Cities to explore on China vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Feb 03,2020

If you are traveling for the first time towards China and this is your first China vacation packages then you must visit these 5 destinations for experiencing different varieties of China. These cities are a must visit and would help you to unravel the beauty of China. Your vacation can never be completed without having being visited these places. China is almost 5250 kilometers from east to west. it's a very big country and has the highest population in the world. You may see the dramatic limestone formations and Gobi desert here. It seems as if many beautiful parts of nature have been combined together and added to this country. It is a very vast land and is home to many beautiful cities, but there are few that you should not avoid.

Your travel itinerary may appear something like this:

  1. Tibet
  2. Xian
  3. Shanghai
  4. Beijing
  5. Harbin

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Detailed Itinerary

If you have still not settled down onto the number of days that you must spend on each location then here is a chance to understand the cities and this would eventually help you in deciding on the days you must spend in each City. However, it is suggested to spend at least a month in China on your next vacation so that you could explore the beauty of this country.


Tibet is a very mysterious and Buddhist town of China, it is located in the Southwest and is situated at 4000 meters above the sea level. It has a very religious and peaceful environment. It is home to many Tibet Buddhists and a trip to the Tibet, can also be treated as a pilgrimage there is a very famous Potala palace which is owned by the Tibetan Buddhist and the Jokhang temple is another pilgrimage site. 

Most of the travelers seeking peace visit this land and stay here for months. There is a very famous Barkhor Street in Lhasa if you want to go shopping and experience the real Tibet. There are around 79 peaks which range from 6000 to above if you love hiking and want to explore some hills, then you should visit this place you may also find the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, here and your hiking experience will obviously be top-notch when you visit this beautiful city of China.


Pictures of 5000 years old town and still has the many ancient oriental lands in its kitty, if you want to taste the authenticity of China, and want to learn its history. Xian is the city you must visit. It is one of the four major capitals. It still has the ancient civilization, the renowned silk route starts from Xi’an and stretches towards west China and then further this place has a history of over 7000 years and has many historical sites that you can visit. You can even take a route to this city on your cycle. It is a very famous mean of commute here and you can enjoy a splendid music fountain along with the climbing up of the big wild Goose Pagoda. It served as China's capital for over 3000-year status, 413 Dynasty. After this, it lost its fame, as the wrath of time played a major role. Not just the underground Army but there are many things attached to it. You can visit the drum tower and the Bell Tower along with the Muslim quarters where you can find several mosques and places to shop.


Thought that only Paris is the Shoppers Paradise?  then you must visit Shanghai. It gives you a little sneak peek into the rich commerce and fortune of China. It has a very unique line landscape which includes Western-style architects and a touch of the Ancient Era. It is situated near the Yangtze River and has given China a global power status. It is home to the world's second tallest tower and is a Megacity with a glimmering skyline. It has one of the world's most premier shopping street with a 5 km stretch, it is known as the town that never sleeps. There are many ancient water towns which are close to this place and you may take a stroll while you discover those places. It is a metropolitan city and you may find many business parties here, spend at least three days’ here if you want to experience its night view. 


How can one not miss visit Beijing on their China vacation? if you have booked your China vacation packages from Beijing to other states or places, then you are not the only one who does this. Beijing is the capital of the country for around 850 years and many international Travellers love visiting here. You can experience a great combination of classic, nice and modernity. Here it comprehensive China in a very small packet you cannot just miss out on this place. While you are on your China vacation there are many famous locations here like the forbidden city crisscrossing, Badaling great wall, and many others. The country has developed in its 50 years to the point that you cannot remain untouched with its modernity. It has become one of the biggest Mega capital with first-class museums and grand Olympic venues, not just that but it is the political-economic and Cultural Center of China and has many historic attractions and sites that are listed into UNESCO. Beijing at first glance may appear modern but when you walk a little inside and explore the city on your foot with the help of locals then you can see the historian touch that it still has. There are many charming treehouses and courtyards here for a peaceful time 


If you are a fan of frozen and love ice sculptures then this is your go-to go place. Every year Harbin hosts its International ice and snow festival. It is the largest winter festival in the world. You may experience the best of the sculptures and artists here it is held from December 25 and is famous for the charming sculptures and the artistic imagination in the form of snow. It is spread across six lakh square meter area. You may spend a day here and explore that town and the festival. It is recommended to visit at night as the sculptures lit up and give you a very majestic view. It is also known as the ice city of China and it is a festival that you should attend.

Your China vacation packages must include at least these 5 cities so that you can experience the modernity and the Classics of this great country. It holds many world records and has many things that are exclusive and only in this country there are many more cities that you can travel like Hong Kong but those would obviously be the crowded ones. 

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