9 Ways To Save Money While Traveling - Transportation Costs

Transportation costs cannot stop even when you have arrived at your destination. You think you have traveled in the cheapest airlines possible and now, you do not have to worry about paying for means of transportation again. However, you are wrong! There are always additional costs added to transportation in car rental services, taxis, buses, local trains/Metros, and so much more. Many times, these costs can often either make or break your budget. If you have overlooked transportation as a part of your traveling budget expenditure, you might be in for a shock towards the end of your vacation. 


However, like any other part of your vacation, you can easily save money while traveling on transportation as well. You will be okay if you know what to do, what plans to formulate, and ask the right questions! 


Let’s talk about 9 ways to save money while traveling on transportation. 


1. Staying in one place 



A brilliantly simple tip! Plan your trip in a way where you do not necessarily have to travel too much every day. Choose a central location for your accommodations and frame your itinerary around that location. It will save you hundreds of dollars since you do not have to hop around from one place to another during your vacation. 


Suppose an attraction is almost 50 miles away from your hotel location; it will be better to find a similar spot right around the corner. You do not want to travel to such extreme extents that you might miss out on various things you would actually like to spend your time on during your vacation. 


Keep in mind that when making your vacation plans, keep your transportation to a minimum whenever possible. 


2. Travel during off-season 


This is probably one of the best ways to save money while traveling: try traveling during the off-season. At this time, all your accommodations, touring, food, and even transportation will be pretty cheap compared to traveling during peak seasons and holidays. 


During off-seasons, your taxi fares are going to be lower than usual times. You will also find car rental services to be cheaper than ever, including carpool and ridesharing services. Buses and train fares might still be the same, but hey, at least you can travel nicely in a cheaper taxi! 


3. Use public transportation



We typically mean using public buses and subways if you are traveling to an urban location. It is much more convenient and cost-effective to travel via buses or taking a subway than traveling in a taxi, which will be expensive. 


You must know the local language people speak at the destination you are traveling to. It can be at a basic level, but well enough that you understand the routes, ways to ask for directions, and local transportation stops and schedules. 


4. Biking around 


You can also use pedal powers to get around. Most destinations today offer bike rentals, which makes this quicker and easier. 


Biking is a fantastic way to experience your surroundings, and traveling on these two wheels is perhaps a personal way to see the new city. Here are some of the most bike-friendly destinations around the world. Save money while traveling to these destinations - 


- Copenhagen, Denmark

- Amsterdam, the Netherlands

- Bordeaux, France

- Seville, Spain

- Barcelona, Spain

- Berlin, Germany

- Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Dublin, Ireland

- Vienna, Austria

- Paris, France

- Hamburg, Germany

- Montreal, Canada


5. Use your feet 



Walking is so much better than anything else. Walking is free and gets you wherever you want to. It is much easier to navigate new destinations on foot than other means of transportation. You just need an up-to-date map with you, knowledge of the local language so you can understand people and the local street signs, and voila! 


Not only is it cheaper than other transportation modes, but you also get to see the new destination up close and personally, so you do not miss out on anything. 


6. Research taxi rates 


Trains and buses are usually constant when it comes to fares. However, taxis can sometimes be less steady. You might not find metered taxis in some countries, so you simply have to pay whatever the taxi drivers declare. 


Therefore, you need to keep your research right. Talk to people to figure out how much a typical taxi ride should cost you from one common point to another. Use that as your guide. If someone is offering you a taxi ride for something more expensive, do not hesitate to bargain and haggle them down. You can always find another taxi.


The only way to take advantage of this approach is to establish the price before leaving. Tell your taxi driver your destination and get an estimate upfront. This way, you can decide before you commit. 


7. Travel overnight 



You can often save money on local transportation if you choose to travel on an overnight route since they are not extremely popular. The bonus here is that you might be able to actually save one full day’s accommodation costs this way, along with the initial savings on your airline tickets. 


Granted, this might not be the most comfortable traveling option for many, as it might hamper your sleep schedule as well, but anyone who is up for a bit of a challenge might end up helping you! 


8. Hitchhiking 


Simple and easy, just stick your thumb out and ask for a free ride to your destination from some amicable and amazing people out there. There is perhaps no better way to save money while traveling than hitchhiking. You just need some time and flexibility. 


Use Ridesharing Programs


A ridesharing program is perhaps an effective way to save money while traveling. Here are a few ways you can save money while traveling on some of the following popular ridesharing companies globally:


Lyft - Popular in the US

Uber - Popular in the US and other countries as well

Grab - Popular in Southeast Asia 

BlaBla Car - Popular in Europe and Brazil

Ola - Popular in India 

Noritomosan - Popular in Japan

GoJek - Indonesia 


9. Carpool 


If you are traveling to a popular destination where you are expecting other travelers as well in hundreds, you might want to consider opting for ridesharing options. You can share transportation costs with other travelers opting for carpool services via a cab or through car rental services. This also helps you make new friends! 


Final Words


There you have it! These were some of Leisure’s best tips on how you can easily save money while traveling on transportation costs. Traveling on a budget might seem like a hefty task, but it really is so much easier than we might think. You have all the tools and necessary information you require to save money while traveling on your transportation costs. These tips will not just help you but also your closest friends and family members. So, pack your bags, you no longer need to wait to travel to a destination you have always wanted to because they were expensive. Time is now, and the world is waiting for you! 


Happy vacation to you!


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