Top Tourist Attractions To Include On China Vacation Packages

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 03,2021

China is a massive country with stupendous scenic views, natural wonders, millennia of cultural heritage, unbeatable history, and super friendly locals. Its diverse land endows it with a natural setting and the world’s most beautiful sceneries. China’s offerings are as impressive as its fabulous culture, right from verdant landscapes to precipitous pillars to giant astounding mountains to holy ground. China is a country with maximum sightseeing attractions as compared to any other country on the planet. 


There are so many tourist attractions to see and explore that it at times becomes challenging to decide where to go. This is why in this leisure luxury travel guide, we have penned down various tourist attractions that are worth adding to China vacation packages. To make it even easier for you to choose between all the available options, we have categorized all the tourist attractions. These categories are intended to provide you with glimpses into areas that may be of your interest.


No matter whether you are booking China vacation packages with the motive of exploring the country or for any other purpose, there are ample things that will let you have the time on your vacation. Although it wasn’t easy for our experts to put together this list of attractions, our experts worked hard to provide you with the best that the country has to offer. Here is a rundown of six prominent categories and various tourist attractions. We tried to cover as many attractions as possible on this leisure luxury travel guide. This will surely help you have a pleasant experience in China. 


Without wasting more time, we present to you our leisure luxury travel guide to China’s trip attractions. Let’s take a look at the attractions tourists like so far in China. 



 Natural Sights


The geographical terrain of China is rich and diverse, with dense forests, wondrous mountains, majestic beaches, and inexplicable wildlife. From East to West, North to South, the entire country is laden with natural beauty. Needless to say, China is a gem for nature lovers. Since it is difficult to classify all the offerings, we picked six kinds of natural trip attractions to add to China Vacation Packages. 


- Lakes

- Rivers

- Waterfalls

- Mountains and Hills

- Beaches

- Spas and Hot Springs



1. Lakes


People are aware of China’s stunning rivers and mountains; the lakes here also captivate the attention of a lot of tourists. The massive land of China is embellished by glistening lakes that offer fantastic scenery. If you are planning a vacation in the near future, make sure you choose from the China vacation packages that include visiting the beautiful lakes. 


Lakes To Visit- West Lake, Thousand Islets Lake, Erhai Lake, Lake Namtso, Lugu Lake, Lake Yamdrok, Heaven Lake, Qinghai Lake, and Kunming Green Lake.


2. Rivers


Are you aware of the fact that China has two of the world’s largest rivers? Yes, the Yangtze and the Yellow River of China are the largest in the world. Other than these two, there are eight other rivers in China that have made significant contributions to the economic or travel interest of the country. These rivers stand out as top trip attractions in the country and are suggested to add on China vacation packages.


Rivers To Visit- The Li River, The Pearl River, The Yellow River, The Yangtze River, The Yulong River, The Tarim River, The Lancang and Nujiang River, Xin'an River, The Yarlung Tsangpo River, and The Heilongjiang. 


3. Waterfalls


It is quite an unforgettable experience to witness the rumbling waterfalls and hear the sound of falling water against the rocks. China is one of the countries packed with exquisite natural landscapes, and waterfalls are one of them. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these beautiful waterfalls to witness the magic of the water. They remain the highlight of China vacation packages, and we highly recommend you to see them on your vacation.


Waterfalls To Visit- Hukou Waterfall, Luoping Jiulong Waterfall, Detian Waterfalls, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Nuorilang Waterfall, Mt. Lushan Waterfalls, and Zhaga Waterfalls. 


4. Mountains and Hills


A fun fact- 69% of China's land is constituted by mountains. Isn’t the number massive? Yes, China is a country with a number of mountainous peaks. Unlike others, most of the mountains in China are picturesque and eye-pleasing. While some of them are incredible scenery, others are linked to culture and are worshiped by the Chinese. They are a significant addition to China vacation packages as they offer an experience like no other. 


Mountains and Hills To Visit- Mount Tai, The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Mount Gongga, Mount Wutai, The Three Mountains of God, Mount Putuo, and Mount Jiuhua.


5. Beaches


China’s coastline runs over a vast area of around 18,000 kilometers. And on this continental coastline lies pristine beaches. This offers China vacation packages multiple seaside destinations with splendorous beaches to die for. The best of China’s beaches is that all of them are unique in their own way and serve great relaxing getaways. Make sure you enjoy fresh air, pleasant sound, and coral smell on some of these beaches during your vacation.


Beaches To Visit- Tianya Haijiao, Wuzhizhou Island, Yalong Bay, Gulangyu Beach, Putuoshan Island, Hundred Step Beach, Golden Sand Beach, and Beidaihe Scenic Area. 


6. Spas and Hot Springs


Hot springs in China are a centuries-old custom but are growing popular these days as tourists are now becoming more wellness savvy. In the country, they are interspersed between the mountains and rivers, which allows the visitors to appreciate the beauty along with experiencing wellness in style. We highly recommend you to visit some of the famous hot springs on your China vacation packages and artfully unwind the happiness. 


Spas and Hot Springs To Visit- Zhongshan Hot Springs, Yushui Hot Springs, Arxan Hot Springs, Baekdu Mountain Hot Springs, Jiuhua Hot Springs Resort, Tangshan Hot Spring Resort, and Changbaishan Hot Springs. 


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  Historical Attractions


China is a beautiful country with a proud history written about 3,500 years ago. This offered the country an abundance of attractions from the past year. Believe us, China vacation packages without unrevealing history are not really the best vacation packages. With such a glorious history of thousands of years, you must plan a visit to some of the majestic cultural landmarks and monuments. Here, we have curated five kinds of historical attractions.


- Chinese Gardens

- Buddhist Caves

- Historical Museum

- Ancient Wonders of China

- Chinese Architectures



1. Chinese Gardens


The Chinese Gardens are one of the top trip attractions, relaxation sights, and beautiful landscapes and are much more than regular parks. Visiting traditional Chinese gardens on China vacation packages is a great way to learn about the country’s ancient architecture.  Most of the gardens in China are exquisite with beautiful ponds, excellently arranged plants, rocky surroundings, and a variety of buildings like towers, bridges, halls, etc. Gardens here are priceless gems of architecture that you must appreciate.


Chinese Gardens To Visit- Yuyuan Garden, The Summer Palace, Norbulingka, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, Qiyuan Garden, and Chengde Summer Palace.


2. Buddhist Caves


If you are searching for the best China vacation packages, make sure it includes a visit to some of the famous Buddhist Caves of the country. Along the silk road lies various Buddhist caves and grottoes that captivate the attention of many tourists. These religious artifacts are perfect evidence of the creator’s dedication and provide a glimpse into the multicultural society. With time, these caves are turned into a Buddhist pilgrimage that you must witness for a surreal experience.


Caves and Grottoes To Visit- The Longmen Grottoes, Dunhuang's Mogao Caves, The Yungang Grottoes, Maijishan Grottoes, and The Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves.


3. Historical Museum


If you want to look back at history, visiting Historical Museums is an excellent addition to your China vacation packages. They are reliable evidence of history and preserve various ancient buildings. You can call the Chinese museums as genetic treasures that are the guardians of the country’s civilization and human culture. They serve as a bridge to fill the gap between the past, present, and future, making them an excellent historical place for sightseeing. 


Historical Museum To Visit- The Forbidden City, The Palace Museum, Terracotta Army Museum, Shanghai Museum, Shaanxi History Museum, Nanjing Museum, and Potala Palace.


4. Ancient Wonders of China


China is a country with some of the most prominent ancient civilizations and empires in the entire world. It has a remarkable history of thousands of years that is unarguably outstanding. These ancient wonders have provided the country with a few architectural sculptures that are amongst the top tourist attractions. They include incredible artwork, mysterious tombs, etc. If you are a history fanatic, then these ancient wonders are a must on your China vacation packages.


Ancient Wonders of China To Visit- Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Shi Bao Zhai Temple, and Sanxingdui and Jinsha Relics. 


5. Chinese Architectures


Over the past 3,000 years, Chinese architecture has evolved significantly. Today, the architecture in the country is an integral part of the world’s architectural system. The ancient Chinese architecture is primarily timberwork with wooden posts, joists, beams, and lintels. Right from the unique imperial palaces to religious pagodas, there are various architectural pieces in the country that you can’t afford to miss on your China vacation packages.  


Chinese Architectures To Visit- Shenyang Imperial Palace, China's Most Famous City Walls, Xishuangbanna's White Pagoda, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and The Temple of Heaven.


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 World Heritage Sites


China is a massive country with the greatest number of jaw-dropping trip attractions. It is the only country that has the highest number of World Heritage Sites with approximately 48 attractions. Here are some of the prominent China attractions that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Make sure you tick off at least some of them by paying a visit on China vacation packages. 


- The Forbidden City

- The Shaolin Temple

- The Great Wall

- The Terracotta Army



1. The Forbidden City


The Forbidden City is a beautiful palace that sits in the heart of China’s capital- Beijing. It was built back in 1420, at a time of the early Ming Dynasty. The palace is the country’s largest and well-preserved historic site that is a noteworthy tourist attraction. The Forbidden City is not just famous in China, but it is also renowned worldwide and is one of the most exciting palaces all across the globe. There is no dearth of reasons why tourists visit this world heritage site on their China vacation package. 


2. The Shaolin Temple


Also known as Shaolin Monastery- The Shaolin Temple is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is the main worshiping place of Shaolin Buddhism and is believed to be found in the fifth century. This temple is known worldwide for its Zen meditation and martial arts training. This prominent religious cum tourist site is perched in the city of Zhengzhou. Suppose you are intended to visit The Shaolin Temple on your China vacation packages. In that case, you can expect to enjoy outstanding martial arts performances, witness graves of thousands of people, and beautiful pieces of architecture from the era of Ming or Qing. 


3. The Great Wall


Well, who doesn’t know about The Great Wall of China? It is one of the most remarkable sightseeing attractions and the largest wall in the entire world. This wall took too long to construct, right from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century AD. The first emperor of Qin built the wall taking it across various areas of China. It starts from the east at Shanhaiguan and ends at Jiayuguan. This majestic architecture is a national symbol for protecting the safety of the country and its people. Make sure you visit The Great Wall at least once in your lifetime. 


4. The Terracotta Army


The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, China, is a must-to-visit tourist attraction. It is a 1974 discovery and one of the world’s heritage sites in China. This museum was built as an afterlife guard beside the tomb of China’s first emperor. Every detail of the museum depicts the life of Qin Shihuang’s army or guard troops. This great archeological discovery became a sensation amongst tourists in the 20th century. If you too want to dig deep into the history of China, you must add The Terracotta Army to your China vacation packages. 


Other World Heritage Sites In China: The Yellow Mountains, Pingyao Ancient Town, The Temple of Heaven, and The Summer Palace.


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 Art Cultural Sights


There’s no surprise that China boasts a glorious history of art. The art in the country holds a special place in the culture and traditions. Although all the attractions in the country are astounding, when it comes to art, the attractions are carefully designed to demonstrate the best of the country. We have listed some of the favorable sights for China vacation packages that are perfect to learn about Chinese art culture. Keep this leisure luxury travel guide handy and have the best time in the country. 


- 798 Art Zone, Beijing 

- Art Museums

- Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater



1. 798 Art Zone, Beijing 


Perched on the northeastern part of Beijing, 798 Art Zone is a vast land of over 600,000 square meters and is a creative space showing the talent of Chinese artists. It has the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art and a 798 Photo Gallery. On your visit to the 798 art zone, you can witness the true talent at breathtaking exhibitions and workshops, sip in some coffee at chic cafes, learn about fashion, and shop some artistry souvenirs. If art lures you, then this is one of the places that you ought to visit on China vacation packages.


2. Art Museums


Do you know that art plays a crucial role in the customs and history of China? Well, it is one of the countries that have ample options to keep their tourists entertained with its power of art. Although there are a plethora of museums in the country, and even some of them are famous tourist attractions, the ones that are related to art are true gems. Such museums are well-designed and showcase the traditional as well as the modern artworks of the artists. Without an iota of doubt, visiting these museums on China vacation packages will never leave you with disappointment. 


Art Museums To Visit- The National Art Museum, Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Himalayas Art Museum, Times Museum, Propaganda Poster Art Center, and Shanghai Museum.


3. Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater


If you are someone who loves to enjoy acrobatics shows, then Chaoyang Acrobatics Theater is a place for you. Despite being a small theater, it is the highlight of  Beijing and a must-to-visit attraction on China vacation packages. It’s been approximately 30 years that this theater is showcasing traditional acrobatics. Here, you will get to enjoy various stunts, bicycle parades, motorbike stunts, chair towers, and much more. No matter what age you are, relishing this show will definitely steal your attention. 


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 Adventure Attractions


Tourist attractions are not just monuments and buildings; they are much more than that. If you are looking for China vacation packages, make you partake in outdoor and fun activities to stay active and have a great time in the country. Especially in a country like China, people are very sociable and love to spend their time enjoying outdoor activities. If you too want to explore the adventurous side of China, here are some types of adventure attractions for you. 


- Hiking Trails

- Theme Parks

- Ski Resorts

- Biking Trails



1. Hiking Trails


For all energetic travelers, booking China vacation packages is one of the best choices. The diverse terrain of China makes it one of the best hiking trail destinations in the entire world. It is an innovative and exciting opportunity for an adventurous vacation. All the trails here are surrounded by gigantic mountains, gorgeous rivers, historical heritage, and a lot more. If you are watching for a unique experience on China vacation packages, you must stretch your legs and walk through hiking trails for a REAL adventure. 


Best Hiking Trails In China- Li River and Yangshuo Countryside, Great Wall of China, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Huangshan Hiking, Mount Tai Hiking, and Guilin Hiking. 


2. Theme Parks


China is a renowned tourist destination for fun-filled and exciting theme parks. It has some of the world’s most prominent amusement parks that lured travelers from all over the globe. The amusement park sector in the country is in the age of development and is projected to offer tourists world-class entertainment in the coming years. Add theme parks to your China vacation packages and satiate your appetite for thrilling adventurous rides.


Theme Parks To Visit- Ocean Park, Small but fun, Flying Kiss Theme Park, Songcheng Park, Changzhou Dinosaur Park, Beijing Happy Valley, and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. 


3. Ski Resorts


If you are booking China vacation packages in the winter season, you can look forward to massive snow-capped slopes with skiers having ultimate fun. Gliding on skiing slopes is one of the best ways to experience an unforgettable winter in China. Since the country is blessed with an abundance of powdery snow, it has become a global skiing destination. For all the adventure lovers, skiing in China is one thing that they can miss on their China vacation. 


Best Ski Resorts To Visit- Xiling Ski Resort, Nanshan Ski Resort, Beidahu Ski Resort, Silk Road Ski Resort, Yabuli Ski Resort, Wanlong Ski Resort, and Inner Mongolia Alshan Ski Resort.


4. Biking Trails


Although riding a bike in China is not the first thing that comes to the traveler’s mind when they book China vacation packages. However, it is a leading way of strolling around the cities or looping trip attractions. On a bike, you can uncover every nook and corner of the country and experience the natural beauty that it has to offer. Adding biking trails to your itinerary will help you dig deeper into the culture of China and get the opportunity to connect with the curious locals. 


Best Biking Trails In China- Yangshuo to Pu Tao, Hainan Island Route, Urumqi to Dunhuang, Chengdu to Lhasa, Qinghai Lake, The Friendship Highway, and Xiamen Cycling Skyway. 


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 Other Trip Attractions


Before you set off for your China vacation, we have a few more attractions on this leisure luxury travel guide. Apart from witnessing the cultural and historical sights, you must experience life in the country. Here are two more kinds of attractions we have for you that will offer you an insight into the country. Make sure you explore them on China vacation packages and return back from the country happily. 

- Food Streets

- Street Markets



1. Food Streets


Chinese cuisine is one of the most renowned cuisines in the entire world. People consider Chinese food as heaven, and a lot of sentiments are attached to it. When it comes to enjoying food on your China vacation packages, you can quickly get the folk snacks on the street side. Although there are ample restaurants in China, savoring food on the streets is an overwhelming fest, with mouthwatering food on a limited budget.


Food Streets To Visit- Gui Street, Zhongshan Road, City God Temple, Huimin Street, Sifang Street, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Hefang Street, and Jinli Pedestrian Street.


2. Street Markets


To experience the actual life of a country, you must explore its streets. And what can be better than visiting the street markets? No vacation is complete without bringing the souvenirs with you. When it comes to China, it is one of the best destinations in the world for shoppers. Right from the modern high-end malls to roadside stalls, there is no shortage of shopping centers in the country. To have the best time in the country, make sure you explore some of the street markets and enjoy shopping like never before.


Street Markets To Visit- Wangfujing Street, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, Central Avenue, Chunxi Road, Temple Street Night Market, Ap Liu Street, Barkhor Street, and Silk Street.


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