Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021: Explore the Happiest Country in the World

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Bhutan is the final kingdom on the Himalayan range and is also one of the most untouched and least explored mountain countries in the world. This is mainly because up until 1974, the country was closed off to foreign visitors and tourists to protect its natural as well as cultural heritage. As a result, the country is preserved from most western influences. Bhutan opened its doors to tourists in 1974, and even then, the government of Bhutan has tried to keep a close watch on the tourism industry.


Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom and follows a constitutional monarchy. The government of Bhutan only offers several visas every year to foreign tourists in order to ensure a ‘unique and exclusive environment.’ This has worked out in Bhutan’s favor, as the country is unspoiled from the ill effects of tourism, and due to a limited number of tourists, the country benefits from its distinctive tourism policies.


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Due to COVID-19, the government of Bhutan shut down tourism after a rise in the fast-spreading disease. However, It is observed that the country has since then managed to stop the spread and reduce the total number of active patients. Bhutan is expected to open its doors to tourism again in September or October this year. Therefore you must start planning now and book your Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021!


Bhutan is a culturally unique and immersive country, and its topology offers amazing adventures that are both exciting and thrilling. Our leisure travel guides bring you a list of top things that you must include in your Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021!



1. Shoot some Arrows



Archery is the national sport of Bhutan, and therefore there are plenty of fields and stadiums for target practice in every town and village in the country. The people of Bhutan are quite passionate about the sport, and it is seen as a way of celebration. During most festivals and celebrations in Bhutan, you will witness at least one Archery competition. No matter if you’re in the capital city or in the remote villages, you will find locals shooting some arrows in nearby fields or stadiums. Make sure to take some time out from your Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021 to learn the traditional sport, or if you’re confident enough, try to participate in a competition as well.



2. Kayaking



Kayaking is a major sport in Bhutan. With multiple Himalayan rivers flowing in the region, there are various spots from where you can paddle down the river. There are different classes of difficulty for Kayaking in Bhutan, starting from Class 1 going all the way up to Class 4. The most popular spots for Kayaking in Bhutan are the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers, which offer different terrains and speeds for you to take on. You will find various Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021 that offer kayaking from different spots on the river, and the routes vary from 10-16km on the river.


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3. Take a Bike to the Mountains



Taking an adventure motorcycle and tackling the hairpin bends of the mountains is one of the best ways of exploring the Himalayan range. Every year hundreds of people come to Nepal, India, and Bhutan to start their Himalayan expedition on their motorbikes. The most preferred motorcycle for climbing the difficult mountain roads is the Royal Enfield. A great addition to your Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021, which will make your adventure even more thrilling, is to get a bike and explore the offbeat tracks in the mountains. There are plenty of spots in Bhutan and its neighbor India, from where you can rent a Royal Enfield motorcycle, complete with all accessories you need for the tough roads. Such as mounts to put your jerry cans full of fuels, panniers and saddlebags, a phone mount, and a perfect motorcycle for the mountains.



4. Hike to Tiger’s Nest



The Tiger’s Nest, or the Taktsang Monastery in Paro, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Almost all Bhutan Vacation packages 2021 will include a hike to this sacred temple. The temple clings to the side of a cliff and sits 1200 meters above the valley. The hike to the temple will get your muscles worked up, but when you reach the top, you will find one of the most scenic mountain views you have ever seen.


Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava, the person who introduced Buddhism to the world, reached on a tiger’s back to the caves where the temple is situated today. The guru meditated for three years, three months, three days, and three hours to fend off the evil demons that resided within the caves. After his meditation was complete, he emerged from the cave as eight manifestations. The temple worships each of those manifestations in different buildings.


This mystical place is one of Bhutan's most revered places of worship and brings in hundreds of devotees and tourists every year.


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5. Explore Bhutan’s Dzongs



A dzong is a traditional Bhutanese fortress, which serves as a municipal building as well as a place of worship. In almost every city and village in the country, you will find these huge structures that seem almost impenetrable. Dzongs have been built all across Bhutan since the 6th century to protect the relics and religious artifacts of the country. One-half of these structures serve as a municipal building, where government officials reside and make important decisions regarding the welfare of the village or town. In contrast, the other half of the building holds religious artifacts, shrines, and relics that are worshiped by the locals.


Make sure to carry proper clothing on your Bhutan vacation packages 2021 if you are planning a visit to one of the Dzongs. It is important to wear appropriate clothing while visiting the dzongs. The devotees and visitors must either wear a traditional dress or pants and shirts covering the whole of their arms and legs, in addition to wearing footwear that covers the whole feet.



6. Trek to the most majestic Peaks



Trekking in the Himalayas is one of the most amazing experiences for every individual on the planet. Bhutan offers some of the most amazing trekking experiences that you will ever have, with its beautiful mountain peaks, rhododendron forests, and lush greenery along with snow-capped peaks. Trekking in Bhutan is one of the most stunning experiences as there are various trails offering varying levels of difficulty. There is something for everyone, from short little day hikes to a 25-day trek that basically takes you through half of the country, exploring its untouched wilderness.  


An important point to be noted before you book your Bhutan Vacation packages in 2021 for trekking is that trekking is only allowed in the country up to a height of 6000 meters. Climbing peaks above 6000meters is prohibited as the people of Bhutan consider snow-capped mountain peaks to be the territory of the Gods, and entering their home, could bring devastating floods and other natural calamities.  However, even then, the country is almost all mountains, and about 70% of it is covered in forests. Therefore there are plenty of trails for you to explore on your Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021.


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7. Witness one of the biggest Buddha Statues



As you ascend the steep hills of the Kuenselphodrang Nature Park, you will witness the 50 meters tall Buddha Dordenma Statue. It is one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world and is considered a holy place by the locals. The statue houses 125000 miniature sculptures of Buddha in its chest, each varying from 6 to 8 inches in size. The statue is situated on top of a meditation hall where monks and locals sit in silence to meditate. The region around the statue offers a stunning view of the town below, with lush greenery all around.


The statue is sacred because it is considered proof of a prophecy made in the 6th century and then again in the 1900s. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava predicted in the 6th century that there would reside a magnificent statue of Buddha in this spot which will represent the manifestation of human faith and will bestow its blessings upon the world.


The land of Bhutan is one of the most mystical and magical countries on the planet, with a rich culture and spectacular views of the mountains. The flight to Bhutan itself brings you face to face with Mount Everest. It is predicted that Bhutan Vacation Packages 2021 will experience a large influx of tourists because of its exclusive nature and secluded attractions, making it one of the best destinations to explore during the current corona pandemic.



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