Pro Tips: Save Money While Traveling To The Top U.S. Cities

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jun 08,2021

The top cities in the US are one of the most significant sources of attractions. But with the popularity comes the price. Literally. These cities are not exactly cheap to live in. And they aren’t cheaper to visit either. But that doesn’t mean you cannot save a few bucks if you plan to select one of the best leisure travel packages for cities in the US.


This blog will tackle how to save money while traveling to the Top US cities on your vacations.





This task won't be challenging. Big cities have travelers and inhabitants analyzing their budgets and sharing information online. Check out places like Reddit, Instagram, and other social forums to get an estimate of how much money one spends in a day.


This way, you will understand how to fix a budget while traveling. Research the location and then select one of the best leisure travel packages. Budget travel to bigger cities is possible. But only with extensive research and an undeviating budget. On how to save money while traveling, budgeting your trip is the best way to start with.


The following best way on how to save money while traveling is to track your spending–drafting a budget is good but following it through is important as well. In big cities, we all tend to get carried away by the metropolitan charm and spend more than initially planned. But this won't be ideal if your plan is on learning how to save money while traveling. You will know where your money is going and what was your most important as well as insignificant expenditure. The best leisure travel packages are one of the best ways to begin with budgeting.





Bigger cities charge taxes on alcohol. Cutting down the liquor can change your budget entirely. It is one of the easiest ways on how to save money while traveling.


The same goes for smoking. A $10 pack a day can amount to about $50 on a 5-day trip. If you want to learn how to save money while traveling, this is the place, to begin with. $50 can amount to 2 days’ worth of food expenses. Best leisure travel packages can save you much, but more of it depends on you.


On how to save money while traveling, cut back some of your day-to-day habits to save while traveling.





Big cities ought to have the good ole’ Starbucks coffee. The dream of walking amongst the skyscrapers wearing a chic outfit and a good coffee in hand is just irresistible. However, if you wish to know how to save money while traveling, we suggest that you cut back your coffee intake.


Sounds inconceivable, doesn’t it?


But it is true. While traveling to top cities in the US, you won’t even realize how much you spend on coffee until you begin to track it! Say you are visiting New York. In one of the most expensive cities in the United States, a cappuccino at Starbucks can cost around $3.25. And seasonal drinks can go up to $5 if your coffee consumption is twice a day. On that basis, on a 5-day trip, you will be spending about $35. That is equivalent to the average cost of food expenditure in New York City per day. On how to save money while traveling, you can consider cutting down your caffeine intake.


If you wish to drink coffee, try out the smaller cafes. And if possible, try to brew your coffee. Carry a thermos bottle or vacuum flasks, along with your favorite coffee. Prep your coffee at the accommodation rented and carried the bottle with you.





Airbnb, TripAdvisor, couch surfing, apartment renting for travelers as well as hostels are some of the best places if you are into how to save money while traveling. These places are dead cheap than hotels and are equipped with basic amenities. If you are only planning to stay here during the night, no point in paying for the extra stuff, right? Not to mention, hotels are overpriced as well. Your stay at a hotel can cost you more than your entire trip sometimes.


The bonus point of these places is that they are equipped with kitchen rooms. In kitchen rooms, you can cook your meals, as well as brew that coffee we were discussing.


In bigger cities, restaurants tend to overprice the food based on their location. We suggest that you pop over to the local farmer’s market and the supermarkets, buy yourself groceries, and cook for yourself. This way you will be saving a lot of money and will have some to indulge in shopping. Best leisure travel packages often book hostels and apartments to save you money.


Also, pack some snacks and a reusable water bottle; instead of buying food off of food carts every time you feel hungry, bust out some of the snacks. These food carts may not charge much if you plan to learn how to save money while traveling; try to avoid them.





When you have cash available at your fingertips, they begin to itch a little bit. To avoid this situation, set up another bank account solely for travel-based expenses. It will be like a piggy bank where you have added a set amount of money. This way, you will be more conscious about spending the money as you know that you have a set limit.


Keep your primary bank account for emergency travel funds. This will ensure that you have a backup, lest anything goes wrong. So, this is one of the many ways to save money while traveling and preparing for unforeseen events.





Uber is readily available in big cities. But so is public transportation. Opt for public transport to save money. Big cities even have guest passes for travelers. Take a subway, a bike, bus, or you can walk. Places are not located far off and easily navigable. For long-distance travel, opt for trains, or shuttles.


Cabs can overcharge in bigger cities. These cabs have a fixed rate that may end up exceeding your budget, how to save money while traveling is not very hard. One simply has to be more cautious about your spending habits.





Off-season travel to cities is one of the biggest tips on how to save money while traveling. The leisure travel packages are cheaper during off-season travels. Not to mention, sometimes even flights can cost less than usual.


For example, visiting New York City during the Christmas season is not a cheap affair. The hotels are super expensive; restaurants run special festival-based food menus, so are the coffee shops. Shops selling souvenirs tend to charge more than usual. Even taking cabs can cost you more since they become scarce during Christmas. Another example is New Orleans. During winters, the city is recovering from the onslaught of the Mardi Gras. But during the spring and summer seasons, tourism skyrockets. Additionally, cruise travel from New Orleans becomes costly and can exceed your budget.


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