China Weather Guide To Help You Pick The Right Time For Your Vacation

Author: Megha Agarwal on Sep 22,2021

China is one of the most beautiful countries that top every traveler’s bucket list for ample reasons. It welcomes millions of tourists every year. Although it is highly known for its Great Wall, there is a lot to explore in the country, like sublime water towns, ancient forts, temples, Buddhist grottoes, and much more. The country has a lot to offer that one single trip can not suffice for all your dreams. However, there’s a lot to consider to make the most of your time for the best China vacation. Other than top tourist attractions, it’s the weather that you need to be aware of. China has distinct weather conditions that lure tourists toward it. The country enjoys a wide range of climatic conditions, and the weather varies from region to region. It is essential to check the weather conditions before you leave for the best China vacation because the weather has a significant impact and ability to make and break the whole experience. 


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Take a sneak peek into this article to learn about the climatic conditions in this country. This article will take you through the weather conditions of the months that will help you pick the right time to plan the best China vacation. But trust us, no matter which month you choose to travel, the experience here is worth cherishing. So, read on and learn which season has what to offer. 


Weather In China On Different Months


1. January



January is perhaps the coldest month in China. Most parts of the country experience peak winter weather with snowfall and high humidity. This deters travelers from planning the best China vacation during this time of year. However, travelers who love to enjoy cold weather can plan a winter vacation in January to Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, etc. 


Average Daily Temperature: -5 to 5°C

Average Rainfall: 21 mm (1 in)

Tourism: January is off-season, and hence, most of the places during this time are less crowded. Harbin is exceptional as this destination is famous for winter travel. 


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2. February


This is the last month to experience a full swing of freezing winter weather. Central and South China starts getting a little warmer but still feels damp and chilly. The cold temperature during this month is not an ideal time to plan the best China vacation. However, you can visit China in February to enjoy a budget-friendly journey and strolling on the streets with less crowd. 


Average Daily Temperature: -2 to 8°C 

Average Rainfall: 29 mm (1 in)

Tourism: February is still low on tourism. Most of the attractions in the country are quiet and experience just a few tourists. Hence, the prices go down, and the vacation becomes budget-friendly. 


3. March



March is the beginning of the beautiful spring season. It is that time in the country when the chillness of winters starts decreasing, and the weather begins to get a little warmer. However, the weather during this month differs with the regions of the country. While some parts of the country experience spring and blooming flowers, others remain cold. Although this is not the perfect time to plan the best China vacation because of the weather change, travelers can visit to enjoy a vacation on a low budget. 


Average Daily Temperature: 3 to 13°C

Average Rainfall: 46 mm (2 in)

Tourism: March is again a low travel season but better than January and February. Since the weather gets a little warmer, it welcomes a few tourists. 


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4. April


For all spring lovers, this is an ideal time to plan the best China vacation. During this time, the weather remains cool to warm, perfect for strolling across the top trip attractions. The fruit trees and flowers start blooming, which offers an ideal backdrop for dreamy Instagram-worthy pictures. Although it is an excellent time to visit the country and enjoy the beauty, travelers must be prepared for unexpected rainfalls. 


Average Daily Temperature: 9 to 20°C 

Average Rainfall: 70 mm (3 in)

Tourism: The count of travelers might start increasing in the month of April. However, it is an excellent time to plan a China vacation because many tourist attractions are not very crowded yet.


5. May



May in China can be described as green and refreshing. This is the month when the country enjoys pleasant weather with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures. It is the best time to plan a vacation before the warm summers hit the country. The only drawback is that travelers start to plan the best China vacation in May and make it a little crowded. This might not be the right time if you are not comfortable with the crowd spoiling your holiday. 


Average Daily Temperature: 14 to 25°C 

Average Rainfall: 101 mm (4 in)

Tourism: This is a great time to plan the best China vacation. May welcomes a lot of tourists, especially in the initial days of the month. 


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6. June


June welcomes the summer season in China. It is the month when summer’s heat starts to set in with higher temperatures. The northern region in the country experiences comfortable temperatures in June while the southern part gets its peak of the summer rainy season, which amplifies the humidity and makes the weather feel sultry. So, if you are planning a summer vacation in China, you can pick the destinations like Beijing, Datong, Hohhot, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Dunhuang, Xi'an, etc.


Average Daily Temperature: over 30°C

Average Rainfall: 120 mm (5 in)

Tourism: June is a good time to visit major tourist attractions and plan the best China vacation. This month remains crowded with tourists because of pleasant weather conditions.


7. July



July in China can be described as humid and scorching. This is the hottest and rainiest month of the year. During this time, travelers worldwide fly to have the best China vacation because of children’s summer holidays. Also, the packing during this time is more manageable with lesser bulky clothes. The country remains packed with tourists, making it quite daunting for people who want to enjoy peace and tranquility. However, if you are looking forward to adventure travel, this is the right time to plan the best China vacation as there’s greenery everywhere. 


Average Daily Temperature: 21 to 30°C 

Average Rainfall: 156 mm (6 in)

Tourism: The country remains filled with tourists during July. Travelers take advantage of the right weather conditions and fly to China.


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8. August


The climate in August is hot and humid. The whole month enjoys heavy rain, but still, people love to visit the country during this time. If you want to plan the best China vacation during this time, you can pick non-coastal areas. Gannan, Jiuzhaigou, Guizhou, Yangtze cruise,  Zhangjiajie, and Huangshan are some of our top suggestions for enjoying monsoons in China.

Average Daily Temperature: 16 to 33°C 

Average Rainfall: 190 mm (7 in)

Tourism: This is one of the busiest months, with the majority of the attractions crowded with travelers. 


9. September



The Autumn season in China begins with the arrival of September. The hot summers start to wane during this time of the year, and the weather starts to cool down. Not many travelers plan to visit the country in September because of the cool and dry weather; however, it welcomes some tourists during the festivals. If you plan to travel this month, make sure you carry some cool, breathable clothes for the daytime and warmer layers for the nighttime. 


Average Daily Temperature: 16 to 26°C

Average Rainfall: 85 mm (4 in)

Tourism: September remains quiet in-between the holidays. Except for Mid-Autumn Festival and Yangtze Cruises, the month welcomes just a few tourists.  


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10. October


Since October is the autumn season in the country, locals call it “golden October.” The weather remains moderate during this time, with cold and mild nights and days. Most parts of the country remain sunny during the daytime but with comfortable temperatures. This makes roaming around the city quite pleasant. When it comes to tourists, the country welcomes many travelers because of the national holiday in October.


Average Daily Temperature: 10 to 20°C

Average Rainfall: 49 mm (2 in)

Tourism: The whole month remains moderate on tourism. In the initial days, October hosts a lot of crowds because of the National Day holiday. Other than that, there are not many tourists.


11. November


November brings the winter season to the country. During this month of the year, most parts of the country enjoy the first snowfall. It is the perfect time to plan a trip to China to experience fall foliage as leaves change color, making nature even prettier. This is the right time to visit as the crowd heads back home, and you can enjoy the beauty more. 


Average Daily Temperature: 3 to 13°C

Average Rainfall: 29 mm (1 in)

Tourism: This month is low on tourists. Since there’s not much of a crowd, it is an excellent time to enjoy in tranquillity.


12. December


December can be perfectly described as freezing winters in China. The whole country experiences chilling temperatures except the southern part. Some parts of the country remain warm and sunny and thus become comfortable winter escape destinations for the month of December. You can plan a visit to Macau, Hainan Island, Xishuangbanna, and Nanning to enjoy a winter vacation in the country. 


Average Daily Temperature: 2 to 15°C

Average Rainfall: 18 mm (0.7 in)

Tourism: December is the quietest month of the year because of the freezing temperatures.


Facts About China’s Weather 


- China is one of the countries that have significant climatic variation. This makes it essential to check the weather conditions of different destinations to enjoy the best China vacation.

- Beijing's biggest weather issue is air pollution. Air quality in the city is terrible most of the time. Hence, it becomes crucial to learn when air quality is less problematic before planning a trip.

- Northern China experiences freezing cold winters and hot summers. The weather here is quite extreme in both seasons. So, make the right choices for enjoying the best China vacation.

- Southern China is prone to typhoons from May to December. Most areas get affected every year by typhoons with wind speed up to 120 miles/hour.


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Right Time To Plan The Best China Vacation


Selecting the right time is vital to plan the best China vacation. The ideal time depends upon the place you are heading to and the weather you enjoy the most. Among all the twelve months, May, September, and October are the months that have the most comfortable weather conditions. These months offer the ideal temperature to stroll across the tourist attractions; however, they remain crowded. If you are not concerned about the crowd, these three months are perfect to plan the best China vacation. On the other hand, if you want to ditch the crowd and enjoy a budget-friendly vacation, then mid-November to March is the best time for you. The winters in China remain low in tourism. 


The only travel tip for choosing the best weather condition for your vacation is to learn your preferences. Know what you are expecting and plan accordingly. 


Here we come to an end. We hope this article will help you plan the best China vacation. Learn about the weather conditions before you leave for a trip and have the best time in the country. Remember, “One right choice will take your travel experience to the next level.”




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