Unavoidable Points To Keep In Mind When Traveling To Hawaii

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jul 16,2020

Hawaii. The name itself brings to mind the soft sea breeze caressing us and a magnanimous coastline. 

From Maui’s quaint solitary vibes to Oahu’s fast-forward life, Hawaii stands as the number one destination for people who crave to visit beaches. This iconic destination gives countless memories and experiences to reminisce for a lifetime. Its Aloha culture and warmhearted people impress tourists.

The irreplaceable locations to add to your vacation package include the beaches, valleys, volcanoes, war memorials, canyons, waterfalls, and plantations. Hawaii is an outdoor paradise with tons of adventures to excel in. But it doesn’t fail to excite reserved people too. Just sit on the sand, admire the sunset, and you are good to go! 

Before choosing Hawaiian adventures, do check out these important points.

  1. Hawaii is expensive:

Hawaii is the most expensive and luxurious state in the United States. Lakhs of tourists and travelers flock in this destination every year. So ultimately, the prices are high. Vacation packages may help you get reasonable and cost-efficient flight tickets but once in Hawaii, you have to be a spendthrift.  

April to June is the off-season in Hawaii. But that said, the hotel chains and restaurants in Hawaii are exorbitant for the whole year. Tourists can opt for comparatively moderate hotels that offer quality food. Food trucks are plenty in this destination. Tourists can eat delicious foods at a good price and feel the genuine vibes of the state. 

  1. Show your aloha side!

Aloha is the Hawaiian style of greeting. It is not just a word, but an emotion altogether. Many tourists add this destination to their vacation package to experience the aloha culture.

Needless to say, aloha has deeply impacted the island-style of the destination. This is the first rule tourists should follow when in Hawaii: flaunt yourself in loose attire. Loose shirts and tops, shorts, skirts, shell accessories, flowers, and flip-flops. That’s all you need to look like a Hawaiian! 

Another important aspect of aloha is lei. A lei is a flower garland or wreath made with love for tourists. You will be welcomed in your resort with this sign of hospitality. Who would say no to it? 

  1. Not all people living in Hawaii are Hawaiians.

One of the significant things to be aware of before traveling to Hawaii is to know that not all residents on the island can be called a Hawaiian. Save yourself from the embarrassment, and kindly know that the term “Hawaiian” can be used only for those people who hail from ancestry. Descendants of Polynesians are the real and only Hawaiians. 

Other people living in the location include Caucasians and mixed races. They and people who were born and raised in Hawaii can be referred to as locals, islanders, or residents. 

  1. Too many islands, not enough time:

A Hawaii vacation package, unlike any other, needs to be particular and specific. There are too many options to choose from. Inaccurate planning may still work out, but to experience the unique feature of every island, you have to plan your itinerary perfectly.

Some worth visiting islands include:

  •  Maui:

The entire Hawaiian archipelago gets its charm from Maui. It’s the most relaxed place you will encounter. This feature makes it one of the best beaches for couples and families. 

Maui may be quiet, but it offers excellent snorkeling adventures. Discover manta rays, shrimps, snails, sea turtles, and other colorful fishes in the Maui shores. Another cool adventure not to skip is the whale-watching cruise.  

Don’t miss savoring the authentic Hawaiian food in Maui. Poi, Lomi salmon, kalua pork, laulau, poke, lilikoi, etc. are the staple dishes of Hawaii. A Hawaiian luau is a traditional feast that has all these foods, accompanied by dance and entertainment. Maui has a range of hotels that offer euphoric luau sessions. They include Grand Wailea, Marriott Wailea Luau – Te Au Moana, Andaz Luau, Old Lahaina Luau, etc. 

  • Oahu:

Oahu is for those who crave speed and crowd. The beaches on this island allure tourists with too many varieties to explore.

If you love surfing and paddleboarding, Waikiki will be the best option. The Moana Surfrider, Hawaii’s first hotel was established in Waikiki in 1901. It is also famous for its various boutique chains and designer stores. Indulge in some excellent dining and luncheon sessions from first-class hotels surrounding the Waikiki beach. 

Honolulu, Sunset beach, Duke’s beach, Waimanalo, and Haleiwa are other destinations to visit.

  • Molokai:

Molokai is a gifted island with the highest sea cliffs in the world. It is also the most authentic Hawaiian island. Hawaiians and locals living here pledge to protect the rural and indigenous aspects of the island.

Molokai is a small island but offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The Halawa Valley is famous for hiking. The dominating sea cliffs deserve to be seen in person. Vacation packages offer aerial tours via charter planes and helicopters for tourists who wish to gain a bird’s eye view. The picturesque scenery is now present as wallpapers in computers. The Kaunakakai Harbor offers kayaking adventures and visits to Lanikai, known as the sister island of Molokai.

  1. Have Kona coffee:

Did you know that Hawaii was the first U.S. state to commercially grow coffee? 

The Kona coffee is the best known aromatic coffee variety of Hawaii. If you are a caffeine addict, Kona coffee is a must-try! Even if you don’t love coffee, the beautiful coffee plantation on Big Island is worth visiting. 

Farm owners and guides explain the production of coffee to tourists. Tourists are given a cup of invigorating coffee to taste as well as a bunch of goodies to take home! 

Coffee enthusiasts who want to explore more about the origin of Kona coffee can attend the Kona Coffee festival that is conducted annually every year in November. 

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