Mexico Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Mexico

Mexico is well-known for its tasteful cuisines, cheap beers, the origin of chocolate, temples, cenotes, music, beaches, and much more. has prepared a Mexico Travel guide to guide you through Mexico vacations.

Go through this Mexico travel guide to plan your Mexico vacations.





According to our Mexico Travel guide, the June to October season in Mexico is humid. It rains during summertime, a heavy downpour for a short period every day. The Northern part of the nation does not witness much rain, but the Southern region is highly humid.


September to October is also hurricane season, so you shouldn't plan a trip around this time. You will not be able to visit beaches or any attractions due to the threat of hurricanes. Either time is not suitable to visit Mexico.

But the time between December to April is the most popular choice. During the winter season, Mexico’s tropical climate makes it the ultimate vacation spot for tourists seeking some days away from the cold weather. There is less to no rain, and the country is busy at this time of the year. However, if your Mexico vacations include visiting mountains, pack some cold-weather gear because it can get chilly. Leisure travel packages offer trips to beaches as well as mountains. You can customize them as per need after reading through this Mexico travel guide.




This Mexico travel guide discusses if Mexico is a shady nation to visit.

Some parts of Mexico are safe, others not so much. Mexico has been painted as a shady and dangerous nation by the media for years. Movies shot with cinematic filters making the country appear desert-like have not done it any favors either.


Thefts are common in Mexico, but the authorities manage drug cartel conflicts. Additionally, those indulging in drugs are more at risk. Not to mention, the place where you are staying influences how much danger you are in.

Per the Mexico Travel guide, Yucatan and Oaxaca are safe places for tourists, while the border regions are said to be shady and violent. Your Mexico vacations will be safe if you do your research well.




Just be a typical tourist there.


•          No flashy clothes or jewels to be worn, don’t spill money more than necessary, bargain where you can, do not go for a night drinking, keep copies of passport and other documents with you along with an emergency cash stash in both Mexican Pesos and American Dollars. Also, keep your friends and family updated about your location.


•          Keep amenities like a battery charger with you and a cheap phone with you. These are the basics of traveling to any new nation, so there is no need to fret too much.


•          Also, carry a water bottle with you. Refilling water bottles from taps isn’t suggested either. The water is not that clean even after improvement in the water purification system over the years.


•         There are scams in Mexico that target tourists like fake ATMs, meterless taxis, shady tour operators, etc.


•          Ensure that you have travel insurance with you.


•          Keep all the beach essentials handy in small, waterproof bags. If you plan to visit reservoirs, buy waterproof shoes and cases for your phones.


•          Also, keep a medkit in hand for any emergency. Make sure to add charcoal capsules in case your stomach doesn’t agree with Mexican food.


•          Zika is a concerning issue, so carry advisable medicines and keep up with your flu shots.


•          Do not forget to go for a wine tasting tour in Valle de Guadalupe.




Mexico’s currency is Peso, and 1 Mexican Peso equals 0.050 USD. Or 1 USD equals 19.95 Mexican pesos. The currency is also known as Gustavo Lindo.





This Mexico travel guide escorts you through what to do in Mexico while on vacation:


•          Go strolling through Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park and maybe, rent a boat to go paddling through Chapultepec Lake.


•          In the heart of Mexico City, Zócalo Plaza boasts a history that goes as far as the Aztecs.


•          Also, you can go diving, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, rowing, etc., for all the adventure seekers out there.


•          Other than that, you can explore the Mexican streets looking for authentic Mexican food, music, street dance performances, interact with the locals or rest on the magnificent beaches.


•          Stop by Merida to witness the amalgamation of history and nature. Visit the museums, ruins, and spas that have excellent services. Food is a real treat there so are the bars hosting fests at night. Mexico travel guide will take you through the best of what Merida has to offer.


•          Mayans used to use Cenotes, or natural sinkholes of groundwater, as freshwater. The Yucatan Peninsula is flooded with Cenotes. You can go swimming and snorkeling in these cenotes. 




This Mexico travel guide discusses the traveling costs incurred in Mexico vacations.


Hotels generally have a starting rate of 160 Mexican Pesos for hostel dorm rooms. But the average can go up to 200 Mexican Pesos. Leisure travel packages opt for hostels very often as they conserve money. Private hostel rooms charge 500 Mexican Pesos. At the same time, budget hotels charge 700 MXN per room.


As per our Mexico travel guide, Budget hotels, although they do not always come with air conditioning. However, you can expect to get an ensuite bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast services at hostels and budget hotels. Airbnb is also available in Mexico. Starting from 305 Mexican Pesos, this is one of the cheapest available in the nation.

Food is cheap in Mexico as well. Restaurants serve local cuisines at the price of 75 to 135 MXN. The ones with locals piling up are better, so do visit those. On streets, beer costs about 20 MXN, while in restaurants, it can be double it or more. McDonald’s meals can cost between 110-120 MXN.


Other activities in Mexico are affordable. This Mexico travel guide has some activities to check out while on the land south of the border. Historical and museums have a low admission fee. It can cost you between 80-250 MXN.




Mexico is a budget-friendly nation. If you plan to visit expensive hotels and resorts during your time there, the trip shouldn’t cost you much. Leisure travel packages are affordable and enjoyable.


However, this Mexico Travel guide has a few tips on how to save money in Mexico:


1. Shop from local supermarkets for food and snacks.

2. Try out street food rather than at a high-scale restaurant. Street foods can capture the true Mexican essence that big hotels miss. Mexico travel guide suggests a trip through the streets to try out the food.

3. Cities in Mexico have free walking tours. Opt for one of those to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Leisure travel packages include these tour operators in the itinerary for reference as well.

4. Do not travel when it is crowded. Go between late April to early December. There are fewer people and more scope for a bargain. Our Mexico travel guide suggests you opt for the non-festival season as it will be off-season and cheaper.

5. Explore the nation’s interiors rather than just beaches. They are cheaper and have more to offer.

6. Try to cut your alcoholic consumption in Mexico. It may be cheap in local pubs, but in bars and clubs, it is expensive.

7. Use public transport to get to places.

8. Taxis are expensive and overpriced. Many taxis do not have a meter fitted to overcharge tourists.

9. Carry your food and water everywhere, and water is not very clean in many places.

10. If you are on a food budget, opt for ‘Comida Corrida.’ The mid-day meal options are given from 2 pm to 4 pm at several restaurants. 


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