Top Travel Attractions In Las Vegas: Add These To Your Bucket-List!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Mar 15,2021

There is no other city in the world like Las Vegas. This desert city is known all around the globe for its fun and entertainment. While it is known as “Casino Heaven”, it has a lot more to offer. Here you will find a plethora of fascinating attractions, an endless list of restaurants, multiple shopping stores, over-the-top clubs, and thrilling adventurous activities. No matter what you prefer to do on a vacation, this city will undoubtedly offer you something to enjoy. Some of the attractions that will make your vacation to Las Vegas more enjoyable and fun than you have imagined are mentioned underneath. 


10 Best Travel Attractions In Las Vegas That You Can't-Miss


1. The Strip

2. Fremont Street Experience

3. MGM Grand

4. Hoover Dam

5. High Roller Ferris Wheel

6. The Mob Museum

7. The Bellagio

8. Stratosphere Tower

9. The Mirage

10. The Venetian Las Vegas


Hey! Who likes to waste time on vacation? Here’s a list of 10 travel attractions that are must-to-visit to make the most of your time in Las Vegas. Review the list and plan your travel before you head out on a vacation. 


Scroll down and start dreaming of Vegas!!!


The Strip



If you are confused about what to do in the city, then the answer is- head to THE STRIP. It is truly an impressive feature of Las Vegas. The Strip is 7 kilometers long road that lies on the south of the city. When you pass through the “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas'' sign, you will reach The Strip in no time. This is one of the amazing travel attractions that is lined with the finest resorts, top restaurants, and jubilant casinos. It is a place where the real action is! Visit this and enjoy an endless feast for your senses.


Fremont Street Experience



In the old downtown lies Las Vegas’s prime travel attraction- Fremont Street Experience. It is a pedestrian mall area that is a perfect blend of neon lights and breathtaking design. The whole area is covered with a canopy and offers the tourists a perfect nightlife experience. This place is highly famous for its Viva Vision Light Show which lights up the city with 12.5 million lamps. With soothing music and visual shows, this place becomes a must-to-visit attraction on the vacation. One word that perfectly describes the Fremont Street Experience is “Awesome”. 


MGM Grand



Justifying its name, MGM Grand is one of the largest chains of single hotels in the entire state. This resort cum casino is a great place to enjoy in Las Vegas if you are an adult. The MGM Grand has visually pleasing architecture with a beautiful pool and is a great place for luxury travel in the city. This one of the best travel attractions in Las Vegas is home to various noteworthy restaurants and outstanding nightlife venues. If you want to dance, relax, shop, eat, or else, this place is good for everything. Visit this, it is no less than a treat to the eyes!.


Hoover Dam



If you are talking about the travel attractions in and around Las Vegas, then you can’t go without mentioning Hoover Dam. This dam has made the city sustainable and works both as a dam and a power plant. This splendid piece of architecture is built on the Colorado River, which is the country’s highest water reservoir. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the dam, you have to take a day-off from the city. Make sure you add this to your itinerary and enjoy the real beauty of Las Vegas. 


High Roller Ferris Wheel



Highly-known as the world’s largest observation wheel, this travel attraction requires a special visit. What can be better than enjoying the magnanimous views of the city from the wheel? This impressive attraction stands 550 ft. high in the center of The Strip. All made with glass and decorated with lights make this wheel no less than a treat to the eyes! This wheel is so giant that it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete one round. Doesn't it sound interesting? If you are in the city, you must take a ride on the wheel and relish the city in its glory!


The Mob Museum



Here comes the next attraction that is indeed the best in the city- The Mob Museum. This museum is widely known as the “National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement”. It is an interesting and stand-out museum in the entire city. This place reminds the tourists of Hollywood Movies and America’s mob history. Visiting this place, you will get to know about some of the notorious criminals who are famous all across the country. The best part of the museum is their staff, who exhibit deep knowledge about history. If the word HISTORY excites you, then you must take some time and visit this attraction in Las Vegas.


The Bellagio



How can someone miss The Bellagio on their vacation to Las Vegas? If you are a party-lover and want to have some gala time in the city, then The Bellagio is the place for you. It is a high-end resort and casino that is no less than a gem. Here you can experience the Gallery of Fine Arts, Conservatory, Botanical Garden, delectable restaurants, spa, saloon, and whatnot. It is one of the biggest attractions in the city that is great to have the best nightlife. The casinos of The Bellagio are highly known for card games. Make sure you try your hands on some table games here. Who knows, you might get rich!!!


Stratosphere Tower



Don’t come back from your vacation to Las Vegas without paying a visit to Stratosphere Tower. The experience here is undoubtedly worth every single minute you spend. It is the second tallest tower in the US with a height of approximately 1150 feet. This place has an abundance of things to do, one of which is thrilling adventurous rides. The rides here are a nerve-racking experience that is great for enjoying an adrenaline rush. Visit this travel attraction and complete your vacation with fine dining, casinos, and rides. It is the real attraction whose experience is unmatched!


The Mirage



Any vacation to Las Vegas is incomplete without experiencing the splendid- The Mirage. It is a Polynesian-themed casino cum hotel that is easy-to-find while strolling on The Strip. There’s a massive volcano in front of The Mirage which erupts from time-to-time. At night, this amazing attraction allows the visitors to enjoy sparkling red fire and glowing explorations from the volcano. This is something unique that this site has to offer. Other than that, this place has a huge aquarium with more than 450 fishes. If you are in the city, you must visit this, without a fail!


The Venetian Las Vegas



Last but not least, the next attraction on the list of 10 best travel attractions is The Venetian Las Vegas. It is the highlight of the city visiting which makes you feel like a dream come true. The Venetian looks like a Disneyland in the city which has a beautiful canal. The luxurious shopping mall in The Venetian is known as The Grand Canal which is a themed shopping arcade. Visiting The Venetian Las Vegas is a real thing that you must experience on your vacation. 


And that’s a wrap! We believe, now you are ready for an indelible vacation to Las Vegas. Through this list, we introduced you to the 10 best travel attractions that you ought to visit on your vacation. Remember- “An adventure begins right when you plan your vacay!” So, what are you waiting for? Grab the list, plan a vacation, pack your bags, and leave to build some wonderful memories. 


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