Don't Forget These Hiking Essentials on Your Adventure Travel

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 18,2024
Man hiking at sunset mountains with heavy backpack

Let me start this with my own ordeal with a hiking trip to South America! So I was in Machu Picchu, and you know how it is this iconic spot in Peru, all snuggled in the slopes of the Andes is the best thing for adventure travelers. I was on my hiking journey with a few of my friends with an authorized, organized trek through the Inca Trail making my way through Machu Picchu. After a few hours' journeys, we were camping before venturing on our journey the next day. We had all the fun, laughed, and then thought of catching some rest so we can be prepared enough for the next day. 


While we went into our respective little caves, I sat down to pen my thoughts with everything that went by all through the journey. Since I am a travel blogger, I usually write at least 3-4 blogs on every adventure travel trip. It was a little strange for me as I saw many of our adventure travel mates not prepared enough with their hiking essentials I decided to create a complete list of hiking travel accessories. It occurred to me that many of the travel mates were not comfortable with their backpacks, had no reusable water bottles, Portable batteries I cant imagine a few of them did not have the hiking travel shoes we need for hiking through the Inca Trail. Let me take you through how I prepared my list of top hiking essentials for any adventure travelers. Here we go:


Top Hiking essentials for Adventure travelers:


1. Knuckle Lights Rechargeable:


Knuckle Light


The Rechargeable Knuckle Lights are designed in a way to enable travelers to wear them in front of their hands so they can position them perfectly and could see their path correctly while hiking in dark. They are designed to provide high visibility while hiking in the dark and helping you through your adventure travel journey. I have personally used this hiking gear for many of my hiking trips and believe me they are super easy to carry, super lightweight comfortable, and useful gear for any adventure travelers. The soft silicone straps are designed to help you hold it with ease & be comfortable even when you are hiking through the roughest trail. The Wide flood beam makes the light spread through all directions and they are easy to charge. Never forget getting this extremely useful gear when planning an adventure travel trip. 


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2. Modase Backpack, Hiking Backpack:


Man hiking with heavy backpack


I should have mentioned this first in my list of best adventure travel hiking gear, but never mind! A top-quality hiking backpack is the first essential thing that you must have whether you are hiking to complete your Ph.D. project or hiking for fun. It is your backpack that is going to hold all the essential travel gear, so it has to be sturdy enough. A smart choice will help you be comfortable and make it a great hiking experience for you. The modase Hiking Backpack are a great choice for hikers and adventure travelers. They are foldable, look stylish, and the top-loading pouch with a drawstring lock makes it possible to accommodate more stuff into your bag. You don't have to carry that heavy bulky double-decker backpack with so many pockets, I never do and I have been on some of the best hiking vacations in the last few years. Modase Backpack looks sleek and only adds to your hiking experience. Thank God the manufacturing process has evolved over the years, and there are backpacks that keep your spine straight and do not make your backache.


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3. Black Crystal Hiking Ski Snow Gaiters:


No matter what waterproof boot you are wearing, snow, pebbles & water find their way but let me tell you a Black Crystal Hiking Ski Snow Gaiters would prevent that from happening. Covering the vulnerable parts of your footwear will completely protect your feet from anything like that. They are great for your skiing, walking, or hiking adventure travel. On our trip, the weather suddenly got bad and none of us had gaiters we could hardly walk with pebbles making us uncomfortable. Dont make that mistake we did, get these Black Crystal Hiking Ski Snow Gaiters, which are made from durable waterproof materials that can easily sustain harsh weather conditions. You can pair them with ski boots or hiking boots to keep your feet safe from rocks, dirt, snow & water. 


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4. Panda Superstore 2 Pairs Thick Shoelaces for Hiking:


different types of shoelaces


There are hikers and travelers who would take a lot of time selecting the right kind of boots, but once they have selected one, it can last for nearly a lifetime. Most leather boots are designed to be sturdy, strong & durable you can wear them in different environments on any adventure travel trip. But they cant be properly functional without the right pair of boot laces it has to be of high quality, fashionable & of the right length. Panda Superstore 2 Pairs Thick Shoelaces for Hiking are a great choice for adventure travelers and hikers, I have used it and I can say with confidence that it really works. The length is about 160cm, washable, durable and you can use them for many purposes skateboard, hiking travel shoes & more. Get them before you start packing your hiking gear for your next adventure travel trip it can save you from blisters and that uneasy feeling. 


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5. ANRI.E. Knee Brace Support:


Man using Knee Brace Support


For most adventure travelers, hiking is really an amazing experience it boosts your mood and prepares you for challenges both physical & mental. But it isnt as easy for your body as exciting it sounds, if not taken care of, and more hikers know that. Im a passionate adventure traveler and I have hiked through many parts of the world there have been times I could not walk because of the pains & aches, it had all ruined my trip. But now I have educated myself about hiking to understand what works and what doesnt. One this I have learned is, it is important to take care of your knees while hiking, which is more about keeping yourself healthy. While researching for my last adventure travel trip I found these ANRI.E. Knee Brace Support and believe me they are just SUPERB. The Knee Brace patella stabilizer protects your knees and patella tendon when you are hiking through rough terrains and bad weather conditions. They are easy to adjust and provide a perfectly comfortable & tightening feeling. Go for it guys!



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