Etiquettes in Ukraine: Golden Rules To Follow In The Country

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 15,2021

“Here’s An Etiquette Tips Guide For Your Vacation In Ukraine”


Etiquettes are a set of rules that determines the behavior of an individual in a society. Typically they are ethical guidelines that describe behavior, predicted and accepted, according to societal practices and standards. Following etiquettes in a society plays a crucial role, especially when you are traveling to a foreign land. We, as travelers, are often afraid of social and cultural embarrassment. Every country has its own norms and traditions concerning the behavior of an individual that forms etiquettes. For example, in some countries, people are comfortable with hugs, while others find shaking hands more appropriate. Therefore, it becomes vital to be aware of the etiquettes of the destination you visit. This will not just save you from embarrassment but also helps you connect better with the locals.


As far as Ukraine is concerned, it has solid traditions and beliefs that have a significant impact on people's mindsets in the country. As a result, there are some etiquette tips that every traveler should keep in mind while planning their vacation in Ukraine. Needless to say, customs in Ukraine date back centuries with more influence of Christian religion. This makes it different from those in other western countries.


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Since Ukrainians take their culture very seriously, they pay close attention to the behavior and etiquettes of people, particularly foreigners. This is the reason why we highly recommend all travelers to thoroughly research and spend time understanding the etiquettes before leaving for a fun-filled vacation in Ukraine.


To save our readers from all the worries, we have come up with an etiquette guide. This Europe leisure travel guide will take readers through a list of etiquette tips to keep in mind on their vacation in Ukraine. So, make sure that you keep this Europe leisure travel guide accessible during your vacation and make the most of your stay in the country.


Let’s take a look!


1. Social Etiquettes:



1. It is important that men stay cordial towards women, especially the ones who are pregnant, traveling with a child, etc. They can open doors for them, offer seats, help them carry bags, and more.


2. If you are on vacation in Ukraine and dating a woman, make sure you pay the bill. It is a culture in the country that men pay the bill on a date. 


3. In social interaction, two men greet each other by shaking hands. Women prefer kissing other women on one cheek. However, a formal greeting between a man and woman is a handshake, while an informal meeting is a kiss on one cheek. 


4. One of the best etiquette tips you can ever get on your vacation in Ukraine is respecting and appreciating the country's culture and heritage. Although you might find residents talking negatively about certain things in the country, they don’t accept foreigners doing the same thing. So, make sure you keep the conversation light and neutral. 


5. In Ukraine, cocktails at a party or celebration are considered as a token of gesture. Therefore, when someone invites you for a party on your vacation in Ukraine, make sure you drink with them, even if you take a generous amount. Since toasts are a necessary part of the celebrations in the country, the hosts find it rude if a foreigner refuses to take a drink. Hence, be prepared before you go.


6. Ukrainians are very cautious about hygiene and cleanliness. Hence, you might be asked to remove your shoes outside, wash your hands, etc., when invited on your vacation in Ukraine. 


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Business Etiquettes:



1. If you are on a business vacation in Ukraine, the dressing etiquettes must be kept in mind. Ukrainians value the proper attire and grooming. Usually, men are required to dress in formal dark-colored suits, and women dress in stylish yet conservative formals. However, they don’t value wearing jeans and casual attire.


2. At a formal meeting in Ukraine, business cards are exchanged without any rituals. However, make sure you get your cards designed with information translated in Ukrainian on one side. 


3. While presenting the card at the business meeting on your vacation in Ukraine, make sure that the translated side is facing the recipient.  


4. Business meetings in Ukraine are less formal as compared to other countries. In fact, the meetings are quite well structured.


5. Upon arriving or leaving a business meeting, make sure you shake hands with everyone. A handshake should be firm and solid.  In the country, repeating names are also expected during handshakes.


6. While greeting, maintaining eye contact is a must. It is one of the essential business travel manners on this Europe leisure travel guide to Ukraine. 


7. If you are calling or greeting someone on your vacation in Ukraine, make sure you use an academic and professional title with the surname. If a person has no title of this kind, you can use “Pan” with the surname while greeting a man and “Pani” while greeting a woman. 


8. Meeting timings in the country are not very rigid. However, you are required to come before time and wait for the host.


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Gift Giving Etiquettes:



1. In Ukraine, it is common to invite friends and family to homes for a get-together or celebrations. It is a culture in the country to bring a small gift when you are invited to a Ukrainian house. Now there arises a question- what should you give? So, if you are on vacation in Ukraine and invited over to your friend’s house, you can bring gifts like wine, champagne, cake, chocolates, pastries, sweets, and flowers. However, make sure if there's a child in the family, you get a tiny present for them, as well.


2. Keep in mind, gifts are not usually exchanged at the first meetings in Ukraine. Keep this European leisure travel guide to Ukraine handy and prevent yourself from unnecessary embarrassment. 


3. If you are giving a gift to someone on your vacation in Ukraine, make sure they are wrapped well. People in the country prefer gifts that are neatly wrapped.


4. There is a gift-giving culture in the country to not open the gift when received. Therefore, if someone presents you with a gift, you are not expected to open it right away.


5. Ukrainians don't want to provide or receive costly gifts. Gifting is a gesture of goodwill for Ukrainians. Hence, a gift that a guest gives is never judged by money. 


6. When gifting someone flowers on your vacation in Ukraine, make sure that they are in odd numbers. Also, avoid giving yellow color and white lilies to anyone in the country as they are meant for funerals.


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Dining Etiquettes:



1. While having dinner on your vacation in Ukraine, knowing the dining etiquette will uplift your experience and protect you from embarrassing situations in front of others. The most important thing that you must keep in mind is that the forks are meant to be held in the left hand and knives in the right.


2. When three or more people get together to enjoy a meal, toasting is a must. It is a part of the culture in the country that you must follow. And it is common that guests are asked to make a toast. So, if you are on your vacation in Ukraine and called by your friend for dinner, be prepared for a toast. 


3. The expression "za vashe zdorovya" is the usual word used to make a toast, which means "to your health." Also, the glass should only be clinked when drinking alcohol, not any other drink. 


4. At the dinner table, everyone should try everything. In Ukraine, refusing to try a dish is considered a rude gesture.


5. If you are filling the glasses, make sure you fill them no more than two-thirds full. Also, never refill your glass on your own. You can ask someone else to refill it. 


6. As soon as you sit on the table, grab the napkin and place it on your lap correctly. While eating, don’t use the napkin rigorously. Instead, use your napkin gently. 


7. Once you are done having your meal, leave your napkin on the dinner plate itself. Leaving it on the seat will signal that you are returning back to the table. 




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