Top Destinations For Adventure Travel And Tours Around The World

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 22,2021

Adventure travel and tours are slowly becoming one of the most preferred ways of traveling for people around the globe. It offers a well-needed escape from the fast-paced life in the cities and helps one to connect with nature. In addition, when executed safely it serves as one of the best ways to get the adrenaline pumping at the same time to calm your mind.


People of all ages, be it adolescent teens, young adults, middle-aged individuals, or even elderly citizens, everyone has a desire to plan their dream vacation which involves a certain level of risk. Planning adventure travel and tours mean more to people than simply striking an item off their bucket list. For some people, it is an escape from their daily life, whereas for some it’s a way of life and in some cases a lifelong dream.


Since traveling has always been an integral part of human civilization, it is only logical that people in the modern world wish to embrace their inner desire to add an element of risk in their lives every once in a while. Activities involving moderate to high physical activity and sometimes great risks are often associated with adventure travel and tours.


What is Adventure Travel?


Adventure travel and tours are considered a niche category of tourism. It can involve traveling to different parts of the world, or even somewhere in one’s state, in search of activities and opportunities which gets their heart racing.

Adventure travel can include a wide variety of activities such as:


·         Mountaineering

·         Rock Climbing

·         Caving

·         Trekking

·         Hiking

·         Paragliding

·         Skydiving

·         Kayaking

·         Bungee Jumping

·         Canoeing

·         Rafting

·         Scuba Diving

·         Mounting Biking

·         Camping

·         Hunting

·         Surfing

·         Skiing

·         Snowboarding


The list is ever-expanding!


One important element of adventure travel and tours is to explore the boundaries of one’s comfort zone and push through them. Therefore, adventure travel can involve much more than adrenaline-pumping activities. Exploring previously unexplored locations, cultures and even trying out different exotic dishes and beverages is an important part of adventure travel and tours.


How to plan for your adventure travel and tours safely?


There is no doubt that adventure travel activities can possibly turn out to be life-threatening. Therefore, you must plan then very carefully and give proper attention to the below-mentioned points:


1. Find out what you want to do


This is one of the basics of adventure travel and tours. The first and foremost task that you must undertake is to find out the particular activity you are interested in. Be it skiing, surfing, and paragliding, skydiving, or even hiking. You must be familiar with the level of risk that is involved in any form of adventure travel and tours.


2. Start with research (intensity, gear, locations, the best time to visit)


Once you have picked your preferred adventure, the next thing to do is, to completely familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of that particular activity. Learn about how it is usually performed, what kind of gear is required, how difficult it would be for you to do, etc.

Such questions may seem pretty basic but they play an important role in making your experience much safer and memorable.


3. Finalise a Location


After you have completely understood everything there is to know about your selected activity, you can now move onto the next step, which is to pick a location. When it comes to adventure travel and tours, finding a suitable location should be your top priority. Pick a destination that has the best reputation in terms of safety. Every destination offers a different experience and perspective when it comes to finding an adventure.  Therefore, you can expect a variety of options to satiate your love and thrill-seeking.


4. Make the arrangements (travel, gear, guide)


After finding your perfect destination you should now be ready to make the final arrangements. This involves making the bookings, gathering up all the gear and travel accessories, and finding a reliable individual who will guide you and offer you the required assistance if need be.


5. Always share your itinerary


This is one of the most important steps to planning any kind of adventure travel and tours, no matter how easy or dangerous. You must always share the itinerary of your travel with someone close to you or someone who can assist you in case of an emergency. Provide the relevant contact information of the organization you’re traveling with and a detailed list of the destinations you plan on visiting.


Adventure Travel and Tours Hotspots around the world


Fortunately, our little blue planet is filled with mesmerizing adventures and natural wonders. For a true thrill-seeker, a great adventure always waits for you next door, as long as you gather up the courage to look for them. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when selecting a spot for your next adventure travel and tour, with many exciting activities to try out.


Below is a list of our top picks, for adventure travel and tours destination around the world:


1. India



India offers a large number of adventure opportunities to choose from, which involve much more than visiting exotic temples and eating innovative dishes. India is amongst the best adventure hotspots of the world, mainly because of its diverse geographical nature and biodiversity.  You are never more than 2 hours away from having an incredible and exciting adventure of your life when visiting India. Be it surfing on the beaches of Goa, or Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands, from spotting the majestic snow leopards in the Spiti Valley to Jungle Safari in the National Parks and reserves. See the slow life in the backwoods of Kerala, or get your heart racing while rafting in the white waters of Rishikesh, India has a lot to offer at some of the cheapest rates that will blow your mind.


2. Sri Lanka



To strengthen its economy and stand back on its feet after ending its brutal civil war, Sri Lanka embraced travel and tourism, by taking advantage of its unique geographic diversity. Hike through its lush green forests, or immerse yourself in its historic traditions and culture, take a bath with elephants, or go surfing on its beautiful beaches. Be it luxury travel and sightseeing or backpacking for a few weeks, Sri Lanka is one of the most underrated and unexplored adventure travel and tours destination in the world, which makes it the perfect spot to uncover its untouched beauty first hand.


3. Nepal



This small tiny little country is home to one of the world’s highest mountains, Mt. Everest, and offers multiple adventure activities for adrenaline junkies. Starting off with one of the most extravagant and sought-after treks in the world for mountaineers, which is the EBC. It stands for the Everest Base Camp Trek and takes a total of 15 days of hiking and camping at multiple spots. The EBC takes you to the base of Mt. Everest, from where you can see the glory of the world’s highest mountains. Experienced Mountaineers, then carry one to climb up to reach the summit, starting from EBC. In addition to that, Nepal has various other adventurous and thrilling opportunities, such as paragliding, white water rafting, hiking through some of the toughest trails.


4. Spain



Spain offers rich biodiversity and cultural exposure which is sure to get you enticed in its charm. This geographically gifted country will never keep you away from adventure travel and tours throughout the nation. Spain houses some of the world’s best beaches, where you can surf, go for a swim, or take a closer look at marine life through your scuba gear. There are various other attractions in Spain that get people hooked to its charm, such as the hiking trails, volcanoes, and cycling on the mountain ranges.


In addition to that, the cultural scenario of Spain is perfect, for taking a break from the monotonous life in the office and embracing the free spirit. Not to forget that this is the land that hosts the infamous Bullfighting and the La Tomatina festival!


5. Switzerland



Switzerland has so much more to offer than delicious chocolate and knives. The country is one of the most perfect places for adventure seekers as it has something to offer all year round. When you’re not skiing down the fresh powdery slopes of the Swiss Alps, you can take a raft down the Lutschine River, or go hiking in the Jungfrau region in the Spring. The summers bring out a different kind of brightness and charm in Switzerland. To make the most of your adventure travel and tours in Switzerland, you could go Paragliding, or Jet boating, or slide down to Oeschinen Lake through a stretch of a whopping 750mt.


6. New Zealand



New Zealand is without a doubt a thrill seeker’s paradise, it offers multiple geographic landscapes, from beaches to mountains, from glaciers to large stretches of meadows that remind you of middle earth. In addition to that, New Zealand is the country where the sport of jumping off cliffs with nothing but a rope tied to your feet was invented. This is why New Zealand offers some of the best locations and the safest gears to go for bungee jumping. In addition to that, kayaking, surfing, paragliding, skydiving, skiing, and many other extreme adventure sports make it one of the major attractions for people looking for authentic and safe adventure travel and tours.


7. Iceland



Does the idea of discovering caves formed in ice sound exciting to you? Then Iceland is your best option for walking on large stretches of snow and exploring frozen waterfalls and hot springs, and snow-covered volcanoes. If you’re someone who seeks something out of the ordinary, you can also climb up Mount Etna and stand atop one of the world's most active volcanoes.


8. United States



If you’re simply looking out to find some adventure in and around your backyard, you can always find it, within a couple of hours. The USA is gifted with a massive land spread, with a wide variety of landscapes, from dry deserts to snow-clad mountains, from dense forests to wide-open beaches, you can find it all in the United States. Hike through the majestic Grand Canyon and explore its beauty, or better yet, take a raft and paddle down the Colorado River and watch the creeps and turns of the grand canyon unfold before your eyes. You can also test your endurance and strength by doing some rock climbing, especially in the Yosemite National Park which offers peaks of varying heights for people with different levels of expertise.


9. Antarctica



There is a certain thrill about going to the southernmost part of the earth, which is exactly what brings hundreds of adventure seekers to Antarctica. The journey itself is quite majestic and takes you through one of the most treacherous oceans on the planet. Wide glaciers and massive icebergs are a common sight in Antarctica. You can also try to spot the polar bears while you’re there. Just make sure you maintain your distance.


10. Australia



Australia has become one of the most popular adventure tourism attractions in recent years. Mainly because of its size to population ratio and the diverse landscapes, Australia is able to host a wide variety of adventure activities that attract thousands of thrill-seekers every year. Take a hike through the explore trails in Tasmania, or check out the Great Barrier Reef, or go surfing on one of the best beaches in the world. This island continent has over 30,000 miles of coastline, and very little population so you can enjoy a great time at the beach with no disturbances.


You can dip your toes into the world of adventure travel and tours, at your own pace and with a level of risk you’re comfortable with. But remember, one of the most important elements of adventure travel is to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits!


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