8 Best Spring Vacation Destinations You can't Miss!

Author: Sonali

From the impeccable symphony that the air brings into the atmosphere to the budding flowers all around to the melting of the snow — spring is one of the most favorite seasons for travelers. With fewer crowds, pleasant weather & vacation packages prices reduced, spring isn’t just for the college kids. While springtime isn’t the same throughout the world but there are a few tourist destinations that start breathing in life as we bid adieu to winters and prepare to welcome the sunshine. 


You must reward yourself for making it through the winters — and what can be a better way than to pick up your dream destinations to visit in spring vacation. With flowers blooming, stores selling the classic candies all through the nook & cranny of the city, and the birds chirping in exhilaration — you can’t press pause to your wanderlust. But where to go? With a huge number of awesome destinations, picking the right one is undoubtedly a challenge. 


8 Best Spring Vacation Destinations


In this article, we’ll let you know about some of the best spring vacation destinations around the world. Let's read here to find:


1. Goldfield Mountains

Location: Arizona (USA)

Trip Attraction: Hiking the towering Goldfield mountains



Snuggled into the disheveled space located in the north of the Apache Junction, the Goldfield mountains offers tourists plenty of exciting hiking opportunities. This place is a botanical treasure trove for the tourists — the rocks formed with the porous colorful volcanic rocks also are home to several vibrant ferns, lichens & mosses. While hiking the towering Goldfield mountains is ideal for the experienced hiker, there are several other small hiking trails for inexperienced hikers. 


2. Chena Hot Springs

Location:  Alaska

Trip Attractions: Scenic route, Kayaks, and canoes on the Chena River, natural mineral hot springs



Don’t rush...when you’re driving your way to the Chena Hot Springs Road! The journey itself defines a scenic route that you can’t miss. Located about 50 miles north of Fairbanks, the Chena Hot Springs is known for the world-famous mineral hot springs and is the best place to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). In addition to that travelers can also enjoy several outdoor activities including snowmobiling, dog sledding tours, and cross-country skiing. Chena Hot Springs is the perfect place for soaking up the last bit of the winter, taking some rest in the healing waters & paying a visit in spring vacation. 


3. Keukenhof Gardens 

Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Trip Attractions: Blooming Dutch tulips & other 7 million varieties of flowers.



Are you visiting the Netherlands this spring vacation? If YES, you can’t miss going to the blooming beautiful Keukenhof Gardens. Located in Holland, the western province of the Netherlands, the Keukenhof is the treasure trove of blooming Dutch tulips and several other varieties of flowers. The Keukenhof Gardens is not too far from Amsterdam and is one of the most popular & largest flower parks in the world. Surprisingly, the park has over 7 million varieties of flowers, and for the fathomless beauty that it holds within the 80 acres of land, it is also called the “Garden of Europe”. Spring vacation is the best time to visit the Keukenhof Gardens as that is the time when the flowers are blooming!


4. Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn

Location: Germany

Trip Attractions: Cherry Blossom



Straddling the Rhine river, Bonn, a city in western Germany is popularly known for the dreamy pink blossoms during spring. Located in the neighborhood of Nordstadt, Bonn's Heerstrasse is known as "Cherry Blossom Avenue". They create a spectacular canopy with long tree limbs weighing down with blooms. The Nordstadt neighborhood also houses the famous Beethoven House, the museum & a memorial site. Every spring season, these thousands of cherry trees embellish the street turning it into a location from some fairytale. If you’re planning to visit Germany this spring vacation, don’t miss this blossoming beauty! 


5. Jerte Valley 

Location: Extremadura, Spain

Trip Attractions: Cherry blossom in Spring



If you are in Spain, you can’t miss visiting in spring vacation, the lushest areas that attain the ultimate splendor during the spring season. Located in northern Extremadura, the Jerte Valley visit is sure to enchant your senses and make you fall in love with the place. The valley offers an amazing spectacle when over two million trees turn the entire valley in white. Without an inch of snow, the valley looks turning into a blanket of soft snow. The cherries are grown following a traditional custom on the terraces which are carved from the high mountains of the valley. The crystal air & the privileged microclimate then grow the best cherries in Spain. Carefully plan your visit to the Jerte Valley as this spectacle can be seen only for a few days!


6. Key Largo

Location: Florida

Trip Attractions:  Everglades National Park & John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.



Key Largo, located at an hour’s driving distance from the two major airports of South Florida is also known as “The Diving Capital of the World”. It is one of the best places to visit during spring vacation. The diving capital is home to the only living coral reef of continental America & is also popular for eco-friendly travel & tourism. Also, the Key Largo immaculate beaches offer the perfect space for fishing & diving. The narrow barrier isle spread in around 33 miles is the largest of the island chains, Florida Keys. The Everglades National Park is in the vicinity where kayaking across the secluded brackish waters is the perfect thing to experience. And, in the east is the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park where you can dive to experience the world of colorful underwater fragile living reefs. 


7. Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka

Location: Japan

Trip Attractions: The blue nemophila flowers



While the Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the most favorite tourist destinations all year round, particularly during the spring season, thousands of fascinating narcissus & tulips become an unforgettable experience for the hikers. So, if you are looking for the best place to visit in the spring vacation — walking around the intriguing area around the Hitachi Seaside Park, enjoying a BBQ party, or even riding across a bicycle would be an amazing idea. The park is located near Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture and it has a multitude of seasonal flowers all spread through the 350 hectares. The amusement park along with plenty of walking & cycling trails are some of the top attractions here. The blue nemophila flowers are the most popular for their spring blooms when they cover Miharashi Hill all over. 


8. Skagit Valley

Location: Washington

Trip Attractions: The Tulip festival 



If you want to witness the real beauty of the spring & how it turns the world into heaven —  come and see the tulip festival of Skagit Valley. Located in the northwest corner of Washington state, the Skagit Valley is popularly known for its Tulip Festival in the spring. You would see millions of blooming tulips across the majestic North Cascade mountain range. And, you are not charged except for the $5 car parking charges — to see this amazing natural landscape. Visit the Skagit Valley in spring vacation to experience the most amazing blanket of colors! In addition to the beautiful blooming tulips, there are art shows including boat tours, farm tours, historic home tours & more. 


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