Love Maps? Here Are The Top 10 World Atlas Books Of All Time

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 18,2021

The best world atlas books are an immense and fascinating source of knowledge about the enormous and complex home, we call Earth. While most people recognize maps as a tool to know where we are, in reality, they are much more beyond that. A good map discloses everything about a location, and what’s better than having one by your side on your journey? An atlas is a guide to the world and an ideal partner for all travel lovers. 


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If you want to buy an atlas for yourself, make sure you read this article first. We have jotted down a list of best world atlas books that are great for all kinds of travelers. These atlas books will work as a travel advisor for your next trip. Especially during the pandemic, since you can’t step out of your home and explore the world, these books will transport you to your favorite destinations right from the comfort of your home. Always remember- “No matter if you can’t explore the world, you can definitely learn about it.”


Let’s take a look!


Best World Atlas Books To Read


1. Oxford Atlas of the World

2. History of the World Map by Map

3. Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

4. Where on Earth?: The Ultimate Atlas of What's Where in the World

5. All Over the Map: A Cartographic Odyssey

6. National Geographic Atlas of the World

7. New Concise World Atlas

8. National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas

9. World Atlas of Wine

10. Map: Exploring the World





Oxford Atlas of the World



“Oxford Atlas Of The World” is the best world atlas book that updates annually to ensure that readers are provided with the latest geographical information. The atlas is loaded with global maps of more than hundreds of cities and regions, which are carefully scaled to give a spectacular view of the Earth's surface. The book starts with a glimpse at global statistics, followed by 18 pages of stunning satellite photos, all from Landsat 8 of NASA’s satellite imagery. Providing the best coverage of the globe, “Oxford Atlas Of The World” is not just a bestseller but also a benchmark for all the best world atlas books. 


Publisher: Oxford University Press

Publishing Date: October 1, 2020

Edition: 27th


History of the World Map by Map


Wondering what are maps? Well, maps are a representation of people’s movements and ideas, which provide a unique way of communicating and exploring historical issues. And a great way to learn about maps is to read the “History Of The World Map By Map” book. This is among the best world atlas books that narrate the historical tales of mankind with significant events, precise mapping, and pictures. This huge atlas features over 140 maps, with each location of the world being put into a historical framework. If you enjoy looking back at history, then this atlas will be a fantastic purchase for you.


Publisher: DK, Smithsonian Institution

Publishing Date: October 23, 2018


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Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders



It’s time to explore off-the-beaten tracks with Atlas Obscura. It is one of the best world atlas books for curious travelers. This book uncovers more than 700 bizarre and unusual sites worldwide. The second edition of Atlas Obscura covers more unique locales with 100+ new offerings. On the launch of the book, the New York Times commented — “A wanderlust-wetting cabinet of curiosities on paper.” Without a doubt, it is a phenomenal travel book that all travelers must have on their bookshelf. Grab one and see how it changes the way you see the world. It will definitely expand your senses of how unusual and extraordinary the world is.


Publisher: Workman Publishing

Publishing Date: October 15, 2019

Edition: 2nd


Where on Earth?: The Ultimate Atlas of What's Where in the World



“Where on Earth?” Atlas can be perfectly described as a vibrant representation of the planet. It is among the best world atlas books that offer an impressive collection of 75+ 3-D maps. The maps in this book not only demonstrate where a place is but also reveal why it is there. This child atlas is the perfect gift for all eager and inquisitive learners. With excellent maps and ample information, this book will answer all the questions that children have about the world. Although this book is designed for kids above seven years, it is a fantastic read for all travelers and geography lovers. So, get this book and enjoy a journey to the world right from your couch. 


Publisher: DK Children

Publishing Date: March 30, 2017


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All Over The Map: A Cartographic Odyssey


All Over The Map is an ideal creation for all map fanatics. Reading this best world atlas will help you explore exciting tales behind maps throughout history. It will also show you how cartography flourishes today. After various interviews with renowned historians and cartographers, it is found that “All Over The Map” is one of the most remarkable books with a fantastic compendium of maps. Right from the days of the ‘dragons’ to present times, this atlas offers over 200 maps. The New York Times called this book “An absorbing and quirky history of mapmaking.” So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one right away. 


Publisher: National Geographic

Publishing Date: October 30, 2018

Edition: 1st


National Geographic Atlas of the World



If you're actually curious to know more about maps, then you can never go wrong with the National Geographic Atlas Of The World. It is one of the best world atlas books that offers a series of high topical maps to explain world events and issues. From climate change to natural resources to economic trends, this book covers everything you need to know. The newer edition of the book is completely revised and upgraded with interesting visualizations of global trends and situations. For all the geography fanatics, National Geographic Atlas of the World is a must-read.


Publisher: National Geographic

Publishing Date: October 1, 2019

Edition: 11th


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New Concise World Atlas


Next, we have one of the best world atlas books that is known for its dramatic, colorful, and large-format maps of the entire world. New Concise World Atlas is an exclusive production from Europe’s finest cartographers. The book captures the world’s geography with tables, statistics, facts, and much more. With over 58,000 items in the index, the New Concise World Atlas lets readers search for lesser-known locales easily. Among all the editions of this best world atlas, the 5th one is international in its scope and a must-buy for all the readers. 


Publisher: Oxford University Press

Publishing Date: November 1, 2015

Edition: 5th


National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas


“No one does maps or atlases with as much panache and knowledge as National Geographic” - the Washington Post had said. National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas is a true gem for all children of age five to eight. This book is known for offering a bundle of maps, the newest statistics, brilliant audible visuals, fresh new design, and other information. Anything you want to know about the land, people, and animals, this book has it. The latest 5th edition of the book is a great purchase with an updated kids-friendly design, factual geographical, political data, and other helpful information. 


Publisher: National Geographic Children’s Books

Publishing Date: July 11, 2019

Edition: 4th


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World Atlas of Wine


This is one of the unique additions to the list of best world atlas books. It is a remarkable atlas that illustrates how the wine market in the world has changed over the years. World Atlas Of Wine highlights the variations in climate, technique, fashion, and new rules that came up for shifting the wine landscape. It is an outstanding read with 416 pages and a wealth of stunning maps. With the growing thirst in people for delectable wines, the curiosity for knowledge is also expanding. So, if you too have a desire to learn about wine, this book is for you. It will satisfy your appetite for all things wine. 


Publisher: Mitchell Beazley

Publishing Date: October 1, 2019

Edition: 8th


Map: Exploring the World


Last but not least, we have the “Map: Exploring The World” atlas. It is an exquisite atlas that provides the readers with over 300 intriguing maps from the past years. Right from the birth of mapping to state-of-the-art digital maps, this best world atlas brings together everything you need. The innovative layout of this book with structured maps showcases how far we have come with our maps. It also shows how beautiful and creative our map history is. Without a doubt, “Map: Exploring the World” is the ultimate read for all cartophiles and travel lovers.


Publisher: Phaidon Press

Publishing Date: September 28, 2015

Edition: 1st


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