New York Adventure Travel, How Do You Choose the Best Hiking Shoes

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 25,2021

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More than Lady Liberty, there’s also the other world where New York exists! While when you talk about New York the only thing that comes to mind is the — buzzing scenes, skyscrapers, massive malls, and the Lady Liberty, but NYC has much more to discover that most people don’t realize—you must try making your way through some of the best hikes in New York. From the Watkins Glen State Park Gorge Trail to the Buttermilk Falls Gorge Trail and the Appalachian Trail, you’ve plenty to make it an exhilarating adventure travel trip to New York. 


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain


But, you have to be prepared to make it through the adventure like a lion— isn’t it?


Travel bag— (Checked)

Tech Items— (Checked)

Phone accessories— (Checked)

Sports gear— (Checked)


What about your hiking shoes? That’s where you can make a failed attempt— when you are going for an adventure travel trip to New York, where all you have to do is explore, the chances are that it can get you in trouble if not done properly. 


Expert tips from people who have experienced the journey can help better. So, since you are going to spend a huge part of the time walking, wading & hiking in the outdoors— you need to know how to pick the best shoes that won’t let you down. 


Check out our handy tips on how to choose the best hiking shoes for your Adventure travel trip to New York. Let’s get started:


Here are certain important things you must consider when choosing the best hiking shoes on your adventure travel trip to New York.


What is the place you are Traveling to— If you are going to be exploring the outdoors for most of your trip? If that’s true, durable, sturdy hiking shoes are what you should be looking for.  Through any adventure travel trip to New York, you are going to glide through rough terrain, so you need a stronger shoe. But if you are going for just about light hiking, comfortable lightweight hiking shoes will fit the bill. 


How much you are going to carry along— if you are going to carry along heavy gear, you need to look even for a pair of way stronger shoes so that you can get proper support to help your body hold on to what it is carrying along. On the other hand, if you are going to carry a light backpack along, just keep calm, a pair of sturdy & comfy sandals will serve the purpose and keep you comfortable. 


Can you Fit them Up for more than One Occasion— So, look for hiking shoes for your adventure travel trip to New York— one that can fit into a number of occasions? Make sure if you can help your feet with these hiking shoes, when they swell in colder or hot temperature. Find the best fit for your trail!


Know if you need shock resistance and arch support— Hiking shoes are different from regular shoes in a way that— the hiking shoes are specifically designed with additional padding of foam insole, which helps in shock absorption when you are hiking through long trails. 


If you need waterproof hiking shoes— So, if you know, you are going to wear your hiking shoes while making it through some of the watersports including swimming, it has to be waterproof. Make sure they have synthetic uppers, rubber soles, and can dry up quickly. 


In the past decades, “traveling”, “vacation”, “holiday” — have come up as buzzwords in fashion and so has everything that comes along. The past decade has seen so much transformation in how several travel gears have come to the fore including travel bags & travel shoes. Today, you can see a variety of hiking shoes & hiking boots in the market designed in a particularly specialized way. 


Today, there are more choices than ever before— and that makes the process of selecting a hiking shoe confusing & more difficult process. While some do away with these overwhelming choices by exploring & discovering the one that fits their requirement and going with the same design year-after-year. On the other hand, there are others who want to discover, explore & keep doing that every time something new is out there in the market! This guide will help you discover the best — be it the best hiking shoes, backpacking, or hiking boots. Here’s your handy guide on where to start choosing your hiking shoes for the adventure travel trip to New York. 


This guide is intended to help you with which category you just choose for a comfortable vacation. Check out these tips to Choose the best Hiking shoes on your adventure travel trip to New York:


1. Sturdy Sole for Firm Grip



Shoes are a very essential part of your travel gear when it comes to hiking trips— and it has to be the one with a sturdy sole that can provide a firm grip while you are walking through the rough terrain where you can’t afford to see yourself falling down. You need to look for a shoe that supports the grip with its sturdy soles flexing naturally along with your usual foot movement. If it will have a textured bottom, your shoes can easily have a grip on different types of surfaces. Get yourself a decent pair of shoes that will be your partner in crime happily for as long as you are going to be on the trip. Look out for something that will get you a better amount of support. Don’t ever get trapped for a beautiful pair compromising on the quality of the sole. You have to be sure you are taking something that has great traction and would protect you from sliding & slipping while walking through different types of terrains. 


2. Know what type of Hiker You are!


There are different types of hiking shoes available these days — like different types of a sneaker we have. So, you have to know exactly in which category of hikers do you fall. Are you going to spend a lot of time inside the depth of the mountains or you are just about a casual hiker? If you have a clear picture of this — it will make it easy for you to figure out what hiking shoes you actually need. We’ve categorized a few of these hiking shoes that might help you make a decision:


Backpacking shoes: These are made for a number of purposes and for walking different types of terrain— you can use them for both purposes, on & off the terrain. If you are heading for an adventure travel trip to New York where it’s all about multiple trekking days— backpacking shoes are best for you. Go grab one for your next vacation! They are built with stiff soles and they will make you ready to fight it out through any condition. 



Light hiking shoes: They are a sturdy version of those pairs of running shoes you have been using for a longer period of time. If your adventure travel itinerary includes a day or two of hiking — they are good enough. However, some long-distance backpackers also use them for their ultra-light fit. 



Mountaineering boots: So, on your adventure travel vacation, if you will be traversing through a lot of glacial trails, and snowy paths— then these are the perfect boots for you. They are designed in a way to help you through the toughest terrain and can hold on to heavyweights. 



3. Choose a lightweight pair of Shoes.


We do not need to mention this— but what you do, wherever you are going to go on your adventure travel vacation to New York, you need to feel light. It will not only help you during the hike but during camping when you are back from a long overnight hike. On the other hand, when you have chosen to go for a heavy pair of shoes, it might make you feel weighed down. And, you can’t even think of this extra weight when you are already carrying up a heavy backpack filled with your hiking gear. Choose a thick, reliable sole and that will be way safer, supportive without adding more weight to your body. Go for shoes that will provide you excellent protection against rugged terrain. In addition, it has to be something that can survive with easy maintenance— you have to make sure, besides being comfortable then can be cleaned without fuss. 



The essential part is researching more about your hike before you are at the trailhead so it’s easy for you to choose the right shoes that not only meet your requirement but also make the journey more enjoyable. The great thing about some of the shoe manufacturers is that — they also mention the weight of the shoes so you can make a quick decision. Know your hike, choose the right weight for your hiking shoes & make sure the sole grip is perfect for your adventure travel trip to New York & through its great hiking trails. 


Happy Hiking!!

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