How To Save Money While Traveling To Places That Are Expensive

Visiting expensive places can be challenging for those planning to keep their wallets heavy during vacations. But that does not mean you cannot save money while traveling. Best leisure travel packages are too expensive and locations are reasonably priced. Additionally, if you do things right, you are bound to save more and spend less.





The first step to save money while traveling is budgeting.

To budget it right, begin exploring the destinations on different forums like Reddit, Instagram, Travel Blogs, newsletters, etc.

This will help you draw out how much money you will be spending in a day on your vacation.

You could be spending as much as $144 per day in expensive cities. The best leisure travel packages even suggest people do their research before visiting.





Expensive cities are not a budget-friendly visit as it happens. But during festival season, the prices skyrocket and can weigh down your wallet. This is the best way to save money while traveling to expensive locations. 

Not to mention, they can be unsafe. With a large number of people joining the celebrations, thievery can be expected.

Additionally, the price of living, eating, and traveling can double up in no time.

It is suggested that you take a trip to expensive locations when the crowds are less and the roads are clear. It is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. You will often find the best leisure travel packages are available during the offseason as well.





Alcohol and cigarettes in expensive cities can cost you a day’s expenses. Yes, it is possible!

A cigarette pack can cost $13, and for a five-day trip, that’s $65. Beer can cost from $6, and wine begins from $12. If you are a wine lover, you buy a bottle; the cost starts from $17. And considering you are buying a bottle each day, then it adds up to $85.

Adding up, it can cost you from $150.

Also, many expensive places have additional taxes on liquor and cigarettes due to duty policy. To save money while traveling to an expensive location, cut out the cigarettes and alcohol.





In more expensive cities, the location of the accommodation decides the price.

If you pick one in the heart of the city, then it is bound to be super-pricey. It is close to all the significant locations, readily available transport, etc.

In case you wish to save money while traveling, pick a hotel that is away from the city limits. Best leisure travel packages arrange for hotels that are located a few miles away and add transportation.

In affordable cities, you can look into apartments for rent to tourists, couch surfing with the locals, hostels, etc.

These locations should include necessities like Wi-Fi, ensuite bathroom, Air conditioning/ Geysers, etc.

If you are not spending your time outside, opt for the best leisure travel packages offered by many hotel lines. These provide a relaxing vacation at a discounted price.

Additionally, in affordable cities, big hotel chains are standard. You can use points collected from previous stays if you have any to save money while traveling.




Food costs cannot be diminished. You are bound to spend money on food while traveling. But while you are at it, you can save money as well.

If your hotels have kitchen rooms in them, be sure to use those. You can cook your breakfast as well as heat up dinners in the microwaves that are available in these areas. The best way is really to cook your food if you want to save money while traveling to expensive cities.





If you wish to cook your food, pop over to the farmer’s markets and get some fresh veggies and fruits.

This will allow you to save money while traveling as you will avoid unnecessary expenditure on snacks. Affordable cities, street food, is all the rage. You can check these food carts out. These often provide the same meals at a lower cost than the restaurants that charge additional taxes on the feeds.

If you are looking to save money while traveling, visit the supermarkets and local snacks that are cheaper and worth trying out.





In extravagant cities, it is not hard to find places to refill water bottles. There is a tax on water bottles and snacks that can pile up pretty soon. It might even exceed your budget before you even realize it.

Instead of buying snacks from cafes etc., try out the supermarkets. Local snacks are a must-try. You can shell out some dollars on good candies and homemade chips. This will help you save money while traveling to expensive cities.





Expensive cities have extensive systems of transport. Public transport should be utilized fully to save money while traveling. Subways, trams, bikes, buses, and walking are some of the options that you have. Be sure to use them to save money while traveling. 


You will get a glimpse of people’s day-to-day lives in these cities. In a word, it will be quite captivating to see them go about their lives. It might even encourage you to move there if your travel revolves around such a motive. 





Free activities are always available in expensive cities. It is a manner of saying that more prominent places only cater to the rich, but that’s not true. To save money while traveling, do your research well and look for locations that have accessible entrances like Gardens, museums, libraries, galleries, etc. 

It should not be hard, and if you run into any trouble, you can ask the people for help to guide you towards places worth visiting and the entrance prices. This will ensure you do not get lost and do not spend much on transportation. In turn, this will help you save money while traveling. 


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