and hassle-free one. You can put any drama to an end by choosing the right travel bags. Let’s read on to discover the handy list of factors that have been comprehensively prepared by our travel experts based on their real experience and authentic travelers’ reviews. 

Here are the factors that will play an important role in deciding on the best travel bags: 


Type of the Vacation



Will you be sailing through the crazy waters or camping around remote locations or gazing at the blue skies at a beautiful beach? Knowing in advance — what kind of vacation it is going to be would help you a ton in deciding which travel bag you must choose. Based on where and what the vacation is about, you can decide on the type and amount of gear you will need to accompany. For instance, a traveler who is staying in a hostel or hotel may consider a rolling bag, on the other hand, a traveler on the go will look for the lightest traveling bag. So, that’s essential to consider!


Length of the Vacation



Based on the length of your vacation, you’ll be able to sort out a lot of things! For instance, if that would be a weekend trip, you can fit everything up in a lightweight carry-on, if you are going for a week-long vacation, a piece of rolling bag would do. And, if you’re going on a month-long exploration, you’ll need a big-sized rolling suitcase. So, the length of the vacation will play an essential role in choosing the right travel bags! Along with the length of the vacation, the kind of gear you would be bringing along will also decide which is the best travel bag for you. 


Modes of Transportation



Will you be taking a non-stop flight that goes straight from point A to point B or will that be a layover flight stopping at multiple places en route to your final destination? Are you going to ride on a bus or a train or a personal vehicle on your vacation? These questions are important when making the selection for the best travel bags. For instance, people who will be on the go, hopping around between multiple locations and multiple transportations, will need a lightweight carry-on or a backpack duffel — the idea is they’ll need travel bags that are easy to handle and that could be easily fitted into the compartments of buses, trains, or planes. 


Type of Activities on the Vacation



It’s one of the biggest questions to answer when choosing the best travel bags — what type of activities will you be doing during the vacation? This will be pretty much helpful in deciding what gears & clothes you need to pack. The packing requirements for people who are up for a quieter family vacation on a beach will be pretty much different from people who are going to be trekking around the dense jungles & hopping around on different modes of transportation. While in some situations, you’ll need the bag that can hold up to the rain, mud or could be strapped to the roof of a bus, in the others, a versatile bag that has just a wet compartment (that could hold the beach gear or swimsuits) would do the job. 


Hard-Researched Facts on the Best Travel Bags



Do you know our experts, every time they are up for a vacation even to the same place —they would sit back for hours researching different aspects of the trip? So, the moment, a vacation idea springs up in your mind — buckle up & swing into action. You can read Leisure guides on choosing the best travel bags for different types of vacations. They are well researched and authentically created just for the convenience of the readers. These articles will give you an idea of the correct piece of travel bags for every type of vacation — it’ll make your selection easier than ever before. 


So, these are some of the factors that need to be considered when choosing the best travel bags. Equipped with that knowledge, you’re now ready to choose the best travel bags for your vacation. 


In the section below, we’ve given a brief description of some of the top travel bags — follow the article:



Useful Features: 

Backpacks allow you to go hands-free.

They are particularly the best choice for trekkers & campers. 

The best thing about backpacks is that you won’t feel tired, even if they are packed with month-long vacation gear & clothes. Usually, it’s the most perfect choice for the outdoorsy person. So, if you are up for some outdoor activities, going for a camping vacation, or trekking — make sure to intelligibly choose the color of the bag as it is going to be exposed to mud & dirt. Choose one that could be easily hand-washed. Backpacks with pockets & compartments are best — they will make organizing your belongings easier. Another important consideration should be the shoulder straps of course — you’re going to carry a massive weight on your shoulders for a long time. 


Duffel Bags



Useful Features: 

They are easy to carry.

They have two handles & the weight can be shared between two people.

So, the best thing about duffel bags —  is that with two handles, it provides the convenience of sharing the weight between two people. Nowadays, modern duffel bags are also available which also have certificate holder compartments and more. The modern duffel bags have several travel accessories including a retractable handle and wheels — all you’ve to do is to make the right selection. These modern duffels are sold as travel duffels and are very useful for avid travelers. 



Useful Features:

They will keep your clothes crease-free.

They will make organizing your clothes easier.

Suitcases might not be lightweight, but there are trips where you need to carry stuff that requires suitcases. For instance, you can’t do without suitcases on a business or a luxury trip. And, when you’re traveling to attend a wedding, you want your clothes to look dapper every time you take them off from your travel luggage. The best thing about these travel bags is that — you can easily organize your clothes and keep them crease-free. 


Packing Cubes



Useful Features: 

They will segregate items inside your bags.

They are best for packing your luggage neatly.

These are small packing cubes or pouches where you can segregate & arrange your items in your bags — any duffel bags, suitcases, backpacks, or any travel bag. Not only do these cubes help keep your luggage neatly, but this is an amazing way to keep it environment-friendly. You can get them in different sizes & colors — so to pack & differentiate different items. For instance, you can segregate your clothes like — for trekking, for the party, for the temple visit — and assign different cubes for each of them. This way you’ll keep it unmessy and save a lot of your time. 


Rolling Suitcases

Useful Features: 

Perfect for seasoned travelers.

Today there are plenty of rolling suitcases available that can be used to carry heavy weight items. And, you can carry them with ease — these rolling suitcases are one of the best travel bags. They are available today in a variety of designs, all you need is to choose mindfully.



No matter what travel bags you’re choosing, make sure it fits the purpose, is easy to carry, and most importantly — doesn’t spoil your vacation. Don’t just go with the flow. Pick & Pack your travel bags smartly!! 

Keep reading our articles for more relevant information on the best travel bags. After all, traveling is all about discovering new things!!


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