Hawaii Vacation In May: Make The Most Of A Pleasant Weather

Author: Megha Agarwal on Apr 19,2021

Hawaii is an eye-pleasing cluster of islands and one of the most beautiful states in the USA. Pristine shorelines, turquoise water, warm hospitality, idyllic beaches, and more, Hawaii is undoubtedly a dreamy affair. It is a bucket-list destination, and there are several reasons to justify it. This mesmerizing destination is highly recognized as the finest tourist spot. Visiting Hawaii is just like a dream come true for many visitors. And the best part- the Aloha State is enjoying incredible weather year-round. Believe us; there is no inopportune time to plan a Hawaii vacation. However, if you want to save a few pennies, ditch the crowd, and enjoy the best of the state, then May is the month for you. With plenty of snowbirds, decent weather, picturesque scenery, and more, May provides the ideal opportunity to visit this paradise. 


Are you planning a Hawaii vacation?  If yes, then we must plan a holiday in springtime, i.e., May. To know more about Hawaii in May, you must consider this tour guide. We have handpicked all the vital information that you need to know about the month of May in the state. Review the given article and book your leisure travel package today. It is one of the best decisions you can make. To learn more about the state before you head out to Hawaii vacation, you must visit the official website of Hawaii.


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Hawaii Vacation In May

1. Hawaii Weather In May

2. Travel Cost Of Visiting Hawaii

3. Crowd In Hawaii In The Month Of May

4. Highlights Of Hawaii Events In May

5. Best Things To Do In Hawaii In May


Hawaii Weather In May



Hawaii is one such destination that enjoys pleasant weather year-round. If we talk about the month of May- late spring- the weather is quite remarkable. However, many travelers prefer to avoid May to plan any vacation and book a leisure travel package because of heavy rainfall. But this is not the case with Hawaii. In this beautiful country, with the arrival of May, you will find some rise in the thermometer, and the weather becomes comfortable with the 80 to 85 F range. The weather remains dry and pleasant, which is ideal for planning a Hawaii vacation. You can enjoyably spend your time on the beach basking in the sun and taking dips in the tranquil water. 


However, during this month of the year or late spring, you might experience a few odd showers, but that too happens usually at night. So, you don’t have to worry about disrupting your fun. In case you find rainfall during your visit, you must make the most of it by visiting the leeward side of the islands. Although you don’t have to worry about the rain, you can pick your attractions freely. Believe us, when it comes to temperature, you can’t find any other month better than May for planning a Hawaii vacation. Plan a spring vacation to Hawaii and have the best time of your life!!!


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Travel Cost Of Visiting Hawaii



Spending too much money on a leisure travel package on your Hawaii vacation might affect your wallet. However, you must be looking for ways to save some money on your vacation. And we understand that. It is evident that we all want to make the most of our vacation on a budget without impacting our experience. To do so, you can choose the right season for your travel. One such season is MAY. This is the ideal time to plan your vacation if you are looking for budget travel to Hawaii. Due to the lesser crowd during this month, the prices here are usually low. Generally, the prices of accommodations here are $250/night. But in this month, the prices drop to $200/night. Prices of air also fluctuate a little and get cheaper. If you are looking to reduce your overall cost, then planning a vacation in May is the best choice you can make.


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Crowd In Hawaii In The Month Of May



May is one of the least crowded months of the year and ideal for planning a vacation. It sits second on the list when it comes to lesser crowded months. In the initial days of the month, you will get to experience a little crowd due to some prestigious festivals. Later, the public starts getting lesser and lesser. Either way, whether there is a higher crowd or a lesser crowd, you can explore the state in May without difficulty. It will surely be a thrilling experience to visit this month. 


Highlights Of Hawaii Events In May


Just like any other destination, Hawaii hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. It is a diverse state in the US that is brimming with traditions and culture, which you can enjoy in its various annual events that it hosts. Apart from natural beauty, the events here make this place a heaven on this earth. Among all the events, some of the prominent ones happen in May. In May, here, you can enjoy some of the festivals that are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 


To fully appreciate your time on your Hawaii vacation, you must consider traveling in May. Must plan your vacation around these events, and you will have an unforgettable experience in the states. Here are the events you can relish this month. 


1. Lei Day: It is a celebration held across all the islands of Hawaii. Lei Day is celebrated on 1st May every year back from 1929. This festival represents joy, farewell, love, and hope and focuses on Hawaii’s culture and aloha spirit. Here you can enjoy Hula performances, live music, food vendors, demonstrations, and more to have the best time. 



2. Mele Mei: Planning a Hawaii vacation in May will offer you to enjoy this unique month-long music celebration which seems just like magic to the visitors. Here you can enjoy grand music festivities, performances, and workshops. Apart from this, the  Na Hoku Hanohano Awards remains the highlight of the event. 



3. Lantern Floating Festival: Lantern Floating Festival is hosted every year in Oahu to celebrate Memorial Day. Thousands of people come and join the festival at Ala Moana Beach and honor the fallen soldiers. To pay the tribute, all the visitors carry paper and wood lanterns into the water, which symbolizes the prayers and messages of all visitors. This remarkable ceremony is a must-to-experience on your Hawaii vacation.



4. Kauai World Challenge Canoe Race: Whether you want to participate in an event during your Hawaii vacation or just want to enjoy seeing it, Kauai World Challenge Canoe Race is for you. It is a 36-mile coastal canoe relay race which is quite fun to experience. This race initiates from the Kapa’a Beach Park and comes to an end at Salt Pond. We highly suggest you enjoy it. 



5. Olukai Ho'olaule'a: The meaning of the word “Ho'olaule'a” is a celebration, but it is a way to express their gratitude for Hawaiians. Every year, on the shores of North Maui, this festival is celebrated. This event gathers a plethora of elite paddlers worldwide and takes part in the legendary race. There is a huge price too. If you want to have the best time, you must attend this event on Hawaii vacation. 


6. Molokai Ka Hula Piko: Annual festival of Hula- Molokai Ka Hula Piko  is a 3 day celebration in Kaana, Molokai. Unlike other events, it is not a competition but just a cultural festival where you can enjoy various musical performances, chants, hula activities, food booths, crafts, games, and much more. Since it is not a competition, there will be no judge. It's just a fun and exciting event where visitors come and have a great time relishing the culture. 


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Best Things To Do In Hawaii In May


1. Plan Destination Wedding- With renowned beaches and verdant valleys, the Hawaiian islands are the best sports for planning a destination wedding. Every region on the island has its own uniqueness, different vibe, sights, backdrop, and accommodations. To make the most of your destination wedding, you must pick the right weather or the month. And May is considered the best time of the year to enjoy weddings in Hawaii. This is the best time with no harsh sun, cold wintry winds, hurricanes, etc. 


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2. Go For Hiking- Hawaii is renowned worldwide for some of its best hiking trails. Adventure seekers traverse the Hawaiian trails for years but never get bored of them. One such path that travelers love is Kauai. Although these trails are great to enjoy year-round, the late spring and early fall remain the best time. This also includes the month of May. Because of the drier weather and coolness, this is the best time to go on a hike. 



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3. Enjoy Surfing- The skill level of the surfer plays a crucial role in enjoying a water sport like surfing. If you are skilled in surfing, you can plan a winter vacation as the giant waves hit the shores. However, if you are a beginner and don’t have much surfing experience, then May is one of the best times. From May to September, the waves remain calm and help the beginners to learn the sport. 



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4. Go For Whale Watching- Just as the idyllic weather of Hawaii accommodates visitors from all around the globe, the warm and deep ocean water of Hawaiian Island welcomes Kohola or humpback whales. If you are visiting the state with an intent to watch Kohola, then May is one of the best months. From December to May, the whales stay in Hawaii and enjoy a frolicking vacation. 



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5. Relish Snorkeling- Another sport that people love to do on their Hawaii vacation is Snorkeling. The state provides fantastic opportunities to all adventure seekers to enjoy snorkeling. You can participate in sport throughout the year, but May to September remains the best time. During these months, the water is warmer, waves are not high, the sun is there, and the weather cooperates the best. For a remarkable snorkeling experience in Hawaii, you must book a leisure travel package in May and visit Big Island and Maui.



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