Places To Visit On Luxury Bulgaria Tours For A Fulfilling Experience

Idyllic landscapes, the coast of the Black Sea, majestic mountains, stunning rivers, sun-kissed beaches, fantastic architectures, and deep history — this is what Bulgaria is all about. With immutable travel attractions and its own charm and aura, this beautiful country captivates the attention of all travelers. 


If I talk about my preference, Bulgaria is my top choice and personal favorite destination. A few years back, I decided to book luxury Bulgaria tours and explore the whole country. And trust me, it was one of my best decisions ever. I stayed in the country for two whole weeks and uncovered various beautiful attractions that it has to offer. When I had to return to my home country, I realized that I could easily spend a few more weeks in the country exploring so much more. There are several reasons to justify my love for the country: First, it is a budget-friendly destination compared to other European countries. Second, it offers luscious food that is no less than a treat to the tastebuds, and the people here are super friendly, which makes me feel like home in Bulgaria. On top of that, the country has a rich history and endless ancient places to discover. 


To help you have an exquisite time on your vacation, I used all my experience and narrowed down the list of the 7 best trip attractions that you must visit on luxury Bulgaria tours. Without further ado, here are my top picks:


Plan luxury Bulgaria Tours With The Following Trip Attractions


1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

2. Koprivshtitsa

3. Buzludzha Monument

4. Krushuna Waterfalls

5. Tsarevets Fortress

6. Pirin National Park

7. Rila Monastery


Use this leisure luxury travel guide and plan a full-proof vacation to Bulgaria. Believe me, on your visit to these attractions you will have the best time of your travel. Try to cover most of these places on your luxury Bulgaria tour and cherish your vacation experience forever.  



Alexander Nevsky Cathedral



Located in the center of the breathtaking town of Sofia - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an iconic emblem of Bulgaria. It was built back in 1882 to 1912 in Neo-Byzantine style. It was the time of the Russo-Turkish war for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. More than 2000 soldiers were killed in the war, and to honor their lives, this cathedral was built. It is believed that this cathedral is the 50th largest Christian church building in the world in terms of volume. The church is magnificent architecture with a gold-plated dome. If you happen to be in the country on luxury Bulgaria tours, then this is the primary tourist attraction that you must visit. 


Address: pl. "Sveti Aleksandar Nevski", 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Colorful buildings, cobblestone roads, busy public places, and eye-pleasing markets are how Koprivshtitsa can be described. It is a historic town in Bulgaria that is renowned worldwide for its beautiful folk music and stunning architecture. This town in the country is nested on the banks of the Topolnita River and offers a stunning backdrop of the Sredna Gora mountains. In the last few years, this town has become one of the highly loved tourist destinations that you ought to visit on luxury Bulgaria tours. The town is packed with ample architectural monuments and open-air museums. The colorful houses here are a perfect synonym of the Bulgarian National Revival that happened back in the 19th century. On your Bulgaria vacation, stroll on the streets and have an indelible experience. 


Must-See Places In Town: Topalova House, Oslekov House, Lyuben Karavelov Museum, Dimcho Debelyanov House, Dushantsi Reservoir, and Golyam Bogdan.


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Buzludzha Monument



One of the most unusual attractions in Bulgaria is none other than Buzludzha Monument. This icon of brutalist architecture was built back in 1974 by the Bulgarian army. It is a soviet masterpiece in whose construction several artists and designers are responsible. The land on which this monument stands in the same spot where the battle of Turks and the Bulgarians was fought. Together with this, it is also the place where Dimitar Blagoev- the Bulgarian politician transformed the Revolt of Bulgaria into a communist state. Today, this structure is covered with political graffiti, which makes it a great site to enjoy. If you are interested in the history of the country, then this is the site for you to visit on luxury Bulgaria tours.   


Location: Buzludzha Peak, Bulgaria at Balkan Mountains


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Krushuna Waterfalls



Perched next to the village of Krushuna, Krushuna Waterfalls is all surrounded by lush forests and splendid landscapes. This waterfall looks almost artificial, which makes it a perfect postcard image. This high waterfall gets split into various small waterfalls and cascades and creates various soft pools, and forms mysterious curves in the rocks. Among all the falls, the tallest one stands at 20 meters in height. The turquoise water of the fall goes well with the snow-white rocks and offers breathtaking scenery to the visitors. On your luxury Bulgaria tours, you can easily access the waterfall and explore the vicinity via bridges and steps. Even one of the pathways nearby will take you to the source of the fall. If you don’t visit the waterfall, you are definitely going to miss out on a lot.


Address: ул. Крушунски водопад 25, 5561 Krushuna, Bulgaria


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Tsarevets Fortress



If you are looking forward to luxury Bulgaria tours, then knowing the top trip attractions beforehand will help you make the most of your time in the country. One such attraction that I highly recommend you to visit is- Tsarevets Fortress. It is a rich historical grandeur of Bulgaria, which is a pride for the country’s people. This fortress is built on the land where some 800 years ago, the Bulgarian king stood. Yes, this might sound a little odd, but it is the truth. On your visit to Tsarevets Fortress, make sure you take a look at ancient ruins and stroll across the remains of 400+ houses and churches. All the history buffs who are reading this article, go ahead to the official website of Tsarevets Fortress and make a reservation for your visit. It is a memorable and most important piece of medieval history in the country.


Location: Tsar Asen Square, 5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


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Pirin National Park



Hi! Adventure seekers, this is a place for you. The Pirin is Bulgaria’s most famous hiking mountain and offers a splendid sight of Alpine rock and blue lakes. And in the Pirin National Park, there are ample hiking trails right from the easy ones to the most challenging. The national park is home to over 70 glacier lakes, peaks, and old forests. Visiting this park, you will get to see different species that are rare and unique. If you are someone with an adventurous soul, then make sure you add Pirin National Park to your luxury Bulgaria tours and spend time amidst nature hiking the beautiful trails, cycling between the alpine meadows, and fishing alongside the cascades. With so much to offer, it is of no surprise that this national park is a national treasure and stole the heart of various visitors.   


Address: Blagoevgrad Province, 2800, Bulgaria


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Rila Monastery



The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, a.k.a Rila Monastery, is the largest in Bulgaria. It is an Eastern Orthodox Monastery which is located in the southwest of the mountains. It is just 117 km from the capital and was founded in the 10th century. This stunning piece of art is amongst the top tourist attractions in the country and is visited by over a thousand pilgrims each year. With no surprise, Rila Monastery is a part of UNESCO World Heritage for being home to religious iconography, 250+ manuscripts, wall painting, historical artifacts, and cravings. Pay a visit to this iconic architectural icon on luxury Bulgaria tours and soak yourself in the peaceful setting of the Rila Mountains and the history of the country. 


Must-See Things In Monastery: Here, you must enjoy in-house museums, art galleries, and ornate buildings. In the neighborhood, you can explore Rila mountain, Rila National Park, and Medi Valley Winery. 




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