China Vacation Packages 2021: Top 5 Cities You Must Visit

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jun 15,2021

Do you know what it is like to travel to China? Through all the time I spent during the lockdown, I don’t know what struck me. Suddenly, I decided to read and discover everything about China vacation packages & how it is like traveling in China. I have been writing for leisure for a pretty long time. And I’ve also traveled to China— but that was only a short official trip to the capital city, Beijing.


So, during the lockdown, I just sat down on a more profound journey of exploration from different sources— friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and of course, some authentic sources on the internet. So I prepared the list of top cities to include in your China vacation packages itinerary. 


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China Vacation Packages 2021: Popular destinations you should visit!


When it comes to tourism, China vacation packages remain at the top spot and deservedly so.


While China is an incredible travel destination known for its rich history & culture— there’s so much more to it. Through my journey of discovery, I understood that there’s something very unique about this Asian country. In this article, I’ve listed the five most popular travel destinations to add to your China vacation packages. 


China is a massive country. It has some of the most enchanting destinations you would ever see on the planet. The best thing I discovered about the Asian travel destinations was how it beautifully blends & showcases the charm of old-world & modern-day China. Do you know China has 53 diverse ethnic groups, and over 292 languages are spoken throughout the country? Isn’t that incredible? It is a great indicator of what it offers on the tourism front while experiencing it through the suitable China vacation packages.


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With that kind of diversity, it might be a little difficult to travel through different parts of the country, but if you know the drill, it won’t be that challenging. Through my research, I discovered that covering this humongous nation in one trip is just not possible. And, that is why I decided to enlist the top destinations where you would get to know a lot about China vacation packages 2021. 


Let me walk you through my list of top travel destinations to include: 


1. Beijing



With a history of about 3,500 years, Beijing is one of the oldest and the most popular cities you’ll see on China vacation packages. The city has a population of about 20 million people. Being the cultural & political center of China, it encapsulates a considerable part of Chinese tourism. The city has served as the country’s capital for over 800 years and has some unique remnants from the Chinese imperial past. The best part of exploring Beijing is that it takes you through China's glorious history. 


Through my research, I talked to some of my colleagues who have explored the city during their writing projects. All of them told me that there are only a few cities worldwide that offer as much as Beijing. So, make sure you include Beijing in your China vacation packages 2021 itinerary (which I’m sure anyone would). In that case, you are on your way to the most thrilling discoveries of your life.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust


Best Things to Do in Beijing: 


The Great Wall of China, Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Get Lost in the Hutong, Tiananmen Square, Cooking Class in a Courtyard


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2. Yunnan 



I like to see colorful places all embellished in vibrancy— and I came to know through my research on China vacation packages, Yunnan is something of that sort. From highland lakes, ancient towns, gorgeous rain forest, and picturesque villages— it has everything you might be looking for. On top of that, its diverse culture and rich history will keep you glued to this fantastic part of the country.


Yunnan covers a humongous area, and is almost equal to the size of Germany or California. Also don’t forget to check out Shangri-La, Dali, Kunming, and Lijiang. I searched for China vacation packages, so don’t miss out on these popular spots in Yunnan. You can also enjoy some exciting activities here— hiking, photography, discovering the ethnic culture & more. Get ready to dive into the colorful city!


Remember the quote by Wassily Kandinsky?


“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” 


Best Things to Do in Yunnan: Towering Karst Pillars, Lijiang Ancient City, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, Views from Dragon Gate, Stone Forest, Erhai Lake, Dali, Three Pagodas & Chongsheng Temple.


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3. Shanghai



Some say Shanghai seduces with its charm! From the Chinese architecture to the city lights, and food— everything is just extraordinary. Shanghai is also referred to as “Paris of the East”. It beautifully blends the charm of the old world & the vibrancy of the West. 


When I discovered how the traditional Chinese temples stand magnificently amidst the towering skyscrapers, spectacular shopping malls, eateries & restaurants— I realized this place truly has it all. Whether you are planning to book China vacation packages with family, want to chill out with friends, or enjoy intimate moments with the love of your life, it has everything for you.


The city is home to some of the most magical natural landscapes, giant buildings, and you can have the freedom to enjoy the perfect nightlife. It’s the most modern metropolis of China, so you can imagine how much it has for you— just be prepared to discover the diverse aspects of the city if you are thinking of adding it to your China vacation packages 2021 itinerary. 


Best Things to Do in Shanghai: Skyline at the Bund, Propaganda Poster Art Centre, Propaganda Poster Art Centre, Yu Garden, Shanghai Tower, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Qibao


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4. Yangshuo



In the proximity of Guilin, Yangshuo is most popularly known for its panoramic views of the limestone karst formations. Across the Li or Yulong rivers, rafting trips are the perfect way to get a glimpse of the landscape. Additionally, traveling in China also offers a great opportunity to enjoy recreational activities like hiking, biking, and rock climbing. 


I read many blogs from top travel bloggers, and all of them have mentioned it to be one of the best places on China vacation packages for adventure seekers. One of my friends told me that she planned a month-long trip to Yangshuo (as she loves adventure), and indeed, it was a fantastic experience. 


The miles of breathtaking scenery across the mountains & rivers in this karst land is a blessing for travelers. Its rivers were once described as "the emerald belt" and mountains as "jade hammers" by a famous writer. 


Best Things to Do in Yangshuo: Rock Climbing, Chinese Cooking Classes, the Yulong River, Moon Hill, Cycling, Ten-Mile Gallery, Cruise down the Li River, Xingping Town.


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5. Harbin



Harbin, in northern China, is one of the most popular spots for a winter getaway. For anyone traveling through Dongbei, this beautiful, stylish city is a must-visit. Harbin is also a loved destination for globetrotters for its magnificent Harbin Ice & Snow Festival. Also, it has one of the largest indoor ski facilities in the world. Harbin is the best snow town in China — and people travel to this place to enjoy skiing and various other winter sports. Don’t forget to include this on your China vacation packages.


Whether you have booked family China vacation packages, or are looking for some excellent inspiration for solo vacation destinations, Harbin can always find a place on your list of top destinations in China to visit. Here, you’ll also get an opportunity to learn about many historical facts in a pretty mysterious way. Its rich collection of Western & Russian-style architectural treasures has always been a fantastic exploration spot for travelers. 


Top Things to Do in Harbin: Skiing, Wonderland of Ice and Snow, Winter Swimming, Harbin Snow Fair, Winter Games, Songhuajiang River, Sun Island, Architecture and Shopping, Yang Chao Shan Hill.


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