Be a Goody-Two-Shoes! Pick the best Women's Shoes for Leisure Travel

Whether you wish to stroll around the cobblestone streets or walk across the sea, the right pair of shoes is the prerequisite— and women have a lot of choices that can sometimes overwhelm them. This article is about how women should pick the right pair of shoes for their leisure vacation. You never know when you have to get on your feet to explore your dream places. In fact, walking around savoring the beauty of nature, and enjoying every bit of the surrounding you are in— there cannot be a better way to be present on your leisure vacation. You get an opportunity to bring life to the spots you are traveling to when the exploration is done on foot. Having the wrong pair of shoes fitted uncomfortably onto your feet can make your leisure vacation out of the place you have had expected. Whether you want to enjoy the glitzy nightlife along the Las Vegas Strip or want to sink in the essence of the huge Colosseum on your Rome vacation, walking around discovering your favorite topics in your own way is— is a leisure vacation in real. 


And, if you wish to make the most of every moment, if you wish to walk around that wonderful beach or around your favorite shopping spot — you need the right pair of shoes. And, ladies, we know, in no way you want to look ugly in any of your leisure vacation pictures. Right? Women have to have the RIGHT kind of knowledge that can fit into the definition of comfort & stylish. It’s like an enigma for the Style+fashion-conscious travelers when it comes to choosing comfort & Style at the same time particularly women. It’s like a nightmare for the pretty ladies having to cut those beautiful leisure vacation pictures all from the ankle up. While some destinations would require you to choose sturdy shoes — like on the hiking trails and maybe some rough patches in the winters, at some places you can manage with those chic stylish heels. So, you have to have the knowledge of a lot of things before you are finally up there in the shoe store. So, ladies are you ready to make that search for the best travel shoes happen for you? Yes?? Let’s discover how to find shoes for your next leisure vacation that fits comfort & style. 


How to pack your shoes when you are prepping up for your next leisure vacation? 


For women, experts suggest that packing up a combo of three to four pairs of shoes is a great way to look at it— including sandals, hiking boots, running shoes, and a pair of fancy flats. You have to be specifically cautious about the space you are going to get— know how much space you can make for these travel shoes in your duffel bag, suitcase, carry on or backpack where you are planning to fit on your shoes. If you are thinking of packing those trendy heels for the night out on a Las Vegas vacation, you are doing it right— you know how much extra space it can occupy in your travel bags. So, try keeping it minimal and something that would help in making your leisure vacation memorable. 


How You Can Pack Different Types of Women Shoes that also SAVE Space:


Ask any regular globetrotter and they will tell you how they have learned to pack a maximum number of shoes in the same space— do you think that was any joke? Wait, no that wasn’t! Over the years, it is easy to learn the art of packing like a pro— you would learn to pack four or five pairs of shoes and that in the same space for your leisure vacation. 


The best way is to look for something that is lightweight, stylish & takes up minimum space. Like you can pack one or maybe two pairs of flip flops (they are lightweight & would barely have any effect on the weight of your backpack). In essence, your travel shoes should fall under the following categories. Let’s what we’re talking about here:


When comfort is Your Priority on your leisure vacation: So how would you walk when the streets are messy, when hiking on rainy days? Carry along a pair of sneakers, running shoes, or tennis shoes to walk comfortably in those messy streets. 


When Decency is Your Priority on your leisure vacation: A pair of decent shiny cute sandals would do for those days when you want to look decent & stylish. You can go for a pair of flats, which would not take a lot of space in your bag or maybe a pair of Sperry boat shoes— they are both comfortable & decent.


When you want to Walk Miles on your leisure vacation: You want sandals for days when you have to walk miles through warm destinations. Pick some breathable pairs that won’t make your feet hurt. 


When you want to go for a relaxing walk around the beach: So pick up those comfortable pairs of flip-flops for a beach stroll which you might also use in a shared bathroom for a shower.


And, if you know you are going to do a particular type of activity on your vacation— maybe your adventure vacation would be packed with hiking, crossing the rough terrain, and more of such adventurous activities. Let’s see what shoes you must pack for different parts of your vacation. 


Best Women travel shoes to Pack for Walking around the city.


So when you are up for exploring the city on your leisure vacation, it is going to involve a lot of walking around, visiting the restaurants, bars, and walking across the party floors. You can easily get through this part of your vacation with a pair of comfy sneakers & a pair of decent flats. That smartness would help you in making sure that you have all that to be in the moment and nothing to worry about those hurtful fingers. 


What are the best shoes when you are traveling during Fall or Winter?


If you have gotten the chance to travel to China or the US during the colder months during winters, you would know how your feet might feel numb most times if you have not worn the right shoes for the cold weather. So, if your leisure vacation is about any of these chilly weather, make sure to pack a pair of sneakers that you might wear with a pair of leggings to combat the uncomfortably cold weather. And, if you have in your leisure vacation itinerary any hiking activities bring along a sturdy pair of hiking boots. Besides, you might also feel good about packing winter flats like black ballet flats that you could wear on your perfect party nights that you can pair with jeans. 


Shoes for adventure activities through your leisure vacation


So for all those days on your leisure vacation when you’ll not have to worry about dressing up like an absolute party freak like the one you would love to wear when visiting the glittery casinos of the Las Vegas strip and it would be more of an adventure part of the trip. For all those moments through your leisure vacation, pack your favorite sneakers for hiking, walking, and running, and maybe a pair of flips flops would make for a wonderful walk during the night. 


Ladies! So How Would You Pick the Right Shoes!!


The idea is to pack the pair of travel shoes that would take up less space, are comfortable, and are multipurpose. And, it is about picking the colors that would go with almost everything in your travel bag— black & grey are perfect picks that can be paired with almost everything. Besides, it’s about taking note of the weather, the place, the kind of destinations, and activities in your leisure vacation itinerary. You might also be interested in checking out our article on How to Pick the Best Shoes for Travel? Here's Your Handy Guide. 


Choose something that would keep you calm and that when you slide your feet into would add merriment to your vacation with a high arch for support, the durable material & the study sole. And, you have to also make sure that it does not make you look ugly in your leisure vacation pictures. Pick something that is elegant, stylish & equally comfortable— that you would not mind walking in all day. And, if you have a couple of hiking trails to cover, your shoes should be something that would not show much mud or dirt and can be cleaned easily. And, one amazing way to pick shoes for walking through rough terrain and in different climates is — offloading a pair that you don’t really need and you can donate it to someone in need. In fact, there are a number of destinations where you can replace and buy your shoes at select markets and stores. There is no dearth of ideas, just keep your eyes open, make sure you have gathered the right information from the right people. To get regular latest updates & recommendations on travel shoes visit our site 

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