Most Affordable Winter Holiday Destinations To Explore This Year

We all have our preference of destinations to visit during winters. Some prefer the warmer zones, while others want to see a much colder weather region. That is why has compiled a list of the most affordable winter holiday destinations to explore this year for you!


Napa Valley, California



It sounds like an exotic vacation that might be not so budget-friendly, right?


But that is not the case. Napa Valley is one of the finest winter holiday destinations. Many leisure travel packages offer you a tour through wineries and vineyards where the freshly planted grapes are beginning to bloom. You can tour the farms while tasting the delicious wine during the warm days.


There is less hassle for buses to tours and hotels to drop their rates. Local restaurants and bars offer discounts to travelers, and cheaper food is available. This typically pricey destination becomes one of the most affordable winter holiday destinations during the cold weather.





You can travel cheaply in this relatively expensive country with little planning. Pick hostels, camping, cycling, and public transportation to save money on your trip. Also, you can cook your meals to save money on food.


Finland is a more popular choice during the summer season, making it one of the best winter holiday destinations. With some planning and picking the best leisure travel packages, you can travel through Finland at a cheap rate.


And while you are at it, pack cold-weather gear because it is going to get cold. However, it will be worth it when you are exploring the beautiful fjords, streams, and tourist attractions. Do stop by Christmas markets and look around but do not overindulge in shopping during the Christmas season.


Tahiti and French Polynesia



French Polynesia and Tahiti consist of 117 islands. Between November and March, the usually tropical islands become wetter due to rain. The visitation drops, and the prices become affordable.


If you are looking to escape into the paradise of fresh, glowing greenery following the rain, do keep this on your list.


Rain doesn’t mean there is no sun. Only the afternoons are more relaxed, but Tahiti has the sun making an appearance now and then. Leisure travel packages substantially decrease their prices, making Tahiti and French Polynesia the affordable winter holiday destinations.





Greece is a popular choice as a summer destination. However, as one of the winter holiday destinations, it is no less enthralling. The nation is crowded with tourists, heat, and stress. In which case, the prices of hotels and restaurants hit the peak.


You will be saving on airfares, accommodations as well as on food. The islands do not shut down, and you can go island hopping at a much lower price. Between January and February, Greeks celebrate Apokreas, meaning Carnival. Outdoor music, dancing, food, drinking, etc., overwhelm the festival throughout the night for a month





Off-season tours to Bermuda cost way less, lying north of the Caribbean and east of Carolina; Bermuda is one of the most pleasant winter holiday destinations. You will have plenty to do like sightseeing, hiking, golfing, swimming, diving, etc.


The water may be unusually more excellent for you to swim, but in that case, you can get a room that is not overlooking the island. Because you aren’t going for a swim, you are already saving a ton of money. 





Budapest is a sight to behold during summers. But in the colder weather, it is simply magical. In general, Budapest can be a cheap destination, but during the off-season, it becomes affordable. There is less crowd, businesses charge less, flights are inexpensive and can be rescheduled. Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and riding are some of the popular recreational activities. Not to miss, paired with the dramatic Hungarian skyline, you can lounge in an outdoor thermal bath, making this one of your exceptional winter holiday destinations. Leisure travel packages even include ice skating and the trip through winter markets in Budapest.





Mexico is one of the popular winter holiday destinations, but that doesn’t make it expensive. One simply needs to research well to make this trip less expensive. The November season in Mexico isn’t crowded. While you may experience a heavy downpour, it would make the destination that much more spectacular.


While people spend their time around the beaches, you have the opportunity to bag one of the leisure travel packages through the heart of the nation. You are surprised to find out how much there is to explore from ruins to mountains, to cenotes and food.





Slovakia is a cheaper destination as compared to its European counterparts. But during the off-season, it is more affordable. Leisure travel packages take you through the best of Slovakia as it is a nation yet to be explored. There aren’t many people around, and you can interact with the locals more intimately. The country has a rich history, beautiful sceneries, magnificent mountains, and unique caves. The folk architecture makes it one of the worthwhile winter holiday destinations.


Some things not to be missed in Slovakia are the castles, the hot baths, the UFO Observatory, and the wine! This is one of the winter holiday destinations that is waiting to be discovered.


New York



The city that never sleeps costs a lot during summers, but during the cold-weather season, the tourism rates dip. Hotels see a 90% drop in reservations. As long as you avoid the festival seasons, you can visit New York at an affordable rate. The fashion and style never go out, the shops are decorated, the snow plowed through, affordable hotel rates and airfares make New York one of the best winter holiday destinations.


Keep in mind a few things like taking a subway to travel, stay at hostels or Airbnb, do not shop for something you don’t need, and there is a free dining option at many places for you to try.





January and February are the most reasonable times in Germany during winters. The nation goes to sleep after celebrating Christmas and New year. The rates plummet, making Germany one of the ideal winter holiday destinations.


But fret not; skiing, lodging, snowboarding, hiking, and sightseeing are open. The beer festival nation is blanketed in snow, making it look no different than a winter wonderland. Just pack well for your trip because the weather can be a little bit unpredictable. The weather can be freezing. Sometimes, it can get rainy. So, pack your winter gear with waterproofing features. But this gives you the chance to try out the traditional German glühwein, or Mulled Wine. Keep scarfs, medicines for the cold, lip balms, and lotions in handy to be prepared for the German winters. The skyline of the German cities is simply enthralling to watch during sunrises and sunsets, so keep your camera handy at all times.


New Orleans, USA



New Orleans is much calmer during winters. What makes it one of the perfect winter holiday destinations is the affordability. And the fact that even during the off-season, the city does not lose its charm.


Hotel prices decrease dramatically with the offset of the festival season, which includes Mardi Gras. The Big Easy becomes easy to navigate through winters. It is peaceful and quiet. It will allow you to explore the streets that are usually choked with travelers in the summers.



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